What to Pack for a Snow-filled Holiday

Are you hoping to travel to the mountains this winter? If you haven’t booked your snow holiday already, now is a perfect time to do so. You can find some fabulous last minute deals on skiing holidays 2013 if you know where to look, and in the process, save a bundle.

When it comes to skiing and snowboarding holidays, many people always pack too much. Visitors who aren’t accustomed to vacations near the slopes often stuff their luggage with as much thermal gear as possible when a lot of it isn’t even needed. Take a look at this basic list of essentials and travel light this winter.

If you’re not a seasoned skier, be sure to hire as much equipment as possible when you arrive at the resort. This saves valuable space and weight in your baggage that would ordinarily be taking up by bulky items such as ski and board boots.

Thin warm layers are better than bulky knits, such as thermal long sleeved tops and thin warm t shirts. That way, if you do find yourself too hot, you can strip away a layer and still be warm. A nice waterproof jacket is the perfect outer layer.

Waterproof ski pants will help you to stay dry and warm. Long johns or leggings underneath will keep in the warmth too.

Plenty of thick socks are a must, as is a hat that covers your ears. Protect your eyes with goggles or sunglasses and take some nice warm waterproof gloves too.

Take some sunscreen – you are likely to get burnt on the slopes without it.

Whether you’re setting off as a family, a couple or you’re looking for group snowboarding deals, you’ll be sure to find a perfect offer online for you and your companions this winter.