Using a Monitor Mount

I used to manage internet shop of my sister way back. She has almost 15 units and the entire monitor used was the old type so it’s bulky unlike today. I think this kind of monitor consumed much electricity and of course large space. Well, for almost 5 years I was away from stress in all the customers ;).

Anyway, I shared to my other blog that I had a problem with my internet connection for a week. So, for me to do my tasks online I need to visit internet shop. I’m surprised to see that almost all the shop I had rented didn’t use bulky monitor instead used of flat screen monitor. It’s good to know monitors are not put in the table anymore. This way kids won’t move the monitor back and forth.

Well, it’s good to know the changes but I hope the computer owners should also considering the use of well-built monitor mount to ensure the toughness of the monitor on the wall so no problem might occur.