Traveling RC Style

It’s true that radio control vehicles only travel very short distances. Still, they are fun and they do, in fact, go from place to place. That’s close enough to actual travel to get our attention here.

RC cars haha have been developed over the course of many decades from technology originally created by Thomas Edison’s famous — and many say more inventive — rival, Nicolai Tesla. The technology was fostered by others for both peaceful and wartime use for several decades, until it emerged in the form of toys from Japan during the 1950s. Popular with both hobbyists and toy lovers of all ages, some are so intricately styled and maneuverable that it’s often hard to tell them from real cars in photographs or videos, at least if how big they are in comparison to other objects isn’t immediately apparent.


RC trucks run the gamut of automotive styles. Still, the racier models tend to get most of the attention. In any case, we’re not sure what the most appealing aspect is of these cars, their speed or the miracle of technology that allows us to operate a vehicle by the use of invisible radio waves.


And, yes it’s true that these miniature cars can operate in all kinds of rugged environments, including snow and sand as shown in the above two photographs. It’s really kind of amazing how maneuverable the best of these cars can be and it’s hard to imagine them finding a terrain they are unable to traverse.


The fact of the matter is that cheap RC cars would actually be pretty reasonable ways to travel for real if it weren’t for the fact that even the smallest human beings are much too big to ride in them. Oh, and then there’s the whole issue with having some giant sized hobbyist telling us where we have to go by radio control.

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  2. Wow…this is really an amazing stuff. I know its not just children who would love to have fun with these kinda toys, even i might want enjoy playing them if i start operating them. Its not just a great entertainment, but also a nice sportive fun, i must say.

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