A walk to remember: Unusual holiday walks not to be missed

Guest post written by friend Vicky Dean

Perhaps you are a person who likes to have an active holiday. Alternatively, you may fancy a change from lounging around the poolside when you go away. A walking holiday is a great alternative. Without being too strenuous, it allows you to take in all of the sights and sounds of the local cultures. Walking holidays can suit people of almost all levels of fitness.

There is a staggering amount of choice for people looking for walking holidays, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Why not try something completely different by going on an unusual walking holiday? Below are three destinations that will guarantee you experience a holiday that is both unique and unforgettable:


Bhutan is an extremely interesting place that is situated in Asia, just North of Bangladesh. It is a relatively small and unknown country, and actually only started to let people from other countries in from 1974. As walking holidays go,Bhutanis incomparable to most other places on Earth. Its most alluring features are its strongly conservative sense of tradition and the fact that it has not changed for decades. The scenery and architecture are simply stunning. It is recommended that you hire an experienced tour guide when walking inBhutan.

Kenya Walking Safari

Unknown to most people, you can actually walk in certain Safari parks inKenya. This may come as a surprise, as most of us associate a Safari holiday with travelling around in some sort of 4×4 vehicle. This is an absolutely amazing destination for lovers of walking holidays, particularly if you enjoy observing and encountering wildlife that is not native to any other country. You will get to take in all of the sights and sounds, very much avoiding the majority of tourists. It is recommended that you hire experienced tour guides; and certain tours will be guided by the Masai people.

The Secret Trails of Corsica

Corsicais a relatively small Mediterranean island which is also a French region. It’s a beautiful place with a delightful climate. Most Corsicans believe that they are quite different to the French people, and you are guaranteed a different experience if you embark on one of the walking holidays inCorsica. Their culture is interesting yet traditional. You will be surrounded by the beautifulMediterranean sea. Most of the terrain is quite rugged and therefore some of it is challenging. This may be the cheapest option out of the three as many people have self-guided tours here.