Staying at Millenia Suites

Another late post. We stayed 2 days in Manila since we don’t have house or condo there we stayed at Millenia Suites located in Ortigas. My brother-in-law is currently working in Alabang so he was the one called for a reservation in this hotel.We shopped in Divisoria first and after hours of walking and looking for good items we decided to check the hotel. The kids wanted to visit Star City before going to the hotel but everyone was tired already so the plan didn’t push through.

In the hotel, the guard assisted us going to parking area but ended up in basement parking area. Everyone was so disappointed because the area was too smelly (canal odor).

We stayed in the van and waited for my brother-in-law to settle everything. When we had the key we quickly go inside because of the smell. Our room is like a condo type which has small living room, 2 bedroom, 2 shower rooms, dining area and kitchen. It has 2 flat screen televisions; one in the living room and the other one in master bedroom. We were on 29th floor almost on top because the hotel has 36th floor (if my memory is right).

We already had our dinner before going to the hotel so after some souvenir photos in our room we decided to sleep early and beside were tired because of almost whole day of walking and shopping.

The following day I was expecting complimentary breakfast (which I experienced in all the hotels I stayed before) but my brother-in-law said it’s not included. So we just had coffee and bread that we brought last night.

Millenia suites has 2 swimming pools. It’s not big but enough for the kids and young at heart to enjoy the water. So before checking out Millenia, my daughter and her cousins first enjoyed the water. Daughter enjoyed the water though she doesn’t know how to swim. After the kids enjoyed the pool and everyone was already took a bath we decided to check out. It’s sad that we didn’t enjoy their food and the rest of the facilities but there’s always a second time.

Millenia photo Millenia_zps45096620.jpg

By the way, our night experienced in Millenia Suites cost Php 6,200 (not exact but close) and for me the amount is fine because the family stayed in one room; 10 adults and 2 kids. The only bad feedback was the smelly thing in the basement area and I wouldn’t complain in the complimentary food if that’s their policy.