Star Scout and Kab Scout Investiture

Tomorrow is the investiture of Star Scout and Kab Scout in my daughter’s school. My daughter is part of this activity for being a first time star scout. I don’t have anything in mind how the activity will take place. I only heard from my daughter that the other day they went to gym to have a practice regarding this activity. She didn’t mention anything or what they practiced. Every time there is program in school and I’m asking what they are going to do. She always telling me to just wait for the day and see for myself because it’s a surprise. Anyhow, I hope GC + ATH will be cleared. If I’m not mistaken this one is microphone, it’s always better to use microphone that has clear sound.

Star Scout First Activity

My daughter is now part of Star Scout. Last month they had Fun walk and some of the private and public schools in our place joined the activity. It was started from the mall and ended in Perez Park, Lucena  photo mapofthephilippines_zps72699d14.jpgCity. Here, the Quezon Provincial Capitol also located. I thought after the walk, the activity was over already. When we were in the park the organized of the Girl Scout of the Philippines in Lucena welcomed all the children. It’s the first activity since the classes started this June. As part of welcoming the Girl Scout and star scout members they also invited magician and clown to make the activity more enjoyable. My daughter enjoyed the magician show most. After that the organizer mentioned that there was on-going museum viewing in the capitol. Before going home we visited the museum. In the museum they featured photos of the old leaders of Quezon Province. Stuffed that were really old, costumes of the leaders had worn and many more. Taking photos are not allowed, I wonder why? Though they said photos are not allowed, I asked my daughter to make a pose in the map of the Philippines. Our country has 7,107 islands and honestly, I’m already in my mid 30’s and haven’t visited ¼ of these islands. If money isn’t a problem would really love to travel and witness the beauty of our country.