Weekend Shopping @ Divisoria

 photo Christmas_zpsf351d0dc.jpg
Daughter’s photo outside one of the stores in Divisoria

Last Saturday we went to Manila. The latter is 4-5 hours long drive from our place. So even we want to visit this place and shop all the time its hard. Maybe if I have my own car then there’s no excuse of going here once in a while. Last January 2013 when we last shopped here so almost a year after.

Our first destination was Divisoria. Christmas is fast approaching so we went there to find cheap clothes, bags and Christmas ornaments. We already left the house at around 6am. We fetched my brother-in-law in Alabang because he’s working in that place. Then we headed to Divisoria and I think around 11am were already inside Divisoria. Since it was Saturday so I already expected many people but I never thought how huge the people that day. It’s hard to shop if there are many people plus if you have your kid with you.

So before doing our shopping we decided to eat our lunch first. We can’t find a seat for us and all were occupied already. It ends up eating pizza in the corner. Then we started our shopping. I can’t find the things I needed so I only purchased some items.

I felt dizzy already late in the afternoon because of the crowded people, tired of walking, having my daughter with me, her complains, I can’t take the different smell and my feet were aching already.

So here are my tips if you have planned of going to Divisoria don’t let your kid/s come with you. Well, I don’t have someone to take care of my daughter here so I really need to bring her with me. If you have someone to take care of your kid, I suggest not bring them in your shopping. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes especially if you will spend lots of time. Bring extra size bag so all your purchased will be put in one bag and no items will be left behind. Also list down everything you need so you won’t spend much time and bring foods if necessary especially if you have kid with you.

Anyhow, around 5pm we already finished our shopping and we headed to Mall of Asia. I will share some of our photos in this mall next time.

Enjoy Shopping in Divisoria

Another late post!

Divisoria is one shopping place in Manila that is known for cheap finds of all items you need. And every time I heard shopping in Divisoria is fun, enjoyable and cheap. Well, I guess it’s true. So sad because we seldom visit the place cause we are 4 hours away from Manila. I can’t remember the last time I went to Divisoria but for sure it was long time ago.

Anyway, at last after so many years we went to Divisoria again. We left our place (Lucena) around 9am. We knew that we will arrive in the afternoon already so the family decided to stay in Manila for 2 days. We stayed in the Hotel (will blog it separately). Going back to Divisoria we arrived late in the afternoon well indeed shopping there is fun because almost all of our needs are there, enjoyable because you got to see many items on sale and most importantly they are cheap. The family enjoys our bonding in this shopping place.

Time runs quickly so we decided to go to the Hotel (Millennia) were my brother-in-law had reservation. My nieces wanted to visit Star City but everyone was tired already. So we just stayed at the hotel and sleep right away.

Second day in Manila. My daughter and her cousins enjoyed hotel’s swimming pool for more than 1 hour. Then we headed to Greenhills and ate our lunch. We also shopped for a short time and went back to Divisoria. Our first day in Divisoria wasn’t enough because as I said we arrived late in the afternoon already. Actually before going to Manila the initial planned was Divisoria, Star City, hotel and Green Hills Shopping Center. Then we thought of going back early to our place (Lucena) and have stop over in Isdaan to eat our lunch but it didn’t happen.

Well, at least we enjoyed our shopping in Divisoria and our 2 days of shopping wasn’t enough (really). Going back here in the near future is not possible so we shopped to the fullest. Sigh, if only Divisoria is near in our place for sure this is my shopping place all the time. Well, till our next visit to Divisoria hope so …