New Changes being implemented in the school

There are many changes that are being implemented in my daughter’s school. Recently, they are providing fetcher’s ID because something happened couple of days ago. I heard pregnant woman came in the school and pretending she’s one of the nanny of one of the students. She entered the school premises and heard some students lost mobile phone, money and other things and this pregnant woman was suspected as the one who got all these things. Because of this the school implemented a rule and parents/guardians cannot enter the school premises especially during school hours.

The fetcher’s ID I mentioned above is another new in the school. We don’t have this one. Well, I’m supporting the new changes that the school is implementing and besides this is for the safety of all the students in that school. Anyhow, the school is looking where to get the best print envelopes, they will use this for the upcoming Open House happening this month.