Philippines belongs to the top places to go in 2013

Good news for the Philippines because the hard work of Department of Tourism to promote our country has fruitful result. According to magazines in US and China our country Philippines belongs to the top places to go in 2013. New York Times selected 46 places to go in 2013 and our country was included. This is something to proud of because Philippines was #17 out of 46 places we even surpassed Italy at #18 and surprisingly Paris at #46.

According to them “Relaxing white sand beaches, secluded, little-known surf towns, and pristine reefs are among the natural draws of this country made up of over 7,000 tropical islands. Now in addition to the more upscale choices cropping up in former backpacking enclaves like Boracay, there is a new generation of luxury hotels opening even further afield. The new Dedon Island resort on Siargao, for example, is close to one of the world’s best surf breaks, Cloud 9 (Kelly Slater is a fan), and has an outdoor cinema along with spa and paddle board classes. And the private island resort of El Nido Pangulasian opens this month in the Unesco biosphere of Palawan, right by some of the world’s most pristine diving spots. Although the Philippines has been subject to travel advisories in the past, they mostly focus on Mindanao in the south. For extra security, outfitters like Asian expert Remote Lands organize private transfers and local guides. — Ondine Cohane”

While Chinese readers of Shanghai Morning Post chose the Philippines as the “Most Romantic Destination” in a consumer survey, prompting the newspaper to give the award to its Southeast Asian neighbour. Other country winners include: Other country-winners include:

* Australia as “The Best Tour Destination for Discovery”

* Switzerland as “The Best Shopping Paradise”

* Korea as “The Best Skiing Destination” and

*Germany as “The Best Destination for Art Appreciation”