My Page Rank is back!

I think it was month or two that this blog has a Rank of NA (Not Applicable) its like Google doesn’t recognize nor catch any of my written posts. When I first started sharing about my travel experiences through this blog after just a month it gave me PR1. I was happy that time because DA (Direct Advertiser) loves blog site that has PR (page rank). But my excitement and happiness went away because I got a problem with this blog. I was changing something in my template then after a minute the whole blog became devastated. Almost a month before this blog finally came back, alive and kicking as they’re saying. I thought I will not encounter any problem again but when I checked my Page Rank months ago it became NA from PR1.

Some of my blogger friends suggested getting new domain. So, that’s what I was trying to do couple of days ago. I went to my godaddy account and find a new domain for my travel blog. My money is not enough to pay for a new domain so I just saved it from my account. I guess God has a purpose why I didn’t buy the new domain because PR of this blog is back already. By the way, thanks Ryheanne for letting me know that PR of this blog is back.

God is good and I was thinking maybe God thinks I already have problem linking my Bank account with Paypal. The latter already collected money from me as fees because of returning transactions for 3 times. Well, just quick update my bank account was properly linked to Paypal now.

Well, to cut the story hahah, I am happy because my PR is already back. I hope no serious problems will occur in the near future.


This is just a quick post. I read posts in Facebook about Pagerank update so I check immediately the ranking of my 5 blogs. And voila … I can’t believe that this blog has PR1 now. I started this blog exactly one month ago. Hmmm, happy monthsary to my traveling with mona heheh and congrats for having PR1, wink! Wow…I guess I should throw a party hahah!