Love kitchen with beautiful cabinets

Every time I’m visiting a house, whether relatives or friends house, I always find time looking at the kitchen. I love a kitchen with beautiful cabinets because for me having this kind of furniture gives neatness and beautiful look in the kitchen. I don’t care if the kitchen cabinets are colorful or not as long as the color blends in the color of the kitchen.

Recently, I was eager to learn how to cook so I guess that’s the reason why I love the kitchen now. Well, this is second favorite and room is always my top preferred. Back to kitchen, the other day I was discussing to my mother because our kitchen cabinets need replacement already. If not replacement, fix them because the cabinet doors are already broken. Also the paint is beginning to fade already. If my memory is right these cabinets were set not long ago but now they are giving headache already. I hope mother will decide what to do with our kitchen cabinets, I might tell her about revashelf brand. I heard they are offering huge collection of furniture especially kitchen tools.

On a different note, I was upset because I didn’t enjoy Niyog-niyugan festival that happened in our place last week. The continuous rains stopped us from visiting the venue. Well, for sure there is next time but sad to say I have to wait till next year.