Daughter and I First Travel Abroad Together (Hong Kong)

I think every child is dreaming of visiting Disneyland. I promised to my daughter that she will visit this place one day. I never thought that it will happen this year. So last April 22, my daughter and I joined my sister’s family to Hong Kong for 4 days. I was happy that my sister let me and my daughter joined them. My niece just turned sweet 18 last April 24 but she didn’t want to have a party. She insisted of going to Hong kong.

Our flight was 7:25 am (April 22) via Cebu Pacific. Cebu Pacific photo Cebu Pacific_zpsj2wrz1fi.jpgBy the way, it was my second time to Hong Kong. My daughter was so excited because it was her first time going abroad but not riding on a plane.

When we were in NAIA I wasn’t feeling good because of the “tanim bala” issues. Fortunately, it didn’t happen to us and enjoy Hong Kong for 4 days. Beside was a photo of my daughter taken inside Cebu Pacific plane, And below was inside Hong Kong International Airport. Their airport was really huge and clean compared to NAIA, sorry but it is true. Anyway, our flight from Manila to Hong Kong took 2 hours. My daughter was sleeping the moment the plane take off and woke up few minutes before we arrive in HK. Will post the things we enjoyed in HK in the coming days.

Hong Kong International Airport photo Hong Kong International Airport_zpsf6mzghoy.jpg


Niece Short Vacation in the Philippines

These photos were taken last December 28 at NAIA Terminal 2, when we were waiting for my niece to arrive all the way from Canada. This was already past 10pm but still the energy of these kids was there. Anyhow, this was my niece first vacation in the Philippines after they migrated in Canada two years ago.


Anyway, niece arrival was 10pm but it’s almost 10.30 and she didn’t show up in Terminal 2. My brother-in-law checked the monitor TV to see airlines already arrived but he didn’t see my niece flight. So he advised us to go to Terminal 1, good thing it’s near and no traffic already. At Terminal 1 we looked at the flight scheduled and saw my niece flight there. So we were waiting at Terminal 2 for nothing. We saw my niece right away and told us that Terminal 2 was really written on her itinerary anyway the important thing is she was with us already.

Almost 2 years in Canada my niece gains weight but not totally fat just gain some weight because way back here she was thin. We decided to go home because it’s almost midnight but before going home my niece bought first chocolate in Duty Free. She didn’t have the chance to buy in Canada because as she said, she was too busy on her work. After she bought chocolates we then decided to go home. We had stopped over in one of the stores of Jollibee. She misses this fast food store a lot because there’s no Jollibee in Calgary but she said there’s one in Toronto (if I’m not mistaken).

Well, as I am writing this post niece already in Canada. This should be written before but I’m too busy with my offline tasks so haven’t shouted on this blog. And there were days I was going out with my niece. Niece only here for short vacation, 21 days to be exact and last Saturday she went back to Canada. Last Sunday she left a message on Facebook saying she arrived safely in Canada, thanks God and till your next visit … God bless!