DZMM Teleradyo

I like watching teleradyo especially DZMM. This is broadcast same time over television and radio. It features DZMM’s radio programmes as well as live video feed of the radio booth itself. It means viewers can hear and see the people currently in the studio speaking on air. Many of the programs are about news and current events. My favorite every time I’m watching DZMM is Usapang de Campanilla. The show is airing Mondays – Fridays at 9pm. They give free legal advices with well-known attorneys. Anyway, every time I’m watching DZMM, I always see the host or the anchor using a tool. This tool makes sound. I can’t explain properly but whenever the host wants to put a sound while talking or after, the host will just press or move the tool back and forth. I’m not sure if this is the midi pad controllers at guitar center that I saw in an online site. It looks like but I’m not sure. If this is the tool, I think it’s cool. You can make or produce any sound out of this pad controller.