Plan for Holy Week

Where to go this Holy Week? Last year we spent Holy Week in Ilocos and Bulacan particularly 8 Waves in Bulacan. We also thought of going to Bicol. After hours of thinking we decided Bulacan. When we were in Bulacan we decided to go to Ilocos first. By the way our nth time in Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. We just stayed there for the whole day and travelled back to Bulacan. We enjoyed our day in Bulacan and we celebrated my mother’s 75th birthday in 8 Waves.

So this time, I’m not sure where will our family spend Holy week. I hope we will go to Ilocos or Baguio once again even it is our nth time, it’s just nice going back to places like Ilocos and Baguio once every year. Holy week is next week already but we don’t have planned yet. Well, it is normal in our family to decide one day before. Sometimes, those activities haven’t planned happened. Okay, if we will visit a place or places this Holy Week I will share it here. It is nice to bond with your family on this time but we should not forget what Lenten season really mean. Be safe everyone!

Tree Light and Working Floral Clock at Laoag City

I was browsing old photos earlier because I will make another photo album and saw my pictures outside City Hall of Laoag City. Last time I shared some of our photos in Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte and Laoag City is ahead if you’re going to Norte.

The City of Laoag is a first class city in the province of Ilocos Norte. It is the capital of the latter. Laoag is the province’s political, commercial, and industrial center.

Anyway, we didn’t stay in Laoag City we just stayed for minutes and had picture-taking only. It’s already month of April but it looks like Christmas especially in front of their city hall. It’s full of lights like this tree that changes color from time to time.

Light Tree photo treewithlightsLaoag_zpse5121344.jpg
Laoag City Light Tree photo LaoagLightningTree_zps6ab8ad29.jpg

And this one huge floral clock located outside the city hall of Laoag. This one is working, so its really cool and beautiful.

Floral Clock photo FloralclockLaoag_zpsd16793f8.jpg
Floral Clock Laoag photo floralclockLaoagCity_zpsbcce8e4b.jpg

Didn’t enjoy summer

Summer is over here in the Philippines. Next week is the start of school-year 2013-2014. Time flies, I didn’t enjoy the summer because most of the times were just staying at home. The only place we enjoyed last April was Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. Well, money is also one of the dilemmas so next time I should be prepared. Need to save money as of now for next year summer. Hmm, I think I’m being exaggerated, lol. Anyhow, what if 1890 silver dollar do you think I’m too exaggerated saving this one. I think not so will read more about this thing.

Sand Dunes 4×4 Adventure, Ilocos Norte

We had been in Ilocos Norte twice. I think the first one was 3-4 years ago. We didn’t enjoy everything in Ilocos during our first visit. I think we only visited Marcos area and Paoay municipality due to lack of time. Now, that we came back in this beautiful province. We enjoyed our come back visit in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur.

Anyhow, the family first adventure experienced in Ilocos Norte was Sand Dunes Sand Dunes 4x4 Adventure photo SandDunesAdventure_zpsd30ffc8f.jpg 4×4 Adventure. The family didn’t plan to do this breathtaking adventure. We only saw the signage Sand Dunes 4×4 Adventure and Sand boarding while heading to Windmills Seashore.

4x4 Adventure Sand Dunes photo SandDunes4x4Adventure_zps2cc72acf.jpg

The family didn’t think twice and went to the area. After a short conversation to the people managing the place we decided to try this adventure. It was our first time to do such kind of adventure but it was exciting, electrifying, fun at the same time nervous because of the different paths we went through.

There were easy paths, sometimes slow and then went to exciting and deep paths. There’s also an area called roller coaster so it’s really exciting and breathtaking. We all shouted to the fullest every time we were passing in deep paths.

I never thought we have this beautiful place in Ilocos Norte. It’s little Dubai as they called it. You can also witness the beautiful Suba Beach at the back of my daughter and mother in photo below.

view of Sand Dunes photo 4x4AdventureSandDunes_zpsfe886a92.jpg

Sand Dunes Adventure photo SandDunes4x4AdventureIlocos_zps168c4b67.jpg

This is the area for Sand boarding. My daughter didn’t do sand boarding because its really hot that time but she didn’t miss the chance to use this thing used for sand boarding. It was hot afternoon when we went there, I advised you to come early in the morning. Doing this late in the afternoon is not advisable because you won’t see the beauty of this place.

Sand Boarding Adventure photo SandBoardingSandDunes_zps6a0acc21.jpg

Well, the whole experienced was fun. Sand Dunes 4×4 Adventure is one of a kind journey and I will do it again if given a chance.

One thing that I noticed, they are lacking safety thing like seat belt so I hope they will work on this thing and besides it’s for the safety of the passengers. I forgot to ask the name of our 4×4 driver but he was kind and always reminds us to hold tightly every time we are passing in a hard and deep paths.

For your info this place is a protected area that was provided with landscapes creating a spectacular view of original nature. It has been a shooting place of some local and Hollywood movies such as Ang Panday, Mad Max and Born on the Fourth of July.