Hot Travel Destinations with Great Discount

I received an email from an online store. They offer great discount in almost all hot travel destinations in the country. This includes Boracay, Ilocos, Palawan and Camariner Sur. The deal includes airfare, accommodations, tours and transfers. All their travel deals are easy on the budget because there is an option to pay light with 3, 6 or 12 months installment.
The offer is very tempting and soon summer is here. Summer is the only time we can unwind and I think it’s convenient to book early. Should I book now? I want …but, paying is the big question =).

Aside from the top destinations in the country, this online store also offers international travel with huge discount also. Haist, if only money is not a dilemma, I will definitely book a flight as early as today. At any rate, have you done online booking? How is it? I read a post long time ago regarding her experience in online booking. She said the transaction was smooth but when they already in the place they did not like the room they stayed in. The room didn’t match on what had written in the package but I think it’s not happen all the time.

Time flies, we just celebrated New Year and now love month is nearly coming. Well, 11 months to go before 2014 ends, hope Hongkong tour would happen this year. Online tasks please come to me, don’t be shy hehhe!

Hongkong Disneyland photo 39463_1389673258_7162_zps578a33cc.jpg