Gift Ideas for Mothers

How is your day? I’m glad I’m writing on this blog today. It has been months since I last updated this blog. Well, honestly, I don’t have any places to share that I have been in the past days or months. Since the classes started my time is always house and school. And if not daughter and I will just attend the mass and mall after. Its our normal routine since this June. Anyway, tomorrow is my daughter’s first quarterly examination. Three subjects for tomorrow so we were really tired reviewing these three subjects. I’m sad for my daughter because I know she’s tired already after school but we need to study or review in the house to get ready for her examination. I think we were done reviewing after 5-6 hours. After the review my daughter goes to the bad immediately and fell asleep right away. Sorry, Kyla were doing this for your own sake. She asked me  photo mothers_affection_comp_240px_zps04678397.jpgsome rewards after the examination. Well, I should consider that knowing all the efforts she made for her examination tomorrow. I’m thinking I should get reward also, hahah. It’s really tiring today but fulfilling knowing that you know she understands everything. Speaking of reward I found in this website mothers rings and other accessories that a mother would love.

Gift Ideas for Him

I was looking for a perfect gift that I will be given to my nephew this Holiday season. He loves musical instruments specifically guitar. So I’m thinking if hofner bass guitar case at Musicians Friend is fine. I just hope he has this kind of guitar. I’m not certain of the guitar he has now but he has one electric guitar and not sure with the other one. Anyway, if not this guitar case I will think of other gift for my nephew that is related to his hobby.