Photos in Dalahican Beach, Lucena City

As promised I will share some of our photos in Dalahican beach in Lucena City. Don’t expect much because the beach we have here in our place is not like Boracay or other beautiful beaches in our country. Oh no why I am saying this to our own beach, ahahah! Anyway, still pleased because we have Dalahican beach. This is still number one beach to visit for Lucenahin (people in Lucena) during summer especially because this is open to the public though there are other parts of Dalahican beach that are private already. So expect entrance fee and other related expenses. But big part of Dalahican beach is open to the public so you only need to pay for your cottage amounting to 75 pesos. It is cheap right?

When I was young we used to go here during summer because it is near to us. Aside from that it is clean but after 20 years Dalahican beach is not the same as before. That time, we don’t need to travel just to enjoy swimming because Dalahican beach is a good place already. Anyway, as I said it is still popular especially to Lucenahin who have no budget going somewhere else. What i don’t like here, there is not shower room so it’s really hard but for sure private resorts have it so if you have budget better choose private resorts.

Photo below is my daughter with her friend. They are trying to make their own sand castle.

This is quite far in our cottage but this is the famous Dalahican port inLucenaCity. If you are planning to visit place like Marinduque through water transportation for sure you will encounter Dalahican port.

This deepwell is still popular in Dalahican beach.

Dalahican Beach, Dalahican Port in Lucena City

My brother was here awhile ago and he invited us to come with them in Dalahican. It is a place here in Lucena where Dalahican Port is located. If you are planning to visit Marinduque by means of water transportation for sure you will come here in Lucena where RORO (roll on roll off) is located. We will not go to Marinduque we will visit Dalahican because of the kids. We believe swimming before sunrise is a big help especially if your kid has cough and cold. So I have to wake up early tomorrow because my brother said they will fetch me and my daughter at around 5 am. Dalahican beach is near to us I think about 15-20 minutes to get there. Anyway, I have to stop here and promise to share some of our photos next time.