Hope to find Piso Fare

My niece will be celebrating her 18 birthday this coming April. Unlike other women she doesn’t like the idea of doing party or debut celebration. She wanted to travel abroad. She’s planning to visit Hongkong again, though she already visited the place. She wanted us to come with her but I still don’t say yes. Financial is always an issue. I have little earnings but I don’t want to use all the money because there are more important things to do. Honestly, I wanted to go not for me but for my daughter. So, i keep on searching for lowest fare. We can join if I could possibly find great deals. Earlier I was browsing one particular airline and delighted to see lowest fare offer not piso fare but still huge discount. I thought this would be the answer to my dilemma, but I don’t know this deal will works. Booking is until January 21 or until seat lasts so I think I can use the promotion. The travel destination is just right for the date we are planning. Oh well, I hope to get this deal because compared to original fare its really a huge huge discount.