Daughter and I First Travel Abroad Together (Hong Kong)

I think every child is dreaming of visiting Disneyland. I promised to my daughter that she will visit this place one day. I never thought that it will happen this year. So last April 22, my daughter and I joined my sister’s family to Hong Kong for 4 days. I was happy that my sister let me and my daughter joined them. My niece just turned sweet 18 last April 24 but she didn’t want to have a party. She insisted of going to Hong kong.

Our flight was 7:25 am (April 22) via Cebu Pacific. Cebu Pacific photo Cebu Pacific_zpsj2wrz1fi.jpgBy the way, it was my second time to Hong Kong. My daughter was so excited because it was her first time going abroad but not riding on a plane.

When we were in NAIA I wasn’t feeling good because of the “tanim bala” issues. Fortunately, it didn’t happen to us and enjoy Hong Kong for 4 days. Beside was a photo of my daughter taken inside Cebu Pacific plane, And below was inside Hong Kong International Airport. Their airport was really huge and clean compared to NAIA, sorry but it is true. Anyway, our flight from Manila to Hong Kong took 2 hours. My daughter was sleeping the moment the plane take off and woke up few minutes before we arrive in HK. Will post the things we enjoyed in HK in the coming days.

Hong Kong International Airport photo Hong Kong International Airport_zpsf6mzghoy.jpg


CAB prohibits no rebook, no refund policies on Promo Fares

Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) is an agency of the government authorized to control the economic aspect of air transportation. Last night I watched Bandila on ABS-CBN and mentioned CAB wants ban on “no rebook, no refund policies” on promo fares. Cabs resolution no 28 and 29 prohibit local airlines to overbook and to pursue their refund, no rebooking policy, respectively. However, low-cost airlines like Cebu Pacific and Sea air show disagreeable and will even file a motion. Well, this is expected already because it is business, but for us passengers this is good news.

So unlike before promo fares bought is forfeited if not use on the travel date. Now, because of this new policy we can still use our purchased tickets, re book or even refund it if there is an emergency and we can’t attend to our travel because of some commitments.

The said resolution will take place this coming June 15, so I hope nothing problems occur so we passengers will truly enjoy our travel experience.