Hoping to visit Catanauan Cove …

Summer is not yet over, my sister-in-law told me about a good place in Catanauan Quezon. Actually a friend of my sister-in-law shared this place to her. Now my SIL shared it to me and asked me if I am looking for a place to unwind. Right now I am here in Lucena City part of Quezon province (actually the capital of Quezon Province) but I am not aware that there are many good places nearby. Just like the one that my sister-in-law is referring the pride of Catanauan Quezon; Catanauan Cove. She said I should search the site to see how beautiful the place is. So that’s what I did, I searched Catanauan Cove and thankfully they have official site so looking for the place didn’t give me any trouble.

Anyway, on the homepage of their site this is what I read “Crystal clear waters, powder white sand, reachable by land”. Hmm, just like the famous white sand in Boracay but this one is different because it’s reachable by land. Anyway, I also checked their photo gallery and found out aside from beach, the resort has infinity pool. According to their site – With its one kilometer stretch of fine white sand, crystal clear waters, hilly terrain, more than 12,000 various trees, a complete array of sports facilities, natural swamps and ponds surrounding its modern interpretation of the Philippine “NIPA HUT” cottages, no doubt it is a class of its own.

I want to experience everything they have said, summer is not yet over we still have one month to go before summer ends. So hoping I will visit the place and beside it is located in Quezon province. Most of the time we travel longer hours just to visit part of Luzon and Visayas well in fact there are good places nearby.