Bonding Time @ Mall of Asia

This is the continuation of our Manila day last week. So after our shopping in Divisoria we went to Mall of Asia before going back to Lucena. I think we were there from 7pm till 9.30pm. Here are some of the photos at Mall of Asia. The first and second photos were taken outside the mall. It says I love MOA.
 photo MOA_zps950ac28c.jpg  photo mallofasia_zps551e0133.jpg They are not in Sentosa Singapore. Still in Mall of Asia.
 photo Sentosa_zps3a0171e6.jpg Inside the mall at the back of my daughter is the giant Christmas tree of MOA.
 photo mallofasiachristmastree_zpsb4fe3912.jpg Santa Claus was there when we arrived but we were late on the picture taking activity.