Chocolate Hills Viewing Deck

I was browsing the net and saw this picture of the leaning tower and the viewing deck in Chocolate Hills. I’m sad when I saw the picture and this happened because of the earthquake last October 15.

 photo viewingdeckchocolatehillsruined_zps23531a33.jpg
Photo not mine

This is the photo of my daughter and her cousin during our visit in Chocolate Hills. Sadly, this is also the place above that was destroyed by the said quake.

 photo viewingdeckchocolatehills_zps610d6257.jpg

See this bell; I think this is the only thing that didn’t destroy. My daughter and her cousins had the chance to ring this bell. Everyone is hoping to see the beauty of this place again and when fixing everything here they should use Reid industrial supplies to make sure this won’t happen again.

 photo chocolatehillsviewingdeck_zpscfc7a779.jpg

Loboc Floating Restaurant and the Powerful Voice

It’s really hot in our place; I guess summer is already here. Sounds like I should be ready in summer getaway. Last time the family went to Cebu and Bohol. In the latter we enjoyed floating restaurant wherein the guests cruise Loboc River. There were also sumptuous foods that these floating restaurants have in store for all the guests. The guests also serenaded by the band and play a variety of songs and requested songs asked by the guests.

It’s been a year since we experienced this floating restaurant but still I remember the voice of the female vocalist. Her voice is like an angel and so relaxing. Aside from the powerful voice of the lead singer the member of the band were using different instruments but I wasn’t familiar with them. I don’t even know if jazz guitar has been used. Anyway, I hope to visit Bohol again because we enjoyed this place for just short period of time.

Chocolate Hills

One of the best things in life is to travel. Visiting places aside from where you belong is life fulfillment for me. I wish I could travel around the world but I will start first in the Philippines. I believe we have so many beautiful places in our country with 7,107 islands. If I have to count all the places I visited here I think I can count it on my fingers. So hoping I could explore our country.

Anyway, one of the best places I ever visited was Bohol. We went there early this year and though we were there for a short period of time I really enjoyed every minutes. One of the best sights seeing in Bohol is Chocolate Hills. You will not experience the beauty of Bohol if you missed Chocolate Hills.

The chocolate hills or the “ caramel ”, is a quasi land in the Philippines located on the border of the province of Carmen , Bohol . This is a so-called “extinct volcano”. When you go through the national road is clearly visible. This is one of the beautiful landscapes in the country. According to a legend, saying that this small mountainous trace leaks tears of a giant lovelorn. (Source: Wikipedia)
Scientific explanations says that the Chocolate Hills were formed out of volcanic eruptions way back before. In total, some people declare that the hills are number at approximately around 1268. All of them come in almost perfectly uniform sizes which is also why some people tend to think that they are actually man-made when in fact they are not.