Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon

Earlier I was searching for a cave near at my place. I haven’t tried going into a cave, so for some adventure this summer I want to experience inside a cave and I think experiencing this thing is cool, fun and exciting. I didn’t know that there is beach like Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon. I’m residing in Lucena and Pagbilao, Quezon is our neighboring town.

Kwebang lampas photo kwebanglampas1_zps21287609.jpg

According to my research, Kwebang Lampas is one of the best attractions in Pagbilao, Quezon. The place derived its name from a rock formation which forms part of a cove. The continuous action of the waves had sculpted the rock into a lovely and unique cave. If you are interested in caves and geological formations, or enthusiastic of white sand beaches, the beach and its Kwebang Lampas is a good place to see.

One of the travelers mentioned that this place is really beautiful and it’s like a virgin island. You can see the fishes because of the transparency of water. Oh well, I should visit Kwebang Lampas and the fact its near to us, there is no reason of not going in the place. If this happens, I will definitely give more information about the place.

kwebang lampas photo kwebanglampas_zps3b3e0ed8.jpg
Image credit: Google