Benefits of Traveling

It’s always a wonderful feeling when you travel. Sadly, I don’t practice this at all times. Money is always the dilemma, wink! But if I have lots of money, I will consider going from one place to another.

For me travel makes me feel stress free. You leave the problem in the house or at your work and just stay happy and enjoy the place. Though we have so many problems in life, sometimes we need to forget them for awhile and do some relaxation by means of traveling. If money is really a problem, I think even a simple stroll in the neighborhood with beautiful flowers and clean surrounding for me it can makes us happy.

Another benefit of traveling is meeting people with different cultures. It’s really nice to know other people and know their cultures. Probably, we could make friends with them. Aside from the culture and the people, the foods are always present. We are curious of the taste of the foods in a certain place we visit. Of course we travel because we want to enjoy and witness the beautiful spots of a certain place.

Above all, travel creates memorize for a lifetime. Memorize that can’t buy. How I wish I could do travel twice a year whether here in the Philippines or other countries. It would be an awesome experience. You only live once so make the most of it by going from one place to another. So money please come to me so all these things can happen, lol!.