Summer in the Philippines

Its already Summer in the Philippines. And when you say summer it means fun fun fun. Normally, in this season reunions, swimming, get together, unwind and travel takes place. So do you have plans already? Are you going to travel here and abroad?

Right now, we don’t have plan yet but normally the family travels. Last year we went to Puerto Galera. Initial planned was to travel in Batangas City but ended traveling Puerto Galera. We stayed here for two nights and we had fun especially my daughter Kyla because it’s her first time to go in the beach. I remembered she was very happy playing in the sand and making sand castle.

I look forward to travel again; there are many good places here in the Philippines that I wanted to visit. We have 7,107 islands and in my more than thirty years existing here only few had been visited.

I just hope that I have enough money, hahah. It’s hard to travel when your pocket is empty. So I hope more opps online so when the family decided to travel again this summer, Kyla and I will surely join them.