St. Ferdinand Cathedral in Lucena City

Photos below were captured in Parish church of St. Ferdinand Cathedral in Lucena City. This church was founded in the year 1881. The first Parish priest here is Fr. Mariano Granja, wherein a street in Lucena was named after him. In 1882, the construction of this church was started and completed in 1884. But something happened in the year 1887 because it was destroyed by fire but was rebuilt in the same year.

St. Ferdinand Cathedral is our main church here in Lucena but there are other churches in some barangays. But Lucenahin are comfortable visiting this church because it is located in downtown.

There are numerous old-growth trees here and parking lots. So worry free if you have car because there is space available while you are attending mass or just simply visiting the church.

Anyway, I captured these photos couple of days ago after I spent some minutes of giving my prayer. Second photo is inside of the church. Everyday this church is open to all. So everytime i am in downtown i normally pass by here.

How to get here: If you are in Lucena, it is easy to come here. Just ask for direction of “bayan” or simply ride in jeepney who has bayan sign. Ask to drop you in St. Ferdinand Church. In front of this is Jollibee Fast Food store.

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