Where to get Personalized Collectible Coins

If you are into collecting stuff like coins I found a site where you can get or create your own collectible coins. They have own graphic artists and their service is totally free, it only means no additional charges and you will just pay for your order coins. With the best graphic artists they have, rest assured they can help you get your coins with satisfaction whatever designs or looks you have in mind for your coins. These are just samples of their collectible coins and you can make your own so make sure to create for challenge coins so your coins will stand out.

collectible coins photo collectiblecoins_zpsee7880e5.png

Wish to Travel to Hongkong Disneyland Together

My sister is planning to go to Hongkong Disneyland next year. They went there 3 years ago (I think) with her family and this time she invited us to go with them. I have been in Hongkong way back 2006 and my daughter wasn’t born yet. So, I want my daughter to visit Hongkong Disneyland. My daughter really loves all the shows on Disney Junior channel so I’m pretty sure she wanted to see all the characters especially Mickey Mouse and his friends in Disneyland.

I want to go there with my daughter and the rest of my family. Sadly, I don’t have extra money to spend on this vacation. Well, four months to go before summer vacation so I’m praying that I will get many opportunities online so daughter and I would be able to go to Disneyland HK.

Anyhow, one time I heard in the news that we need to get visa now in order to visit Hongkong. Before we don’t really need visa to visit Hongkong and we can stay there for 14 days so I hope the news is not true. If its true this is a sad thing. For me getting visa is a hassle thing to do. Imagine the time you will wait and the money you will spend to have visa then you will just stay in their country in just a short time. So, I hope this is not true.

Daughter’s passion for music

I was browsing my photo files and saw photos of my daughter with her first ever guitar. This was free from her organ. My daughter was 3 when I took this photo. Time flies because in few days she will celebrate her 6th birthday. I know daughter has passion for music because she loves singing and playing different instruments though many of them are just toys. I hope one day she would have the chance to play real instrument. I know she loves this thing so I hope in the near future she gets all the possibility to play all the instruments including the best pandeiro at guitar center. And if only i have lots of money I will give everything to continue her passion for music.

 photo kidplayingguitar_zps32ac5562.jpg

All-Day Pass to Splash Island

Daughter is enjoying her short semestral vacation and of course I’m enjoying it too. This means I don’t need to wake up early to prepare her for school. She has only 10 days vacation, only few days but still happy at least we have time to relax and stop thinking of school. How I wish to go somewhere like spend a day or two in an inclusive hotel, get pamper, visit a nearby place and have some adventures but money is always the issue =).

I received an email from Metrodeal; an online store. One of the deals they are offering is All-Day Pass to Splash Island for Php250. I haven’t visited this place but I already saw this on TV and pictures. I find the place very interesting with different amenities to offer. If only I am near the place I will grab this chance to experience Splash Island. Actually, the place is not really far from my place the problem is I don’t have car so it’s hard to go there if you are using public vehicle.

Well, as I’m writing this post only few hours left before the offer expires. So I don’t think I can make it. If you are near the place and wanted to unwind take this chance and bring your family.

If you avail this Php 250 All-Day Pass to Splash Island you should remember the following:

  • Voucher Validity: Aug. 3 until Oct. 31, 2013
  • Opening times: Saturdays and Sundays
  • For an additional fee of P100 payable at the Splash Island entrance, avail of one of the following activities: Amazing Two Way Zipline, Adventure Golf
  • For an additional fee of P200 payable at the Splash Island entrance, avail of one of the following activities: High Ropes (12 courses) or Paintball game inclusive of gun and gear rental with 20 bullets
  • Price is inclusive of taxes
  • Buy as many vouchers as you want
  • Voucher is transferable and can be given as gift to family and friends

You can visit also Metrodeal for more information and other great deals.

Chocolate Hills Viewing Deck

I was browsing the net and saw this picture of the leaning tower and the viewing deck in Chocolate Hills. I’m sad when I saw the picture and this happened because of the earthquake last October 15.

 photo viewingdeckchocolatehillsruined_zps23531a33.jpg
Photo not mine

This is the photo of my daughter and her cousin during our visit in Chocolate Hills. Sadly, this is also the place above that was destroyed by the said quake.

 photo viewingdeckchocolatehills_zps610d6257.jpg

See this bell; I think this is the only thing that didn’t destroy. My daughter and her cousins had the chance to ring this bell. Everyone is hoping to see the beauty of this place again and when fixing everything here they should use Reid industrial supplies to make sure this won’t happen again.

 photo chocolatehillsviewingdeck_zpscfc7a779.jpg

Loboc River Cruise Experience

It’s good to hear the Loboc River Cruise also known as the floating restaurant started their operation again after the devastated earthquake happened in Bohol. As I have mentioned in my previous post we went to Bohol last 2011. It’s been a long time but I still remember the beauty of this place. Here is my daughter she was 3 that time, picture taking before cruising the river.

 photo 436cdd35-282e-41bd-b284-199438770454_zpsc762eca4.jpg

The said river is one of the top destinations in Bohol, aside from the famous Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers.

The cruise takes about an hour-long and serves with buffet. This buffet includes Filipino foods and different tropical drinks such as fresh coconut. Also on board, entertainment is provided where singers are also on board.

 photo lobocrivercruise_zps0d624296.jpg

Here are other photos I took while cruising the Loboc River. The water of the river is greenish and calm.

 photo LobocRiver_zps69f4d3bf.jpg
 photo LobocCruise_zps3a021478.jpg

The river cruise ends at the Busay waterfalls which is just a low waterfall where the water of the river comes from.

On this section, some floating rafts are located where Boholano people with guitars offer guests some music while experiencing the sound of water from the waterfall.

 photo LobocRiver_zps8c1fbe9f.jpg

 photo 1ccff525-d4e8-4df4-96be-b0b534f3224d_zps4f7f17b2.jpg
Loboc River Cruise is one of a kind experience with delectable foods, entertainment and beautiful scenery nothing to ask for. Look forward to visit and experience this floating restaurant in the near future.

Have to buy floor drain grates

I’m looking for floor drain grates because the one that we were using for a long time in our bathroom already damaged. I’m not good on this one, I mean I’m not aware that this thing is not simply round one but has different sizes, shapes and designs. Well, I have to check the size of what I need before purchasing one.

On a different note it’s been raining since afternoon in our place and now it’s already 10pm. I hope tomorrow morning the sunshine comes because my daughter has examination in computer subject. It’s hard when raining because we are just riding on a public vehicle. Leaving you with this post and stay safe, wherever you are!

Photo at Baclayon Church that was heavily damaged by 7.2 earthquake

Yesterday (October 15), an earthquake occurred at around 8:12am in Bohol island. I believed it was the strongest earthquake happened because it was recorded at 7.2. It’s so sad because many people died and according to the last news I heard more than 140 already and hundreds were injured. The 7.2 earthquake was caused by vertical movement of the East Bohol Fault in southern Bohol. It was said that the energy of this earthquake was equivalent to 32 Hiroshima bombs dropped in Japan during the Second World War. So imagined how strong it was.

Aside from Bohol, Cebu and other nearby places felt the said earthquake. It was the deadliest earthquake in the Philippines in 23 years. I remember in 1991, I was in high school that time and earthquake also occurred we were in the classroom when the earthquake happened so we immediately ran to the field. We were not the center of the earthquake that time but we experienced it and thankful because nothing happened to us. I knew the feeling of those victims of earthquake yesterday and I hope they are safe by now.

It’s so sad also that Baclayon Church in Bohol; one of the oldest churches in Asia was heavily damaged. I was browsing my old photos and saw one of my photos in this church. It was 2011 when I visited Cebu and Bohol and happy that I experienced the different tourist spots in both places.

Baclayon Church photo Baclayonchurch_zpsd2a110b3.jpg

Anyway, what happened yesterday was really heartbreaking but I know Filipinos are fighter and we will fight this battle as one. I may not have cash or in kind to offer but my prayers are here for all the victims of this earthquake.

Short hair is the trend nowadays

I think short hair is the trend nowadays. I have seen many celebrities and TV personalities cut their hair and prefer to have short hair. Those celebrities have big impact to ordinary people. So, many are choosing to cut their long hair and be like their idol, but, come to think it’s not easy to have long hair so to cut them easily is really a hard decision. So, I suggest to wear short wigs instead, if you really want to go to the trend but doesn’t want to cut your long hair.

 photo shortwigs_zps2efe5075.jpg

South Korea

One of the countries that I wanted to visit is South Korea. Ever since I became addicted to Korean drama series, I became a fan of their country also. No doubt their drama series are the best and the different places feature in every show is a must to see.

I know visiting Korean country is not easy because it requires visa especially if you are from the Philippines. I hope one day. Why I wanted to go to this country? I want to experience the different places I have seen in the drama series I already watched. I want to see the palaces in Seoul, museums and simply experience their culture.

south korea photo southkorea_zps760c6a5f.jpeg
I remember Boys over Flowers starring Lee Min Ho; one of the scenes here happened in Jeju Island (I hope my memory is right). The place is really captivating.

Jeju island photo jejuisland_zpsb947dd51.jpeg
Aside from that I want to experience Korea’s weather especially the winter. Their foods like kimchi, it is a traditional fermented dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings and sometimes spicy or sour. I want to experience outdoor market like the one in Busan which has large number of stalls. In Busan, beaches are located in this place and said to be the summer capital of Korea because of their wonderful beaches.

Living the life of a monk, the latter featured in some of the Korean series I watched. I want to experience this thing their lifestyle like getting up early for early morning prayers and eating simply vegetable dishes.

Lastly, soju is always present in Korean dramas, I don’t drink but of course I want to experience this popular liquor of Korea. I think I already mentioned why I love this country. I just wish that one day, I will experience everything I said and see the real beauty of South Korea.

*Google photos