Eastwood City Walk

Last Saturday we traveled 4 hours long from Lucena to Manila to unwind. Our first destination is Eastwood City Walk where my BIL worked. Eastwood City Walk is made of two distinct sections, City Walk 1 and City Walk 2. We enjoyed our leisurely walk to Eastwood place because there are many Christmas decorations. But you can enjoy the place much better during at night because Christmas lights are open at night. Aside from that the tall buildings have different lights.

My daughter got tired roaming the place so she sat first on this bench. At her back is the blue building actually Eastwood city is surrounded by tallest buildings.

This is the giant Christmas tree in Eastwood. At night it has lights so I think it’s better to come during that time.

Eastwood City Walk Information (from their site)

Eastwood City Walk has been the hottest ticket to party land with an exciting line-up of bars, clubs and hip restos. It is considered as the youth and culture hub of Eastwood City, where Manila’s fashionably elite and partyphiles chill, hang-out, spend time with friends and make new acquaintances. People seeking adventure and fun would enjoy Eastwood City Walk’s young and vibrant ambiance. Eastwood City Walk is made of two distinct sections, City Walk 1 and City Walk 2.

City Walk 1 offers a grand selection of local and international cuisine. An endless choice of themed restaurants offer indoor and al fresco dining. Also the entertainment center of Eastwood City, it is a place where one can take pleasure in the live performances of the music industry’s most celebrated artists. Nocturnals and their crew can party until the break of dawn at the Manor Superclub which houses two clubs under one roof: Penthouse and Basement. There’s also Circa where they can dance along with the DJ’s mixes and play of laser and strobe lights. A new addition to the row of bars is The Distillery where the atmosphere is more relaxed where music is lively enough to be danced to. Our long-time fixtures are Gweilos, Ipanema and Club Dredd which have enriched Eastwood City’s night life.

City Walk 2 is an extension of the cuisine experience of City Walk 1. In addition to the restaurants, one can find a billiard and bowling center, four state-of-the-art cinemas, and a retail component that’s open until midnight year-round.

Recently added in its tenant mix are trendy stores for the young and hip who are looking to get that new pair of sneaks, a cool headphone and their skateboarding and wakeboarding needs. Eastwood City Walk 2 is lined up with the trendiest local and international brands, providing the teens the hippest things in fashion. These brands include Hurley, Liquid Force, Ronix, New Breed Girl, Circa, Skullcandy, Etnies, Kr3w, Supra, L-space swimwear and DC Shoes, to name a few.
The refurbished Eastwood City Walk 1 and 2 also boast of hip and trendy bars and night clubs with supreme interiors and the latest sound and lighting technology. Celebrate good times and get entertained with regular line-ups of the hottest bands and performances at the Central Plaza.

My share for this week’s Blue Monday, Mellow Yellow Monday, and Ruby Tuesday

Taoist Temple, Cebu

Pardon if I’m posting photos of old places we visited way back. But since I created a travel blog I guess all these photos are appropriate in this blog. Anyway, let me share to you another well known tourist spots in Cebu. The Taoist Temple was built in 1972, located in Beverly Hills Subdivision in Cebu City. The temple was built by Cebu’s generous Chinese community. With height of 300 meters above sea level, the temple is a towering, multi-tiered, multi-hued attraction accessible by three separate winding routes.

It has dragon paintings, altars and statues of the Buddha with beautiful pagoda roofs. This is open to all whether you are devotees or not. There is ritual among devotees where one prays to the Gods to grant one’s wish. They said, the millionaire quarter ofCebuCityis living in this place.

Credit to the owner

I together with my family visited Taoist temple couple of months ago but we have regret because we don’t actually see the actual place. We don’t advised that Taoist temple is open only until afternoon and since we arrived late in the afternoon the watcher allowed us to visit the ground floor only. I haven’t had the chance to visit inside the temple. They said that when you reached the top you can view the whole Cebu. Well, I guess we should go back to Cebu. But…when? That’s the question and beside I don’t have enough money to unwind this time. Maybe we can visit nearby places to enjoy holidays hope it will come true, heheh.

from our camera

Apples on Fake Tree

Who says there’s no apple tree in our country? Well, in reality apple tree doesn’t grow in our country. So when I saw this fake apple tree in Sutukil restaurant in Cebu. I took some souvenir photos. Kyla acts as picking apple on the fake apple tree, lol. Well, I hope we have apple trees here in our country because it is one of our favorite fruits. But we don’t buy more often because of the price. I saw photo of my cousin in Canada wherein her daughter is picking apple, it’s cute. Some apples were already fallen down on the ground but here you can’t get it for free. Anyway, maybe my wish this Christmas is to see some real apple tree in the Philippines, hahah!

Pink Tulip

I thought there’s no way to retrieve my previous posts. But as you can see some of my past posts were recovered through the help of Google cached. So today I successfully posted it here again. Now, my enthusiasm to work on this blog is back. I just changed the template actually the old template was pink tulip also. But I’m not comfortable and I think I have so many things to change. I’m not techie person so it might be difficult for me. So earlier I searched for new template and I found this one, same tulip but different design. Hope you like it =)

Till here … enjoy the rest of weekend.

WordPress themes

I was looking for WordPress themes couple of days ago. Getting new template is not easy. It will consume much of your time. So temporarily, I decided to get this template (thank you ryheanne of It’s not just a blog). I’m looking forward to get another template that is related to my niche “travel”. Before the problem started with my old template I have customized header, I got it as my prize in one of the giveaways I had joined. Maybe I will put it again and by the way some of my old posts were recovered thru google cache so I will be working on that (thank you again ryheanne) for all your help from the bottom of my heart.

Start all over again

As you can see I don’t have any post here. This blog encountered problem resulted to re-installing of this blog. The worse part is I don’t have any back up. This blog runs for a month before encountered problem. Now, this blog is back but I will start all over again. In just a month this blog got PR1 already. But it was lost in just little alteration in the theme code. After changing or adding code in my template it completely messed up my blog and resulted to big problem that I couldn’t solve. So the only choice is to re-install this blog. Well, I couldn’t turn back the time so I just have to accept what happened and start all over again. I will start on hunting new template for this blog, sigh!

I just checked Page rank of this blog and found out that this blog remains its PR1, good news for me.


This is just a quick post. I read posts in Facebook about Pagerank update so I check immediately the ranking of my 5 blogs. And voila … I can’t believe that this blog has PR1 now. I started this blog exactly one month ago. Hmmm, happy monthsary to my traveling with mona heheh and congrats for having PR1, wink! Wow…I guess I should throw a party hahah!

Chocolate Hills

One of the best things in life is to travel. Visiting places aside from where you belong is life fulfillment for me. I wish I could travel around the world but I will start first in the Philippines. I believe we have so many beautiful places in our country with 7,107 islands. If I have to count all the places I visited here I think I can count it on my fingers. So hoping I could explore our country.

Anyway, one of the best places I ever visited was Bohol. We went there early this year and though we were there for a short period of time I really enjoyed every minutes. One of the best sights seeing in Bohol is Chocolate Hills. You will not experience the beauty of Bohol if you missed Chocolate Hills.

The chocolate hills or the “ caramel ”, is a quasi land in the Philippines located on the border of the province of Carmen , Bohol . This is a so-called “extinct volcano”. When you go through the national road is clearly visible. This is one of the beautiful landscapes in the country. According to a legend, saying that this small mountainous trace leaks tears of a giant lovelorn. (Source: Wikipedia)
Scientific explanations says that the Chocolate Hills were formed out of volcanic eruptions way back before. In total, some people declare that the hills are number at approximately around 1268. All of them come in almost perfectly uniform sizes which is also why some people tend to think that they are actually man-made when in fact they are not.

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #27

We are now in the #27 of Weekend Blog Follower Caravan. For this week task is WBFC Facebook Likes Edition. I just made one for this blog yesterday so you will notice that still it is hungry of Likes. Don’t forget to leave comment here so I will return the love.

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PP Underground River

Have you cast your votes for the New 7 Wonders of Nature? Our very own PP Underground River is one of the 28 finalists.

PP Underground River

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is located about 50 km north of the city of Puerto Princesa , Palawan , Philippines . It features a limestone karst mountain landscape with an 8.2 km. navigable underground river. A distinguishing feature of the river is that it winds through a cave before flowing directly into theSouth China Sea . It includes major formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and several large chambers. The lower portion of the river is subject to tidal influences. The underground river is reputed to be the worlds longest. At the mouth of the cave, a clear lagoon is framed by ancient trees growing right to the water’s edge. Monkeys, large monitor lizards, and squirrels find their niche on the beach near the cave.

So what are you waiting for? Have time to support our country especially PP Underground River… Only couple of days to go before the voting ends so don’t waste your time and cast your votes HERE.