Feasted at KFC

I have no plan going out today but my sister-in-law and brother went to the house. So, we went to the mall near to us. After strolling and buying some clothes for the kids we decided to eat first before strolling again. My sister-in-law won some bucks in a contest here in blogosphere. She said she will treat us so we decided to eat at KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken. We ate their famous chicken, funshots for Kyla, chicken Caesar salad and chicken burger. I always love to dine here at KFC because I love their chicken and their deeply loved gravy. You can make their gravy as viand already and you can have as much as you want because it’s unlimited unlike other fast food restaurants. Anyway, we were all satiated and I was thankful because Kyla and I eat our merienda/snack for free, heheh.

I was just curious about KFC reason for me to know where it was started and according to Wikipeadia – KFC, founded and also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a chain of fast food restaurants based in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. KFC has been a brand and operating segment, termed a concept of Yum! Brands since 1997 when that company was spun off from PepsiCoas Tricon Global Restaurants Inc.

KFC primarily sells chicken pieces, wraps, salads and sandwiches. While its primary focus is fried chicken, KFC also offers a line of grilled and roasted chicken products, side dishes and desserts. Outside the USA, KFC offers beef based products such as hamburgers or kebabs, poutine, pork based products such as ribs and other regional fare.

Holiday Homes Europe: My Choice

Europe, the place to be when thinking of going on holidays! And for accommodation, the first choice will always be a hotel. Why not? Everything will be taken care of for you. But there’s an alternative, a better one – Holiday Homes Europe.

It might be quite an investment, but if you are a frequent traveler a good holiday homes Europe-style will be a more practical choice. If you are travelling with an entourage, imagine how much you will be spending. That would be quite a fortune.

Worry-free Reservation

Going on holidays doesn’t mean that you have to be going around, moving from one tourist spot to another. It can be just taking a time off from your daily routine. Having holiday homes Europe will assure you that you have a place to stay anytime you feel like giving yourself a break. You don’t need to worry of booking in advance, especially during peak seasons. You are after all going on a holiday and there’s no point in getting stressed to reserve a room.

Home Away from Home

Staying in holidays home Europe would be like bringing a piece of home away from home. You get to sit around basking in the sun without worrying about strangers going to and fro. You get to sit down with your companions in a relaxed environment, minding only yourselves. And when you decide to extend your vacation, your own holiday homes Europe will guarantee a warm place to stay without the fear of being booted out.

Your Own European Place

And now that you can go from one European country to another with ease, having a permanent holiday homesEurope is like having your very own place right in the middle of the continent. No need to worry about reservations wherever you go—you can just go back to your reserved place without any worry.

Summer 2012 and places i want to visit

Where to go this summer? Summer comes just once a year so I think it’s better to unwind during this time. Also it is also the time to relax after working so hard for the past months. Family hasn’t talked on where to go but I hope we will. As for me, I want to go somewhere with beach or swimming pool to lessen the heat we have now. Aside from that I want to travel also. We already visited Baguio, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, Vigan, Cebu, Bohol, Tagaytay and Puerto Galera (not sure if I mentioned all). Anyway, without my family I also had the chance to visit Boracay and Hongkong.

If I have enough money here are the places I want to visit Palawan, Davao, Subic Bay, and other nearby places. I heard each of the places have different tourist spots so really wanted to experience their place. See how beautiful their place at the same time tries their foods. I believe each of the places in our country has their own specialty another reason why I love to travel.

Anyway, wherever we will go this summer for sure I will let you know. So, what about your summer plans? Care to share… Whatever it is I hope we all have breathtaking summer 2012.

With Homeaway, home to stay is not a problem anymore

Summer is here already in the Philippines. At this time normally Filipinos are looking for something to do. They are searching for the best beaches for some relief from the sun. Aside from that, this is also the time for getaway; most Filipinos are looking for good places to spend vacation. They are not just visiting places in our country but many Filipinos are visiting other countries to avoid too much heat.

But though we all wanted to unwind and visit other places, common dilemma is if we have money to use. So, traveling sometimes remains a dream. But if we are resourceful enough there are ways to make our dream destination reachable. Just like this site I heard from a friend, I easily visited the site and find it very useful and helpful. This site offers different discounts that can help to lessen travel expenses. For sure you can Save with CouponCodes4u because they are offering all discounts in place. No need to visit other site because this site provides the best and biggest savings you are looking for.

One of the discounts they are giving is from HomeAway Coupon. When travel it is important to consider the place to stay. Don’t worry it is not hard to find perfect place to stay during vacation because Homeaway.com will help us to make our vacation fun and enjoyable. Choose on their site about 100,000 vacation rental homes from around the world. Traveler is the one to choose the home to stay so whatever your preferences. If you wanted to stay near white beaches, with private swimming pool or even golf course, homeaway.com will help us find it. After choosing the right place to stay they will help us to set up all the way. And for sure whatever home you choose, you will feel that you are in your own home. That is the best part of vacation if you are comfortable with the place you are staying.

Summer in the Philippines

Its already Summer in the Philippines. And when you say summer it means fun fun fun. Normally, in this season reunions, swimming, get together, unwind and travel takes place. So do you have plans already? Are you going to travel here and abroad?

Right now, we don’t have plan yet but normally the family travels. Last year we went to Puerto Galera. Initial planned was to travel in Batangas City but ended traveling Puerto Galera. We stayed here for two nights and we had fun especially my daughter Kyla because it’s her first time to go in the beach. I remembered she was very happy playing in the sand and making sand castle.

I look forward to travel again; there are many good places here in the Philippines that I wanted to visit. We have 7,107 islands and in my more than thirty years existing here only few had been visited.

I just hope that I have enough money, hahah. It’s hard to travel when your pocket is empty. So I hope more opps online so when the family decided to travel again this summer, Kyla and I will surely join them.

Earning online through blogging

For almost two years blogging has been part of my every day life. I am happy because through blogging I can express myself. I’m a quiet person so it’s not easy for me to tell anyone my feelings. But it’s easy for me to share it through my blog. But of course with limitation, I don’t share everything especially personal things that could harm on my part. Anyway, aside from sharing my emotions, feelings on my blog I also love it because for the past years blogging is the source of my earning online. Yeah, you read it right … I make money through my blogs. I have 5 blogs running it’s hard at first but with proper time management and knowledge you will use to it.

I thought everything is scam online but blogging made me realize that though there are scam sites, still there are sites that are legit and could provide earnings even just staying at home. Well, in more than 2 years I can say blogging helps me a lot in terms of earning online. Though I don’t earn much compared to other bloggers but still thankful for the opportunity to earn in blogosphere. There is really money in blogging like affiliate marketing, text link ads, sponsored review, paid to post, ghost writing and a lot more.Opportunityis endless you just need to be resourceful and patience soon you will enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Cast your Vote for the New7Wonders Cities

After the successful campaign of New7Wonders and New7Wonders of Nature, now the third campaign is finally here – New7Wonders Cities. All we have to do is choose the 7 cities we want to be included in New7Wonders Cities.

How to vote?

  1. Find a nominated city by browsing the letters of the alphabet.
  2. Click on a city name to add it your choice of 7.
  3. Submit your 7 cities.

I chose cities from our country of course.

  • Baguio
  • CebuCity
  • TagaytayCity
  • DavaoCity
  • Bacolod
  • IloiloCity
  • Legazpi City

That’s it. Easy peasy right? They are accepting votes already that will be counted for the next phase starting on March 7, 2012. For more information visit their official website at new7wonders.com

Easy ways to create a website

I got this blog as a prize from the previous contest I had joined. They gave me one year free domain and hosting. Everything was set before they give it to me. Managing this blog is not hard because as I said everything was set already. Aside from that there are online blogger friends who are willing to help everytime I have problem especially in any of my blogs.

Nowadays, blogging has been part of our lives and helpful in online marketing. I guess reason why many people love to start their own blog or website. But before you enjoy your own website/blog of course you need to set it first. We are lucky because there are numerous tutorials in World Wide Web and just click away you can get information you need. Just hit the search button on “how to create a website and for sure you will get useful answer. Or better check the site like http://www.makeawebsiteguide.com because they provide tutorials on how to make a website in simple easy steps. Aside from that there are videos for easier understanding.

So, don’t afraid of starting your own website/blog. If you are willing to learn and love what you are doing then chances of having your own website will be successful.

Paraw Regatta Festival in Iloilo

Earlier I watched Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho show. They featured Paraw Regatta Festival happening in Iloilo every month of February. Now, they are on its 39th year started in the year 1973. At first, I have no idea about their festival but watching the report got me familiar with it.

Regatta is the oldest traditional craft event in Asia, and the leading sailing event in the Philippines. The Iloilo Paraw Regatta Foundation currently organizes the activities, with leading support from the Iloilo City and Provincial Governments and the Department of Tourism, along with private sector donations.

Paraw Regatta Festival took place last February 12-19. There were lots of activities but the main event was thirty- kilometer distance race sailed on a course in the Iloilo Strait, running up the coast of Panay and then down the coast of Guimaras, before returning to the finish at Villa Beach. The grand winner took home prize of 50 thousand pesos.

The objective of the Regatta is to celebrate the skills of the paraw sailors, and bring a fiesta spirit into their lives. Different colorful painted sails are features yearly for added attractions.

I think Iloilo is a cool place to visit, I’m gonna put this destination to my travel memo. And hoping to visit and explore their beautiful place. Its more fun in Paraw Regatta Festival in Iloilo =).

A walk to remember: Unusual holiday walks not to be missed

Guest post written by friend Vicky Dean

Perhaps you are a person who likes to have an active holiday. Alternatively, you may fancy a change from lounging around the poolside when you go away. A walking holiday is a great alternative. Without being too strenuous, it allows you to take in all of the sights and sounds of the local cultures. Walking holidays can suit people of almost all levels of fitness.

There is a staggering amount of choice for people looking for walking holidays, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Why not try something completely different by going on an unusual walking holiday? Below are three destinations that will guarantee you experience a holiday that is both unique and unforgettable:


Bhutan is an extremely interesting place that is situated in Asia, just North of Bangladesh. It is a relatively small and unknown country, and actually only started to let people from other countries in from 1974. As walking holidays go,Bhutanis incomparable to most other places on Earth. Its most alluring features are its strongly conservative sense of tradition and the fact that it has not changed for decades. The scenery and architecture are simply stunning. It is recommended that you hire an experienced tour guide when walking inBhutan.

Kenya Walking Safari

Unknown to most people, you can actually walk in certain Safari parks inKenya. This may come as a surprise, as most of us associate a Safari holiday with travelling around in some sort of 4×4 vehicle. This is an absolutely amazing destination for lovers of walking holidays, particularly if you enjoy observing and encountering wildlife that is not native to any other country. You will get to take in all of the sights and sounds, very much avoiding the majority of tourists. It is recommended that you hire experienced tour guides; and certain tours will be guided by the Masai people.

The Secret Trails of Corsica

Corsicais a relatively small Mediterranean island which is also a French region. It’s a beautiful place with a delightful climate. Most Corsicans believe that they are quite different to the French people, and you are guaranteed a different experience if you embark on one of the walking holidays inCorsica. Their culture is interesting yet traditional. You will be surrounded by the beautifulMediterranean sea. Most of the terrain is quite rugged and therefore some of it is challenging. This may be the cheapest option out of the three as many people have self-guided tours here.