Yoga and store to find Yoga Mats

I have seen other bloggers who are fond of doing yoga. Based on my reading yoga is something that can develop physical, mental and spiritual thing. Also doing yoga provides discipline including breath control and simple meditation. I haven’t tried this thing but maybe soon, I think at my age I need to try this thing and besides it can be done at home. Well, before I start I need to shop yoga mats its better to have this before starting yoga. It is your safety stuff that supports contact points like knees, elbows, and hips. These are prone to injury during an exercise regime so its best to have the right mat for you. Good thing also it is available in the market today and you can choose variety of patterns and colors. Hmm, I need to read more about yoga before engaging in this thing so I will be familiar.

Popular Resorts and Beaches in Quezon Province

I’m from Quezon, Province but I wasn’t aware that many of the beautiful beaches can be found in our place. Many of them were already featured in TV shows and there I learned about these beaches that our place owned.

These are some of the most popular resorts and beaches in Quezon Province:


Next to Lucena City is Sariaya Quezon so its near to us but I’m not aware that this beach and pool resort is existing since 1990. Different amenities to enjoy are beach, swimming pool, kiddie pool, restaurant, water falls, river, cottages, hotel, bar, hotel rooms, videoke, spa, function room, function hall, shops.

A perfect place for company outings, retreats, team building, conferences, seminars, family outings and other special out of town gatherings. They can accommodate of 5,000 or more guests on a daily function. Spacious parking space for free that can accommodate up to 150 buses, wow that’s huge.

The resort offers 66 different types of air-conditioned rooms with attached bathrooms and verandas. Relax and enjoy yourself in their recreational facilities, and participate in activities such as kayaking, beach volleyball, basketball, table tennis, billiard, dart, and flex your vocal cords in our videoke system. Scattered grillers are also available at no additional charge.

For corporate groups, they have event coordinators who can manage your entire event program activities.

Contact Nos. 0922-8202758 / 0922-8900788 / 0917-5641938

Dalampasigan Sariaya Quezon photo dalampasiganbeachandpoolresort_zpsadf676c0.jpg

PUEBLO POR LA PLAYA – Pagbilao, Quezon

Contact Nos. (042) 710-3971, 373-3808, 660-8989 , 716-0072

Pueblo por la Playa has 12-hectare Mexican inspired residential and country club situated in the Cove of Pagbilao, Quezon, Philippines. Been here once (see my daughter enjoying swimming below) and the place is really nice. There is infinite swimming pool and another big pool for kid as well. Enjoy also the beach and different amenities that this place can offer. Be it a weekend getaway or a permanent abode, the PUEBLO offers a life of comfort and enjoyment. Luxuriate in the comfort of choice villas and mansions, and revel in the panoramic vistas of land, sky and sea.

Pueblo por la playa photo puebloporlaplaya_zps2199e2b6.jpg
Pueblo por la playa pool photo puebloporlaplayapool_zps06cecf34.jpg

A place situated at the foot of the splendid Mount Banahaw. Its also the nearest hotel actually only a short walk away from Kamay ni Hesus Church and Vio Dolorosa Grotto.

Activities that you can enjoy are –

• Boating
Water slithering through your paddle as cool winds blow against your hair, in the middle of the stream, its just you your boat and your paddle.

• Fishing
It is said that fishing is one of the most relaxing activities to do if you’re tired of the hustle and bustle in the city. They have it here in Batis Aramin.

• F Valde Multipurpose Gym
An open air covered sports court. Aside from Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton F Valde Multipurpose Gym is available for any sporting activity you could come up with. In F Valde Multipurpose Gym, rain or shine, you’re always game on.

• Swimming Pools
After a trip around the beautiful resort, the four swimming pools to choose from is a perfect way to help you relax and enjoy more of nature.

batis aramin boating photo batisaraminboating_zps99256e00.jpeg
Batis Aramin boating

batis aramin photo batisaramin_zps497efd74.jpg Batis aramin falls photo batisaraminfalls_zpsd8f90545.jpeg

PANSACOLA BEACH RESORT – Cagbalete Island, Mauban Quezon

Contact Nos. 0928-5058633, (042) 784-0158

Located by the quaint little town of Mauban, Quezon Province, beach lovers get to enjoy a 45-minute bangka ride to get to Pansacola Beach Resort in Cagbalete.
For accommodations, nipa huts and wooden lofts are available to give you the experience of “roughing it”—you’d be surprised at how the evening sea breeze beats your usual air conditioners at home. With the staple of five meals per day, you will surely get more than you bargained for when it comes to food. At low tide, the clear blue water is transformed into a massive expanse of sand, perfect for games with your friends. At night, be amazed at the wide blanket of stars on the clear sky.

My mother is from Mauban, Quezon but we rarely visit the province. Well, i know now where to go and stay in case we visit mother’s native place.

Pansacola Bearch Resort photo pansacolabeachresort1_zps31714de3.jpeg Pansacola Beach Resort Cagbalete Island photo PansacolaBeachResort_zps22e39270.jpg


Contact Nos. (042) 535-3047 & 535-4290 / 09202740182

Cote de Azur Beach Resort is located at Barangay Abiawin, approximately 2 kilometers from the town proper. The place is for you to explore. Experience the warmth of the sun brushing your skin, enjoy the clear waters of the wide swimming pools for kids and adults. Enjoy the cool breeze along the shoreline and feel the serenity of nature while watching the sun rises along the wide beach and enjoy swimming with family and friends for relaxation after a tiring day!!

The place is best for family outings & playing ground for kids. It has a hall convenient for seminars, trainings and other special occasions. Air conditioned rooms and cottages are available for your accomodation.

Cote De Azur photo CotedeAzurBeachResort_zps64108ffc.jpg

Cote de Azur view photo CoteDeAzurBeachResort1_zpsa19a1336.jpg

Cote de Azur Nipa Huts photo cottagesCoteDeAzurBeachResort_zpse0d1850e.jpg

MAINIT HOT SPRING – Tayabas, Quezon

Contact Nos. (042) 727-6777 (042) 660-7777

Bokal Na Mainit Hot Springs is a tourist spot in Tayabas, Quezon. We invite you to take a dip at our pools with natural warm water. Some of our pools have roofs so you can relax and enjoy wading, or have conversations in the pool with family and friends without worrying about getting sun burned.

This is a very nice place for family gatherings and reunions.

Mainit Hot Springs is nestled at the foothills of Barangay Silangang Palale, Tayabas, Quezon, located along the road going to Mauban, Quezon.

Mainit Hot Spring photo mainithotspring_zpsaa63f88e.jpg

Mainit Hot Spring Fish Pond photo fishpondmainithotspring_zps970db177.jpg

These are few of many beautiful resorts and beaches in Quezon Province. I just realized I haven’t visited them all but visited Pueblo Por La Playa and Batis Aramin already, i hope next summer i will have the chance to visit these beautiful beaches we have. Information from

It’s going green and the use of Burlap bags

It’s going green in our place. The use of plastic is now prohibited and I hope more projects to protect the environment will be implemented. I have been waiting for this because in many places it’s already executed. Now it’s our time so I’m thankful and it only means less plastic or no plastic at all. We all know plastic is not good in the environment and the non-biodegradable material of plastic is composed of toxic chemicals that pollutes not only ecosystems but human health.

The new policy has been practiced at the mall and small burlap bags photo mini-burlap-tote_zps4e9572fd.pngstores in our place. Different Eco-bags of different sizes are very in demand. We don’t have shop fro mini burlap bags yet in our place but based on my readings some of their products are also good in the environment. So i hope it will be available in our place or I might check online.

Anyhow, looking forward to other projects that the local government will put into practice, I hope everything is for the benefits of our local.

Tree Light and Working Floral Clock at Laoag City

I was browsing old photos earlier because I will make another photo album and saw my pictures outside City Hall of Laoag City. Last time I shared some of our photos in Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte and Laoag City is ahead if you’re going to Norte.

The City of Laoag is a first class city in the province of Ilocos Norte. It is the capital of the latter. Laoag is the province’s political, commercial, and industrial center.

Anyway, we didn’t stay in Laoag City we just stayed for minutes and had picture-taking only. It’s already month of April but it looks like Christmas especially in front of their city hall. It’s full of lights like this tree that changes color from time to time.

Light Tree photo treewithlightsLaoag_zpse5121344.jpg
Laoag City Light Tree photo LaoagLightningTree_zps6ab8ad29.jpg

And this one huge floral clock located outside the city hall of Laoag. This one is working, so its really cool and beautiful.

Floral Clock photo FloralclockLaoag_zpsd16793f8.jpg
Floral Clock Laoag photo floralclockLaoagCity_zpsbcce8e4b.jpg

The use of Euphonix MC Control

One of my frustrations is singing and playing musical instruments. They say talent is normally got from their parents. So I’m thinking I don’t have talent in these things so it does mean my daughter won’t have any of these talents. I’m seeing her fond of singing and playing instrument so I’m really hoping she will continue her passion even her parents doesn’t have talent in performing. Anyway, I really admire those people who are connected to music, thumbs up for them. Even those DJ’s who are very good in mixing songs; they are one of a kind. I’m wonder if they are using cheap euphonix mc control at guitar center. I read that this tool is very helpful especially if you want to control the sounds. Anyway, not certain about the tool but heard positive reviews.

Borawan Padre Burgos, Quezon

Summer has passed but I didn’t enjoy it because we only visited one place and didn’t enjoy water much. Well, it’s now rainy season but it doesn’t mean I’ll stop searching for beautiful beaches especially in Quezon, Province. I hope next summer the family will visit/enjoy different beaches especially nearby beaches.

I’m from Quezon but I didn’t know there are many beautiful beaches in our province. Have you heard about Borawan? I heard this place to my sister. Her friends went to this beach and they said it’s a beautiful place. Well, I thought we are going to visit this beach last April to celebrate sister’s birthday but I don’t know what happened. Maybe next time, hope so.

Anyway, wonder why the beach called Borawan? They said it’s a mixture of Boracay and Palawan; it’s actually one of the hidden gems of Quezon, Province. Borawan has its own spectacular rock formations like the limestone cliffs of Palawan and crystal clear water and white sand of Boracay. I have been in Boracay many years ago and I enjoyed the fine powdery white sand and crystal clear water though travelers visited Borawan said; the beach doesn’t really have that fine powdery white sand of Boracay and the limestone isn’t as grand as those in El Nido but having both features in one place; white sand of Boracay and limestone cliffs of Palawan makes Borawan beach exceptionally beautiful.

Here are some photos of Borawan that I grabbed online. I hope next time I will share our own photos in this place, crossing fingers =)

Borawan Padre Burgos, Quezon photo Borawanpadreburgos_zps52cfc7e2.jpg
Borawan Padre Burgos photo borawanpadreburgosquezon_zpsd0746621.jpg
Borawan photo borawan_zpseb96735a.jpg

Borawan is an undeveloped beach however many are already interested to visit and many travelers have been there. It is located in Brgy. Lipata, Padre Burgos, Quezon. I hope soon this beach will be developed because for sure it will be a big hit especially to all travelers and those who are looking for some adventures.

Top Activities for Children Under 5 in London

London is one of the world’s most fantastic cities, and millions of people visit the capital to experience the diverse culture, great food and amazing entertainment of the UK’s tourist hub. Over ten million people live in London, meaning the London photo London_zpsce79fc07.jpegstreets are some of the busiest in Europe, but they’re also complemented by spectacular architecture and historic monuments everywhere you turn. Whether you’re looking to experience London on a ‘Boris Bike’, from the top of a tour bus on or foot, there are plenty of things to see and do; so much so that you won’t know where to start!

From Big Ben and the London Eye to the British Museum and the Houses of Parliament, London really is an oyster for tourists. One of the best things about London however is its appeal to small children, and parents have no need to worry when bringing their children to the capital, as there is a variety of entertainment for the young ones too!

There is no shortage of activities for toddlers to experience when visiting London, which is great news if you’re an active parent. Everywhere you turn you’ll be able to find something new to visit, and because most of the monuments in the capital are free to go in to, you’ll be able to save yourself some money as well. Let’s take a look at some of the top activities for children under 5 in London.

Playing In The City’s Parks

From Hyde Park to Victoria Park, London has some of the most stunning, open landscapes in the country, and they’re great places to take your young children. Not only will you be able to explore the playgrounds and green spaces, but many of the parks also have excellent transport links to tourist hotspots around the city. Why not start your tour of London’s parks with a visit to Kensington Palace’s Peter Pan Statue, or take your children to look at the beautiful horses at Hyde Park Stables.

And then there’s the Princess Diana Memorial playground – one of the most popular places for families to visit in the city. Not only can your children play in the sandpits, but there’s also a safe adventure area too, with swings and slides galore! If you’re looking for flights to London this summer, make sure you compare the best deals online.

See The Animals

If you love seeing animals up close, then you’re going to want to take your kids to London Zoo, the biggest Zoo in Europe! With hundreds of animals to see, and a variety of amazing petting areas, your children will love visiting one of London’s biggest and best attractions. From penguins and giraffes to gorillas and lions, you’ll be able to educate your children on all the different animals they’ll see throughout the day, and there are even some great restaurants to relax at while having a nice meal.

Once you’ve finished at the zoo, why not try the London Aquarium. Housing some of the biggest and best sea creatures from all over the world, take your kids down the transparent glass walkways and see amazing fish swimming all around you!

Didn’t enjoy summer

Summer is over here in the Philippines. Next week is the start of school-year 2013-2014. Time flies, I didn’t enjoy the summer because most of the times were just staying at home. The only place we enjoyed last April was Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. Well, money is also one of the dilemmas so next time I should be prepared. Need to save money as of now for next year summer. Hmm, I think I’m being exaggerated, lol. Anyhow, what if 1890 silver dollar do you think I’m too exaggerated saving this one. I think not so will read more about this thing.

Affordable Packages at Fernandina Club Taal

I saw this offer from and it might interest you; “2D/1N Fernandina Club Taal”. There are two packages to choose; good for 2 or good for 4 persons.

Fernandina Club Taal is situated at the edge of Taal Lake; Fernandina Club Taal is the perfect hideaway for those who need to take a well-deserved break from the city bustle.

Their beautiful accommodations and manicured gardens make for the perfect setting for a weekend out of town. Equipped with a courteous staff, Fernandina Club Taal provides total relaxation for guests. Fernandina Club Taal is located near TaalLake and provides many activities for guests like fishing. All rooms feature plush interiors with aircon, cable TV, a hot and cold shower, mini fridge, welcome drinks, and more. Enjoy lounging in the cabanas near the lake, swimming in the pool. Get to fish in their very own fishpen and take home 1 kilo of fresh tilapia.

2D/1N for 2 Persons for Php 2,099

  • Good for 2 persons for 2D/1N Standard Room accommodations at Fernandina Club Taal, breakfast, fishing activity, 1 kilo of tilapia, and use of hotel amenities.
  • Not included – Transfer, Tour, other meals

2D/1N Fernandina Club Taal for 4 for Php 2,999

  • Good for 4 persons for 2D/1N Deluxe Room accommodations at Fernandina Club Taal, fishing activity, 1 kilo of tilapia, and use of hotel amenities! Transfer, tour, other meals are not included.

Fernandina Club Taal photo FernandinaClubTaal_zps4d4af3cf.jpg

What to know

  • Validity Period: June 7, 2013 to November 30, 2013
  • Booking Period: June 5, 2013 to November 15, 2013
  • Subject to room availability
  • 7 to 14 days prior reservations is required
  • Travel dates must be at start at least (5) five days before expiration of validity period for more details.

Birthday is coming

Two days from now it’s my birthday, do I need to shout it here =). I don’t have plans yet on my birthday. But the options are cook a little like family’s all time favorite spaghetti and celebrate it at home, maybe daughter and I will go out and have a date. Another option is the family will eat in a fine-dining restaurant that has premier for custom tablecloth. Need to find restaurant that has nice ambiance and good table setting before my special day.