It’s going green and the use of Burlap bags

It’s going green in our place. The use of plastic is now prohibited and I hope more projects to protect the environment will be implemented. I have been waiting for this because in many places it’s already executed. Now it’s our time so I’m thankful and it only means less plastic or no plastic at all. We all know plastic is not good in the environment and the non-biodegradable material of plastic is composed of toxic chemicals that pollutes not only ecosystems but human health.

The new policy has been practiced at the mall and small burlap bags photo mini-burlap-tote_zps4e9572fd.pngstores in our place. Different Eco-bags of different sizes are very in demand. We don’t have shop fro mini burlap bags yet in our place but based on my readings some of their products are also good in the environment. So i hope it will be available in our place or I might check online.

Anyhow, looking forward to other projects that the local government will put into practice, I hope everything is for the benefits of our local.