Great ideas when visiting Sydney

If you are about to embark on a trip to Sydney any time soon, you will not be disappointed. The city is incredibly tourist friendly with its iconic sites and sparkling charm. The city may not have as much ancient history as its European and Asian counterparts but what it lacks in, it makes up for in ultimate cool. Here are some tips when visiting Sydney –

Go cosmopolitan by walking around the streets in the CBD; the flashy shopping districts and eating centres. Order a flat white at Café Mint or Giulia. Organic, farmers and flea markets are plentiful in Sydney and if you are into your gourmet cuisine, then seeing what Sydney has to offer will certainly please your palette. When deciding to book a private apartment in Sydney you will have the option to cook and experiment on your cooking skills, using the fresh ingredients you pick up at the markets.

Check out the major landmarks. Luna Park, Sydney Opera house and the Sydney harbour bridge are massive man-made structures which are pretty hard to miss. The Opera House is undoubtedly Sydney’s most famous and well recognised icon, it is hard to think of Australia without picturing the white sails and curved architecture that was proudly bestowed on this fantastic landmark.

Check out the natural wonders of Sydney. The Royal Botanical Gardens are the best place to be if you want to be one with nature without venturing too far from the city. It also happens to be a great place for a walk, see some interesting flora & fauna and hear some pretty interesting birds. If you have the chance to venture a little further then take some time out at a beach, whether it be the iconic Bondi beach or elsewhere. The Blue Mountains is also a marvel to see. Sort of what the Grand Canyon was prior to drying out, this massive nature reserve has an amazing landscape that will certainly take your breath away.

This is just a speck of other great things one can do in Sydney. Experience this Australian city for yourself and see why visitors time and time again are in love with Sydney.