Earning online through blogging

For almost two years blogging has been part of my every day life. I am happy because through blogging I can express myself. I’m a quiet person so it’s not easy for me to tell anyone my feelings. But it’s easy for me to share it through my blog. But of course with limitation, I don’t share everything especially personal things that could harm on my part. Anyway, aside from sharing my emotions, feelings on my blog I also love it because for the past years blogging is the source of my earning online. Yeah, you read it right … I make money through my blogs. I have 5 blogs running it’s hard at first but with proper time management and knowledge you will use to it.

I thought everything is scam online but blogging made me realize that though there are scam sites, still there are sites that are legit and could provide earnings even just staying at home. Well, in more than 2 years I can say blogging helps me a lot in terms of earning online. Though I don’t earn much compared to other bloggers but still thankful for the opportunity to earn in blogosphere. There is really money in blogging like affiliate marketing, text link ads, sponsored review, paid to post, ghost writing and a lot more.Opportunityis endless you just need to be resourceful and patience soon you will enjoy the fruit of your labor.