Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon

Earlier I was searching for a cave near at my place. I haven’t tried going into a cave, so for some adventure this summer I want to experience inside a cave and I think experiencing this thing is cool, fun and exciting. I didn’t know that there is beach like Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon. I’m residing in Lucena and Pagbilao, Quezon is our neighboring town.

Kwebang lampas photo kwebanglampas1_zps21287609.jpg

According to my research, Kwebang Lampas is one of the best attractions in Pagbilao, Quezon. The place derived its name from a rock formation which forms part of a cove. The continuous action of the waves had sculpted the rock into a lovely and unique cave. If you are interested in caves and geological formations, or enthusiastic of white sand beaches, the beach and its Kwebang Lampas is a good place to see.

One of the travelers mentioned that this place is really beautiful and it’s like a virgin island. You can see the fishes because of the transparency of water. Oh well, I should visit Kwebang Lampas and the fact its near to us, there is no reason of not going in the place. If this happens, I will definitely give more information about the place.

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Popular Resorts and Beaches in Quezon Province

I’m from Quezon, Province but I wasn’t aware that many of the beautiful beaches can be found in our place. Many of them were already featured in TV shows and there I learned about these beaches that our place owned.

These are some of the most popular resorts and beaches in Quezon Province:


Next to Lucena City is Sariaya Quezon so its near to us but I’m not aware that this beach and pool resort is existing since 1990. Different amenities to enjoy are beach, swimming pool, kiddie pool, restaurant, water falls, river, cottages, hotel, bar, hotel rooms, videoke, spa, function room, function hall, shops.

A perfect place for company outings, retreats, team building, conferences, seminars, family outings and other special out of town gatherings. They can accommodate of 5,000 or more guests on a daily function. Spacious parking space for free that can accommodate up to 150 buses, wow that’s huge.

The resort offers 66 different types of air-conditioned rooms with attached bathrooms and verandas. Relax and enjoy yourself in their recreational facilities, and participate in activities such as kayaking, beach volleyball, basketball, table tennis, billiard, dart, and flex your vocal cords in our videoke system. Scattered grillers are also available at no additional charge.

For corporate groups, they have event coordinators who can manage your entire event program activities.

Contact Nos. 0922-8202758 / 0922-8900788 / 0917-5641938

Dalampasigan Sariaya Quezon photo dalampasiganbeachandpoolresort_zpsadf676c0.jpg

PUEBLO POR LA PLAYA – Pagbilao, Quezon

Contact Nos. (042) 710-3971, 373-3808, 660-8989 , 716-0072

Pueblo por la Playa has 12-hectare Mexican inspired residential and country club situated in the Cove of Pagbilao, Quezon, Philippines. Been here once (see my daughter enjoying swimming below) and the place is really nice. There is infinite swimming pool and another big pool for kid as well. Enjoy also the beach and different amenities that this place can offer. Be it a weekend getaway or a permanent abode, the PUEBLO offers a life of comfort and enjoyment. Luxuriate in the comfort of choice villas and mansions, and revel in the panoramic vistas of land, sky and sea.

Pueblo por la playa photo puebloporlaplaya_zps2199e2b6.jpg
Pueblo por la playa pool photo puebloporlaplayapool_zps06cecf34.jpg

A place situated at the foot of the splendid Mount Banahaw. Its also the nearest hotel actually only a short walk away from Kamay ni Hesus Church and Vio Dolorosa Grotto.

Activities that you can enjoy are –

• Boating
Water slithering through your paddle as cool winds blow against your hair, in the middle of the stream, its just you your boat and your paddle.

• Fishing
It is said that fishing is one of the most relaxing activities to do if you’re tired of the hustle and bustle in the city. They have it here in Batis Aramin.

• F Valde Multipurpose Gym
An open air covered sports court. Aside from Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton F Valde Multipurpose Gym is available for any sporting activity you could come up with. In F Valde Multipurpose Gym, rain or shine, you’re always game on.

• Swimming Pools
After a trip around the beautiful resort, the four swimming pools to choose from is a perfect way to help you relax and enjoy more of nature.

batis aramin boating photo batisaraminboating_zps99256e00.jpeg
Batis Aramin boating

batis aramin photo batisaramin_zps497efd74.jpg Batis aramin falls photo batisaraminfalls_zpsd8f90545.jpeg

PANSACOLA BEACH RESORT – Cagbalete Island, Mauban Quezon

Contact Nos. 0928-5058633, (042) 784-0158

Located by the quaint little town of Mauban, Quezon Province, beach lovers get to enjoy a 45-minute bangka ride to get to Pansacola Beach Resort in Cagbalete.
For accommodations, nipa huts and wooden lofts are available to give you the experience of “roughing it”—you’d be surprised at how the evening sea breeze beats your usual air conditioners at home. With the staple of five meals per day, you will surely get more than you bargained for when it comes to food. At low tide, the clear blue water is transformed into a massive expanse of sand, perfect for games with your friends. At night, be amazed at the wide blanket of stars on the clear sky.

My mother is from Mauban, Quezon but we rarely visit the province. Well, i know now where to go and stay in case we visit mother’s native place.

Pansacola Bearch Resort photo pansacolabeachresort1_zps31714de3.jpeg Pansacola Beach Resort Cagbalete Island photo PansacolaBeachResort_zps22e39270.jpg


Contact Nos. (042) 535-3047 & 535-4290 / 09202740182

Cote de Azur Beach Resort is located at Barangay Abiawin, approximately 2 kilometers from the town proper. The place is for you to explore. Experience the warmth of the sun brushing your skin, enjoy the clear waters of the wide swimming pools for kids and adults. Enjoy the cool breeze along the shoreline and feel the serenity of nature while watching the sun rises along the wide beach and enjoy swimming with family and friends for relaxation after a tiring day!!

The place is best for family outings & playing ground for kids. It has a hall convenient for seminars, trainings and other special occasions. Air conditioned rooms and cottages are available for your accomodation.

Cote De Azur photo CotedeAzurBeachResort_zps64108ffc.jpg

Cote de Azur view photo CoteDeAzurBeachResort1_zpsa19a1336.jpg

Cote de Azur Nipa Huts photo cottagesCoteDeAzurBeachResort_zpse0d1850e.jpg

MAINIT HOT SPRING – Tayabas, Quezon

Contact Nos. (042) 727-6777 (042) 660-7777

Bokal Na Mainit Hot Springs is a tourist spot in Tayabas, Quezon. We invite you to take a dip at our pools with natural warm water. Some of our pools have roofs so you can relax and enjoy wading, or have conversations in the pool with family and friends without worrying about getting sun burned.

This is a very nice place for family gatherings and reunions.

Mainit Hot Springs is nestled at the foothills of Barangay Silangang Palale, Tayabas, Quezon, located along the road going to Mauban, Quezon.

Mainit Hot Spring photo mainithotspring_zpsaa63f88e.jpg

Mainit Hot Spring Fish Pond photo fishpondmainithotspring_zps970db177.jpg

These are few of many beautiful resorts and beaches in Quezon Province. I just realized I haven’t visited them all but visited Pueblo Por La Playa and Batis Aramin already, i hope next summer i will have the chance to visit these beautiful beaches we have. Information from

Borawan Padre Burgos, Quezon

Summer has passed but I didn’t enjoy it because we only visited one place and didn’t enjoy water much. Well, it’s now rainy season but it doesn’t mean I’ll stop searching for beautiful beaches especially in Quezon, Province. I hope next summer the family will visit/enjoy different beaches especially nearby beaches.

I’m from Quezon but I didn’t know there are many beautiful beaches in our province. Have you heard about Borawan? I heard this place to my sister. Her friends went to this beach and they said it’s a beautiful place. Well, I thought we are going to visit this beach last April to celebrate sister’s birthday but I don’t know what happened. Maybe next time, hope so.

Anyway, wonder why the beach called Borawan? They said it’s a mixture of Boracay and Palawan; it’s actually one of the hidden gems of Quezon, Province. Borawan has its own spectacular rock formations like the limestone cliffs of Palawan and crystal clear water and white sand of Boracay. I have been in Boracay many years ago and I enjoyed the fine powdery white sand and crystal clear water though travelers visited Borawan said; the beach doesn’t really have that fine powdery white sand of Boracay and the limestone isn’t as grand as those in El Nido but having both features in one place; white sand of Boracay and limestone cliffs of Palawan makes Borawan beach exceptionally beautiful.

Here are some photos of Borawan that I grabbed online. I hope next time I will share our own photos in this place, crossing fingers =)

Borawan Padre Burgos, Quezon photo Borawanpadreburgos_zps52cfc7e2.jpg
Borawan Padre Burgos photo borawanpadreburgosquezon_zpsd0746621.jpg
Borawan photo borawan_zpseb96735a.jpg

Borawan is an undeveloped beach however many are already interested to visit and many travelers have been there. It is located in Brgy. Lipata, Padre Burgos, Quezon. I hope soon this beach will be developed because for sure it will be a big hit especially to all travelers and those who are looking for some adventures.

Malls, Hotels and Restaurants you’ll enjoy in Lucena

Though we are living in the city still we are lacking of many good places to visit. Sorry to say this but we are really missing of good places in our place. I am thinking that one day we will have here beautiful spots like museum, zoo, park and alike. Well, we have park here of course but I must say compared to other park I have been visited our park is not superb. I think they need to re-paint or make some makeover.

Well, though we are lacking of many beautiful spots still we have malls, hotels and restaurants you’ll enjoy in Lucena. We have modern shopping malls which serve as Lucena’s major commercial centers. These are SM City Lucena which is located at the corner of Maharlika Highway and Dalahican Road in Brgy. Ibabang Dupay, Gaisano Mall located at LandCo Business Park on M.L. Tagarao Street and Pacific Mall wherein it is actually situated in Gaisano Mall.

Aside from these malls, Lucena has hotels and restaurants to offer. Some of the hotels are Queen Margarette Hotel, Sulo Riviera Hotel, Star Garden Towel hotel, Diamond Resort and Hotel. Still there are more and quite affordable compared to the above hotels.

If you are into food don’t worry because Lucena has fine dining restaurants to offer. We have Buddy’s which already has 3 branches; one in Quezon Ave, SM City Lucena and newly opened in Pacific Mall. Other fine dining restaurants are Giusseppe Bar Y Restaurante, an Italian (fusion) experience, Diamond D’ Cafeteria Nook & Gazebo Astoria located in Diamond Resort and Hotel, Apple and Peach, Dealo Koffee Klatch, and Gerry’s Grill. Well, I think there are more but I haven’t explored our place lately. I think I need to go out and wander our place and stop complaining hahah.

Anyhow, mall, hotel and restaurant are good but not all can enjoy this. I hope one day we will have beautiful spots that everyone could enjoy and afford.

Diamond Resort and Hotel

I enrolled my daughter in swimming lesson last summer. I chose Diamond Resort and Hotel as the venue for her swimming lesson because it’s not far from our place.

I thought she will love the idea of enrolling her in swimming lesson but I was wrong. She loves water but she doesn’t like instructors to guide her in swimming, she just love to play in water and don’t want other people to bother her . So I just backed out maybe this is not yet the time for her to attend swimming lesson.

Anyway, Diamond Resort and Hotel is well supported by famous celebrities and well-known personalities. It has romantic ambience with a total of 4,000 square meters situated at the prime area of Lucena City. It is positioned near SM City Lucena about 100 meters and across San Isidro Church.

Enjoy your stay in Diamond Resort and Hotel, short or longer stay is possible. Different rooms are available from suite, deluxe, superior and standard. They served luscious Filipino, Asian and international cuisines for their guest enjoyment. It has 2 pools; shallow children’s pool and wading pool. Stay in their lobby with your family and friends for a quiet day. They are giving discounts for those who are Diamond E-club member.

Diamond Hotel and Resort is located in Maharlika Highway, Ibabang Dupay Lucena City, 100 meters away from SM City Lucena.

Pasayahan sa Lucena 2012

Just like the other places in the Philippines, Lucena is also celebrating fiesta happens every month of May. In case you want to visit Lucena we are celebrating Pasayahan sa Lucena 2012. This is a week celebration started last May 20. The grand parade will be held this coming Monday, May 28. Please check (photo below) the schedule of activities for this year’s Pasayahan sa Lucena. (photo not mine) If interested please click the photo for larger view.


Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon

Today, May 15 Lucban celebrates Lucban San Isidro Pahiyas Festival or simply called Pahiyas Festival. It is a colorful festival honoring the patron saint of farmers San Isidro Labrador.

Yearly, several houses have kiping decorations. Kiping is a brightly-colored, leaf-shaped wafer made of rice paste and used as decoration (wikipedia). Actually, it’s like a competition because the most beautiful house with kiping decorations will receive huge prize. The festival is not only popular in the places nearby but foreigners from different parts of the world are visiting Pahiyas festival yearly.

I wish to witness this year’s Pahiyas festival but it’s really hard if you have a kid with you. It’s really hot and I am telling you there are many people and tourist from different places come to witness Pahiyas festival. 2010 when I last witnessed Pahiyas Festival. I was with my classmates in Caregiving that time. Here are some of the photos during Pahiyas Festival 2010.

Lucban, Quezon blessed with falls and different resorts

There are different resorts in Lucban, Quezon that you can visit and enjoy. Mainly, because it is located near in Mount Banahaw so they are blessed to have number of falls and blooming resorts business.

Going back to Lucena from our trip to Liliw, Laguna I’ve seen these people who are enjoying in the river. The place is located in Lucban, Quezon but sorry I can’t provide the actual place. I just took the photo while we are passing by the place. I learned that you need to pay for only 10 pesos to enjoy the place. The blue and pink small houses are actually the cottages. My brother said the water here is so cold and sometimes you can’t stay in the water for longer hours if you can’t beat the coldness of the water. I guess the water comes from Mount Banahaw.

I realized the true meaning of happiness upon looking to these people. To other people visiting other places and paying for expensive accommodation will find their true happiness. For me, I just appreciated the true happiness is not the cost of accommodation so whether expensive or not the important is how you enjoy the place and the experience.

View of Mount Banahaw

This is the view of Mount Banahaw. I took this photo when we went to Liliw, Laguna. It is located between the provinces of Quezon and Laguna. The trees below Mount Banahaw are coconut tress; you can see thousand of coconut trees in Quezon province. Anyway, this Mount Banahaw is well seen in my window especially during sunny day.

Mount Banahaw is very popular most especially during Holy Week because many said it’s a holy mountain. Hundreds of mountain climbers and pilgrim groups are visiting this place. During my college days I had the chance to visit near Mount Banahaw. We planted tress in Dolores, Quezon located in the foot of Mount Banahaw. I wonder now what happened to the tress we planted.