Saint John the Baptist Parish in Liliw, Laguna

Th church of Lilio also known as Saint John the Baptist Parish is located in Liliw, Laguna. The front wall of the church is made of red bricks. The church was founded in the year 1605, so I think more than 400 years already. In the year 1880 strong earthquake badly damaged the church and partially burned by a fire in 1898.

I took the photo during our second visit to Liliw, Laguna. I don’t have the chance to visit the church throughout our first visit because of lack of time. So when we visited again Liliw for the second time I’ll make sure that I will visit the church.

View of Mount Banahaw

This is the view of Mount Banahaw. I took this photo when we went to Liliw, Laguna. It is located between the provinces of Quezon and Laguna. The trees below Mount Banahaw are coconut tress; you can see thousand of coconut trees in Quezon province. Anyway, this Mount Banahaw is well seen in my window especially during sunny day.

Mount Banahaw is very popular most especially during Holy Week because many said it’s a holy mountain. Hundreds of mountain climbers and pilgrim groups are visiting this place. During my college days I had the chance to visit near Mount Banahaw. We planted tress in Dolores, Quezon located in the foot of Mount Banahaw. I wonder now what happened to the tress we planted.

Photos in Dalahican Beach, Lucena City

As promised I will share some of our photos in Dalahican beach in Lucena City. Don’t expect much because the beach we have here in our place is not like Boracay or other beautiful beaches in our country. Oh no why I am saying this to our own beach, ahahah! Anyway, still pleased because we have Dalahican beach. This is still number one beach to visit for Lucenahin (people in Lucena) during summer especially because this is open to the public though there are other parts of Dalahican beach that are private already. So expect entrance fee and other related expenses. But big part of Dalahican beach is open to the public so you only need to pay for your cottage amounting to 75 pesos. It is cheap right?

When I was young we used to go here during summer because it is near to us. Aside from that it is clean but after 20 years Dalahican beach is not the same as before. That time, we don’t need to travel just to enjoy swimming because Dalahican beach is a good place already. Anyway, as I said it is still popular especially to Lucenahin who have no budget going somewhere else. What i don’t like here, there is not shower room so it’s really hard but for sure private resorts have it so if you have budget better choose private resorts.

Photo below is my daughter with her friend. They are trying to make their own sand castle.

This is quite far in our cottage but this is the famous Dalahican port inLucenaCity. If you are planning to visit place like Marinduque through water transportation for sure you will encounter Dalahican port.

This deepwell is still popular in Dalahican beach.

Dalahican Beach, Dalahican Port in Lucena City

My brother was here awhile ago and he invited us to come with them in Dalahican. It is a place here in Lucena where Dalahican Port is located. If you are planning to visit Marinduque by means of water transportation for sure you will come here in Lucena where RORO (roll on roll off) is located. We will not go to Marinduque we will visit Dalahican because of the kids. We believe swimming before sunrise is a big help especially if your kid has cough and cold. So I have to wake up early tomorrow because my brother said they will fetch me and my daughter at around 5 am. Dalahican beach is near to us I think about 15-20 minutes to get there. Anyway, I have to stop here and promise to share some of our photos next time.

Hoping to visit Catanauan Cove …

Summer is not yet over, my sister-in-law told me about a good place in Catanauan Quezon. Actually a friend of my sister-in-law shared this place to her. Now my SIL shared it to me and asked me if I am looking for a place to unwind. Right now I am here in Lucena City part of Quezon province (actually the capital of Quezon Province) but I am not aware that there are many good places nearby. Just like the one that my sister-in-law is referring the pride of Catanauan Quezon; Catanauan Cove. She said I should search the site to see how beautiful the place is. So that’s what I did, I searched Catanauan Cove and thankfully they have official site so looking for the place didn’t give me any trouble.

Anyway, on the homepage of their site this is what I read “Crystal clear waters, powder white sand, reachable by land”. Hmm, just like the famous white sand in Boracay but this one is different because it’s reachable by land. Anyway, I also checked their photo gallery and found out aside from beach, the resort has infinity pool. According to their site – With its one kilometer stretch of fine white sand, crystal clear waters, hilly terrain, more than 12,000 various trees, a complete array of sports facilities, natural swamps and ponds surrounding its modern interpretation of the Philippine “NIPA HUT” cottages, no doubt it is a class of its own.

I want to experience everything they have said, summer is not yet over we still have one month to go before summer ends. So hoping I will visit the place and beside it is located in Quezon province. Most of the time we travel longer hours just to visit part of Luzon and Visayas well in fact there are good places nearby.

Photos in La Virginia Hotel and Resort in Batangas

Last time I shared our trip to Batangas City you can read it here . In my post I haven’t shared our photos; thankfully today I have the time to share some of our photos. Summer just started if you want to visit La Virginia Resort in Batangas this is the time to do so =). You can read additional information regarding La Virginia in my previous post. Thanks for visiting guys!

Just two of their 5 swimming pools and still more to come
Another swimming pool, see the view of Taal Lake?
There is a huge Buddha ...
My sister and I, at the back is a large castle
There is playground for the kids and young at heart heheh
There are many animal attractions, these pigs are so cuutee!!!
Want to enjoy Jacuzzi don't worry La Virginia Hotel and Resort has this service
Enjoy also wall climbing
If you want some adventure Zipline Rides is also available

There are so many attractions in La Virginia Hotel and Resort and for me one day tour is not enough to enjoy this place. So better stay here at least two days for total enjoyment.

Anfa Royale Hotel in Lipa Batangas

When we went to Batangas City we stayed for one night in Anfa Royale Hotel. It is situated in metro of Lipa so some of the business establishments are located nearby.

Accommodation is nice, we got twin sharing and I think we paid 1,700 pesos. The room rate depends on the type of room but it is affordable. It has an inclusive free breakfast for two persons if you avail 24-hour accommodation. As for us we just stayed there for 12 hours, we just spent our night because the following day we will visit La Virginia Hotel and Resort.

The hotel has plunge pool, resto bar, grand royale ballroom, Al Fresco Dining, Conference rooms and function rooms, Serene and spacious lobby, in-house spa services and WiFi connected. We had the time to stroll the hotel and had souvenir photos. The hotel is big with 65 stylishly designed rooms. I know we just stayed there for couple of hours so I shouldn’t talk much about the hotel but I like it because accommodation is not expensive compared to other hotels but my complained only was WiFi connection. Good thing I brought my USB Sun Broadband so we just used it instead of connecting in hotel’s WiFi.

If you are looking for Hotel to stay in metro Lipa City, Batangas you can add Anfa Royale Hotel in your list located in Brgy. San Carlos, LipaCity. For more information you can email them at

La Virginia Hotel and Resort, Batangas

Last Thursday we went to Batangas City to spend our Holy Week. This is my second time to visit Batangas but the first one was long time ago. Anyway, this time I and my family went to La Virginia Hotel and Resort. My sister and her officemates went there two weeks ago and she said it is a beautiful place. So last Holy Week we decided to visit the place and we were amazed how beautiful the place is. There are so many attractions with a total of 6 hectares. It has a total of 5 swimming pools and still more to come. La Virginia Hotel and Resort is truly a fun family getaway. Added to the beautiful attractions is the view of Taal Lake.

Entrance Fee – 300 pesos for adult and 200 for children, 4 below is free. I think the fee is fair because there are so many attractions to see inside. The whole day is not enough so I suggest staying here at least 2 days.

Rooms – they have different kinds of rooms and cottages from the biggest to the simplest cottages. We stayed in Nipa Hut and paid 3,000 pesos, kinda expensive. I think the biggest room worth 30,000 actually it’s like a house already and has private pool.

Food – I like the idea that guest can bring own foods whether cooked or uncooked foods. Restaurants are available so foods will never be a problem staying here.

La Virginia Hotel and Resort is located in Barangay Manggahan Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas. If you are looking for a good place to visit I am recommending this place in your list.

Anyway, I’m kinda tired reason why I don’t post any photos here but promised I will share our photos for you to see how beautiful this resort. Summer is just starting so have time to check this place and bring your family and friends.

My first time to visit Liliw, Laguna

Yesterday we went to Liliw a province of Laguna. This place is famous for its high-quality and creatively designed “tsinelas” (slippers). We went there not to unwind but for business. We look for footwear that we could sell. My sister-in-law and I wanted to sell footwear here in our place and we chose to get them in Liliw, Laguna. We believed how durable their footwear products.

Anyway, from Lucena, we traveled for 3 hours and took the zigzag road just to get there. But it is worth it when we finally arrived in Liliw, Laguna. There are less than 100 shoe stalls selling footwear including tsinelas (slippers) and shoes along the main street of Gat Tayaw Avenue. If you’re not aware Liliw is considered as the “Footwear capital of Laguna due to their successful footwear industry.

I’m not aware that they are celebrating yearly festival which called Liliw Gat Tayaw Tsinelas Festival happening every third week of April. And this year is their 11th year already celebrating this festival. Well, I hope I can witness this festival because they said it’s a colorful celebration and feature agricultural and industrial products.

How to get to Liliw, Laguna?

Take a bus at Buendia or Cubao going to Sta. Cruz, get off at the Sta. Cruz bus station, and ride jeepneys going to Liliw.

Via San Pablo City : Take a bus going to Lucena and get off at San Pablo and then take a jeepney from the town proper.

Summer 2012 and places i want to visit

Where to go this summer? Summer comes just once a year so I think it’s better to unwind during this time. Also it is also the time to relax after working so hard for the past months. Family hasn’t talked on where to go but I hope we will. As for me, I want to go somewhere with beach or swimming pool to lessen the heat we have now. Aside from that I want to travel also. We already visited Baguio, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, Vigan, Cebu, Bohol, Tagaytay and Puerto Galera (not sure if I mentioned all). Anyway, without my family I also had the chance to visit Boracay and Hongkong.

If I have enough money here are the places I want to visit Palawan, Davao, Subic Bay, and other nearby places. I heard each of the places have different tourist spots so really wanted to experience their place. See how beautiful their place at the same time tries their foods. I believe each of the places in our country has their own specialty another reason why I love to travel.

Anyway, wherever we will go this summer for sure I will let you know. So, what about your summer plans? Care to share… Whatever it is I hope we all have breathtaking summer 2012.