Malls, Hotels and Restaurants you’ll enjoy in Lucena

Though we are living in the city still we are lacking of many good places to visit. Sorry to say this but we are really missing of good places in our place. I am thinking that one day we will have here beautiful spots like museum, zoo, park and alike. Well, we have park here of course but I must say compared to other park I have been visited our park is not superb. I think they need to re-paint or make some makeover.

Well, though we are lacking of many beautiful spots still we have malls, hotels and restaurants you’ll enjoy in Lucena. We have modern shopping malls which serve as Lucena’s major commercial centers. These are SM City Lucena which is located at the corner of Maharlika Highway and Dalahican Road in Brgy. Ibabang Dupay, Gaisano Mall located at LandCo Business Park on M.L. Tagarao Street and Pacific Mall wherein it is actually situated in Gaisano Mall.

Aside from these malls, Lucena has hotels and restaurants to offer. Some of the hotels are Queen Margarette Hotel, Sulo Riviera Hotel, Star Garden Towel hotel, Diamond Resort and Hotel. Still there are more and quite affordable compared to the above hotels.

If you are into food don’t worry because Lucena has fine dining restaurants to offer. We have Buddy’s which already has 3 branches; one in Quezon Ave, SM City Lucena and newly opened in Pacific Mall. Other fine dining restaurants are Giusseppe Bar Y Restaurante, an Italian (fusion) experience, Diamond D’ Cafeteria Nook & Gazebo Astoria located in Diamond Resort and Hotel, Apple and Peach, Dealo Koffee Klatch, and Gerry’s Grill. Well, I think there are more but I haven’t explored our place lately. I think I need to go out and wander our place and stop complaining hahah.

Anyhow, mall, hotel and restaurant are good but not all can enjoy this. I hope one day we will have beautiful spots that everyone could enjoy and afford.

AVP: It’s more fun in the Philippines

I was watching Bandila (ABS CBN news show) awhile ago and they featured the official audio-visual presentation (AVP) of the Department of Tourism’s “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”. I hurriedly searched the video, thanks to youtube its now available. What could i say with the new video, it’s really more fun in the Philippines. So love all the scenes, places, nature and culture featured in the video. Kudos to all the people behind this video, love it!!

Hacienda Macalauan Inc.

Last Friday daughter and the rest of preschooler department had field trip. They went to Hacienda Macalauan Inc, Manila Zoo, Museo Pambata and Filinvest Mall in Alabang during free time.

Daughter was very happy and excited because this is also her first time rode in a bus. So, we went to her school at 4.30 am for the assembly. I guess she is really excited that time because she woke up at around 3 am.

At school, after 1 hour of waiting the bus finally left the school. Daughter was sleeping while the bus is going to Hacienda Macalauan Inc. This place is a farm cow where you could find hundreds of imported cow from New Zealand. This is also a place where you could buy farm fresh premium daily products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, and creams.

According to their official website Hacienda Macaluan, Inc. (HMI) is a Philippine corporation and registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission in 1995 as a dairy farm entity, whose primary purpose is to sell and breed cattle farm animals, and the production of milk and related dairy products. More information about Hacienda Macalauan in their official website

Here are some of our photos from Hacienda Macalauan Inc, the first photo came from their site. Anyway, if you want to visit the place HMI offers educational tour for students and other interested visitors, for more information just visit the site I mentioned. HMI is located at DAIRY FARM AND PLANT Brgy. Mabacan Calauan, Laguna
Tel No.
(049) 568-0152

Hacienda Macalauan

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Isdaan in Calauan, Laguna

How is your weekend so far? It’s been raining all day long here in our place so we just stayed at home. Anyway, sorry just got back and haven’t updated this blog regularly but as I promised last time I will share some of our photos taken at Isdaan in Calauan, Laguna.

This is the front view of Isdaan.


Souvenir photo before stepping inside. Here you can see small river with fake crocodiles.


Entertain the guest with these men. They are not moving but once you give them money they will move or dance.


Another attraction inside Isdaan. Have any wish? say a wish … hit the bell and touch any part of Buddha.


Place where guest eats, there are small and big cottages available.


Another beautiful attraction, below is my niece imitating it.


The huge gorilla is in the house …


Meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse aside from them angry birds, other princesses, superman and other children’s favorite are present.


Release your anger by means of Tacsiyapo Wall.


Enjoy free boat ride just pay 20 pesos for banker.


There are many attractions to enjoy in Isdaan but we went there late so we didn’t wander the place more.

Isdaan in Calauan, Laguna

It’s been a long time since I last updated this blog. Well, sad to say I don’t have any places to go, just house – school or other way around. Ooops, before I forget, last July 15 we went to Liliw, Laguna for the fourth time. We went there not to unwind but just like the previous visits, we went to Liliw for the purpose of buying slippers and shoes that we could sell here in our place.

After we finished our agenda in Liliw, my sister and her family brought us to Isdaan. It is a floating restaurant at the same time fun park located in Calauan, Laguna. It’s our first time to visit the place. We arrived late around 6 pm (not so sure) but the sun is already hiding. The place is nice with so many attractions to enjoy but the food is quite expensive.

I will share some of our photos next time. I need to get it first from my sister account in Facebook =). Too bad I didn’t bring my own camera. I thought we will just buy slippers/shoes in Liliw so I didn’t mind bringing camera. Lesson learned, always bring camera all the time.

Anyway, I have to sleep now need to rest because my daughter will have class early morning, that’s what I am saying house – school and other way around =).

Diamond Resort and Hotel

I enrolled my daughter in swimming lesson last summer. I chose Diamond Resort and Hotel as the venue for her swimming lesson because it’s not far from our place.

I thought she will love the idea of enrolling her in swimming lesson but I was wrong. She loves water but she doesn’t like instructors to guide her in swimming, she just love to play in water and don’t want other people to bother her . So I just backed out maybe this is not yet the time for her to attend swimming lesson.

Anyway, Diamond Resort and Hotel is well supported by famous celebrities and well-known personalities. It has romantic ambience with a total of 4,000 square meters situated at the prime area of Lucena City. It is positioned near SM City Lucena about 100 meters and across San Isidro Church.

Enjoy your stay in Diamond Resort and Hotel, short or longer stay is possible. Different rooms are available from suite, deluxe, superior and standard. They served luscious Filipino, Asian and international cuisines for their guest enjoyment. It has 2 pools; shallow children’s pool and wading pool. Stay in their lobby with your family and friends for a quiet day. They are giving discounts for those who are Diamond E-club member.

Diamond Hotel and Resort is located in Maharlika Highway, Ibabang Dupay Lucena City, 100 meters away from SM City Lucena.

Cheap Coron, Palawan Package

I first saw Coron, Palawan when it was featured in Kris TV since then I began to love the place. I am thinking I just saw it on television what more if I will experience the place. I saw an advertisement in Facebook regarding promos of Boracay. So I clicked the link and directed me to this site In the site Coron, Palawan promos caught my attention “Experience Coron: 3D2N Getaway with Airfare, Transfers and Island Tours for Php 6,599 instead of Php 14,000 per Person – Save 53%.

Excerpt from the site:

  • 3 Days 2 Nights atLuisBayor similar
  • Round Trip airfare (Manila-Busuanga-Manila)
  • Two-way airport transfers
  • Inclusive of daily breakfast and picnic lunch
  • Coron and Malacapuya Tour includes Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Siete Pecados and Calachuchi Island
  • Inclusive of all permits and entrance fees and tour coordinator.
  • Voucher validity from May 31 until December 15, 2012
  • 1 voucher per person, 4 vouchers required per booking
  • Booking should be made 14 days prior the desired date
  • Subject to airline and hotel availability
  • Price is inclusive of VAT

How I wish to go in Coron and experience the beautiful places they have however rainy season is officially started. But for those who really wanted to enjoy Coron Palawan I think this is already a good deal. You can visit the site i mentioned above to know more about this promo or other promos they have.

Pasayahan sa Lucena 2012

Just like the other places in the Philippines, Lucena is also celebrating fiesta happens every month of May. In case you want to visit Lucena we are celebrating Pasayahan sa Lucena 2012. This is a week celebration started last May 20. The grand parade will be held this coming Monday, May 28. Please check (photo below) the schedule of activities for this year’s Pasayahan sa Lucena. (photo not mine) If interested please click the photo for larger view.


Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon

Today, May 15 Lucban celebrates Lucban San Isidro Pahiyas Festival or simply called Pahiyas Festival. It is a colorful festival honoring the patron saint of farmers San Isidro Labrador.

Yearly, several houses have kiping decorations. Kiping is a brightly-colored, leaf-shaped wafer made of rice paste and used as decoration (wikipedia). Actually, it’s like a competition because the most beautiful house with kiping decorations will receive huge prize. The festival is not only popular in the places nearby but foreigners from different parts of the world are visiting Pahiyas festival yearly.

I wish to witness this year’s Pahiyas festival but it’s really hard if you have a kid with you. It’s really hot and I am telling you there are many people and tourist from different places come to witness Pahiyas festival. 2010 when I last witnessed Pahiyas Festival. I was with my classmates in Caregiving that time. Here are some of the photos during Pahiyas Festival 2010.

Lucban, Quezon blessed with falls and different resorts

There are different resorts in Lucban, Quezon that you can visit and enjoy. Mainly, because it is located near in Mount Banahaw so they are blessed to have number of falls and blooming resorts business.

Going back to Lucena from our trip to Liliw, Laguna I’ve seen these people who are enjoying in the river. The place is located in Lucban, Quezon but sorry I can’t provide the actual place. I just took the photo while we are passing by the place. I learned that you need to pay for only 10 pesos to enjoy the place. The blue and pink small houses are actually the cottages. My brother said the water here is so cold and sometimes you can’t stay in the water for longer hours if you can’t beat the coldness of the water. I guess the water comes from Mount Banahaw.

I realized the true meaning of happiness upon looking to these people. To other people visiting other places and paying for expensive accommodation will find their true happiness. For me, I just appreciated the true happiness is not the cost of accommodation so whether expensive or not the important is how you enjoy the place and the experience.