School Field Trip

There is no definite date, but I heard from other moms that by February, the students will be having a school field trip. Since my daughter is only in grade one, parent/s also need to join the trip. My daughter was a transferee in her current school. Old parent I have talked, said field trip in my daughter’s school happening every two years. And this is the year of the school field trip. I wonder the places to visit this time, but I heard the last field trip went to Ocean Park, Enchanted Kingdom and I guess other places aside from these two. My daughter wants to join the trip but I will know first the places to be visited and how much to join the school trip.

If my daughter will join the trip, this is her second time to join this activity. The first one when she was in Kinder 1. They went to Hacienda Macalauan in Laguna, Museo Pambata, Manila Zoo and leisure time in one of the malls in Alabang. She was very happy, I think this is the reason why she wants to join the school field trip again.

Star Scout First Activity

My daughter is now part of Star Scout. Last month they had Fun walk and some of the private and public schools in our place joined the activity. It was started from the mall and ended in Perez Park, Lucena  photo mapofthephilippines_zps72699d14.jpgCity. Here, the Quezon Provincial Capitol also located. I thought after the walk, the activity was over already. When we were in the park the organized of the Girl Scout of the Philippines in Lucena welcomed all the children. It’s the first activity since the classes started this June. As part of welcoming the Girl Scout and star scout members they also invited magician and clown to make the activity more enjoyable. My daughter enjoyed the magician show most. After that the organizer mentioned that there was on-going museum viewing in the capitol. Before going home we visited the museum. In the museum they featured photos of the old leaders of Quezon Province. Stuffed that were really old, costumes of the leaders had worn and many more. Taking photos are not allowed, I wonder why? Though they said photos are not allowed, I asked my daughter to make a pose in the map of the Philippines. Our country has 7,107 islands and honestly, I’m already in my mid 30’s and haven’t visited ¼ of these islands. If money isn’t a problem would really love to travel and witness the beauty of our country.

Daughter’s passion for music

I was browsing my photo files and saw photos of my daughter with her first ever guitar. This was free from her organ. My daughter was 3 when I took this photo. Time flies because in few days she will celebrate her 6th birthday. I know daughter has passion for music because she loves singing and playing different instruments though many of them are just toys. I hope one day she would have the chance to play real instrument. I know she loves this thing so I hope in the near future she gets all the possibility to play all the instruments including the best pandeiro at guitar center. And if only i have lots of money I will give everything to continue her passion for music.

 photo kidplayingguitar_zps32ac5562.jpg

New Changes being implemented in the school

There are many changes that are being implemented in my daughter’s school. Recently, they are providing fetcher’s ID because something happened couple of days ago. I heard pregnant woman came in the school and pretending she’s one of the nanny of one of the students. She entered the school premises and heard some students lost mobile phone, money and other things and this pregnant woman was suspected as the one who got all these things. Because of this the school implemented a rule and parents/guardians cannot enter the school premises especially during school hours.

The fetcher’s ID I mentioned above is another new in the school. We don’t have this one. Well, I’m supporting the new changes that the school is implementing and besides this is for the safety of all the students in that school. Anyhow, the school is looking where to get the best print envelopes, they will use this for the upcoming Open House happening this month.

Educational Field Trip

This is the first time that my daughter will be joining educational field trip. Last year they didn’t have this kind of trip but school approved to have an educational field trip for this school year.

Preschooler and grade 1 – 3 will be going to Laguna and Manila. The places to visit are Hacienda Macalauan, Kinder Zoo, Museo Pambata, and mall somewhere inManilafor free time. The school would like to achieve the following objectives at the end of the trip:

  • Knowing the process of producing milk.
  • Describing each animal in the zoo.
  • Appreciating the role of the child at home, in school and the community.
  • Developing socialization skills.

My daughter is very excited because she loves to visit the zoo. Well, I hope my daughter will learn and enjoy at the same time.