Bridge Pickup

I saw these words bridge pickup> and thought it is related to bridge. The latter I’m referring is the structure that one across the river, surprisingly it’s not. My first time to know that there is also thing like this in a musical instruments like guitar. Well, sounds new to me but I’m sure not new to others who really appreciates music and instruments. I want to introduce music or instruments like guitar to my daughter though I’m not competent to do so. I believe encouraging her at an early age will be a great help for her to appreciate music at young age.

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Star Scout and Kab Scout Investiture

Tomorrow is the investiture of Star Scout and Kab Scout in my daughter’s school. My daughter is part of this activity for being a first time star scout. I don’t have anything in mind how the activity will take place. I only heard from my daughter that the other day they went to gym to have a practice regarding this activity. She didn’t mention anything or what they practiced. Every time there is program in school and I’m asking what they are going to do. She always telling me to just wait for the day and see for myself because it’s a surprise. Anyhow, I hope GC + ATH will be cleared. If I’m not mistaken this one is microphone, it’s always better to use microphone that has clear sound.

DJ Equipment

I admire those DJs hanging around in the DJ photo dj-equipment-buying-guide-768x323_zps1a5d408d.jpgclub. I’m not a party goer and not really witness how a DJ works. I only see them when watching television. For me they are the one who makes the night so lively. Everyone in the club is having a nice time because of the songs and how these DJs transform one particular song into a blast. And because I’m not into club or disco houses, I wonder if I could experience it in the house. Christmas is approaching and everyone would love to have a party. So what dj equipment do I need? We could act as DJ even at home.

Would Consider Getting Speaker

I’m enjoying watching Korean drama using tablet. Just recently I found a way to download the drama first and transfer it on my USB. I got the USB for free from the TV i bought years ago. The USB can be inserted on television and thankful because all the episodes are working fine. I’m happy already watching them through tablet but watching Korean drama on television is much better. Of course the screen is wide on television. I don’t need headset because I can hear the volume very well. Sometimes you can’t hear in tablet much because the built-in speaker isn’t good. On my TV, I don’t need speaker or anything but I know using this thing would emphasis the volume. Well, if I really need speaker would love to get one. Good thing musician’s friend 20% off is available online.

Guitar Tablature Online

If you’re new in playing guitar, I think knowing how to read a guitar tab is important. Well, I’m not an expert on this thing. I don’t even play a simple guitar but watching musicians I learned that this is a must to play guitar very well.

In gutier center they have thousand collection of guitar tab. If you are looking for this stuff better check the site and for sure you will find what you’re looking with their huge collection. I will share this to my nephew because his passionate of guitar. he might find guitar tablature on this site.

The Effect of a Fender Amplifier to a Certain Instrument

If you are fond of playing guitar specifically electric guitar Fender Amps are best companion of this guitar. Using amplifier like this produces good sound. The sound of a guitar alone is already soothing to hear but if you connect it in an amplifier there is a possibility that the sound is much better. If you decided to get one, there are different kinds and designs of a fender amplifier to choose from so I suggest reading reviews online first before buying.

fender amps photo fenderamps_zps7b969be7.jpg

The Jackson Guitars

Are you familiar with any of the Jackson guitars? Honestly, I’m not. I just accidentally read some information about this guitar brand. So, this guitar exploded during the late 70s and early 80s. The founder of this guitar is Grover Jackson so no doubt the guitar was named after him. Jackson’s guitars and basses have contributed an important chapter to the history of heavy metal. This actually produces a heavy rock-friendly guitar which makes loud and heavy sounds. One instrument they offer is classic jackson electric guitars. I will read more about this guitar; my daughter might ask me again when she sees this kind of guitar. She is fond of asking about instrument staff.

The Cowbell Sounds

Because my daughter likes musical instrument, she’s always asking me the name of an instrument whenever she saw new one. One time when we were in the mall, we passed by in a music store. She wanted to try every instruments but of course I didn’t let her touch all instead only those instruments outside the store. It’s embarrassing if you will try every thing and won’t buy any. There is an instrument that both new to our eyes, it’s like a cowbell at guitar center. The staff let my daughter played it and it’s cute. I think it does belong to the family of percussion. Just strike it with any kind of thing and it will produce sound. Nice feeling, daughter and I learned new musical instrument but hope one day we will have a chance to own one.

cowbell photo cowbell_zps7d53b7d2.jpeg

Gift Ideas for Him

I was looking for a perfect gift that I will be given to my nephew this Holiday season. He loves musical instruments specifically guitar. So I’m thinking if hofner bass guitar case at Musicians Friend is fine. I just hope he has this kind of guitar. I’m not certain of the guitar he has now but he has one electric guitar and not sure with the other one. Anyway, if not this guitar case I will think of other gift for my nephew that is related to his hobby.

Filipino Loves Videoke

Time flies, it’s already December. It only means Holiday season is fast approaching. Here in the Philippines we are celebrating this season as early as September so you can see different Christmas ornaments already and Christmas songs as early as this month. Aside from the yummy Filipino foods that the families are eating together during this time, we also love doing videoke. Whatever your voice it doesn’t matter as long as you are enjoying. I have neighbor here who loves videoke and their sound system is really strong but irritating, I doubt if they are using krk sub because the sound is not enjoyable to hear.