Missing Live Performance

I can’t remember the last time I watched live concert. I think a decade ago if my memory is right. I would be happy if i could watch my favorite artist performing live on stage once again. I noticed there are singers who are using earphones while performing; I guess it is in ear monitor system. It is type of headphones usually used by live performers. Onstage monitors are unreliable, loud, disturbing using in-ears guarantee that musicians hear the mix they need to deliver the best possible live show. It also serves as an effective blocking external noise that musicians are literally deaf to audience applause, even at stadium shows.

Love to have Sennheiser Wireless Mic

Who doesn’t want to have the top selling sennheiser wireless mic at MusiciansFriend? I do love to have one. I’m sure this kind of microphone is much better than the one with wire. Last New Year celebration we did videoke and the microphone that we used has a problem. We can’t hear our voice clearly and the echo was really annoying. How I wish we have this sennheiser wireless mic because I read good reviews of this product. This is comfortable to use and no hassle at all even if you go far but with wire it’s different.

Christmas is Nearly Coming

Wow, time is running so fast. I bet you already felt Christmas season. Last September, Christmas celebration already started here in the Philippines, that is why we are known to have the longest Christmas season in the world. I saw other countries just starting decorating their house. Aside from decorating, people these days are busy buying gifts for their love ones. Have you bought gift for your love ones? Do you want to give something special? If yes, why not consider giving yamaha dgx 230 for your family or friends? I think this one is very much appreciable especially if the recipient loves music. Oh well, whether you receive gifts or not, it is not important, what matter is you know what Christmas is all about. Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

Learning Guitar Easily

Many are willing to learning instruments like guitar but not all can afford to buy their own instruments. It is good to know that there are guitar center rentals available. So even if you dont have your own guitar, it’s now possible to learn this instrument. Even if you don’t have money, just be resourceful. You can borrow your friend’s instrument. I’m not sure if we have this rental instrument services in our place but if there is, this would be a good help. And i must say, learning guitar is now easy peasy thing.

Learn about Red Special

Have you heard about Red Special? It is a home-built electric guitar, an instrument that has reached iconic status and a unique place in rock history. brian may was the one responsible for this instrument because he designed it by himself. To learn more about this instrument read its features.

• Mahogany body (with acoustic chamber), Pinstripe binding, two-piece scratchplate
• Mahogany neck, 24″ scale (Depth: 22mm at 1st Fret – 24mm at 12th Fret)
• 24 fret, Ebony fingerboard (Width: 45mm at 0 Fret – 57mm at 24th Fret)
• Grover GH305 locking tuners, Dual truss rod, Graphite nut,
• New bridge, brass saddles, Brian May custom tremolo arm
• 3 x Burns Tri-Sonic pickups (series wired)
• Master volume/tone controls
• Original Brian May switching system:
• Individual pickup in/out phase

Got info from musiciansfriend online site. If you want to buy this instrument better check the site and get your own Red Special.

Buying Lowest Musical Products at Guitar Center Tulsa

Have you heard about guitar center? This site has wide selection of popular guitars, basses, amplifiers, keyboards, workstations, drums, percussion, microphones equipment, stage lighting, recording software, studio gear and a lot more. They insist of giving lowest price and great products. So if you are working professional or just starting making music, this site would possibly help. They ship overseas or if you are in Oklahoma guitar center tulsa is the site to visit. Give your life a little spice by making great music.

Pickguard for your Guitar

Do you have fender instruments? Did you know that you can change the look of your instrument easily by changing the pickguard. The latter is also known as scratchplate. This is a piece of plastic or other material that is placed on the body of a guitar, mandolin and other similar plucked string instrument. If you have this pickguard this will serve us protection for your instrument from being scratched. If you want to get the best scratchplate why not consider fender jaguar pickguard, you can choose from different materials and colors that best suit to your likings.

The Corrs, Where Are They?

I haven’t heard from the siblings “The Corrs” for a long time. They were one of my favorite bands during 90s. I have compilation of their albums and still playing their songs. I don’t know when was the last time I heard from them so I’m missing the group already. They are really talented and it’s not usual that siblings are in one group. I envy their talent in music. Caroline was amazing because not all the times I’m seeing girls playing drums. This girl really has talent in this instrument and the way she hits the drum amazing. I don’t know if she can play or have tried log drum. If yes, she’s really gifted. Oh well, I need to search for them online and see if they are still active.


Are you familiar with dulcimer? I’m not really but this one looks exciting. I have watched different videos playing dulcimer on youtube and it looks fun to use. It’s like how you play guitar but the look is different. I find the sound pleasant to ears. Hope to see and hold this instrument and have a chance to play it because it looks fantastic. If you are familiar or you might owned this instrument, I think you should dress it with dulcimer case. Not only this instrument but other instruments you have. Having a case is advisable because it adds protection to any musical instrument especially dulcimer. It would be easy to carry your instrument and long life if has a case.

Greatest Saxophonist of All-time

Feeling sentimental on my birthday hahah. Yah, today is my birthday but I don’t have celebration. I’m here in the room listening to music, once in awhile it’s nice to listen to music with just saxophone playing. Do you have your all-time favorite saxophonist? Me, I like Kenny G. Listening to him playing saxophone makes me feel relax. I’m not sure what kind of Meyer he is using but he really has the talent to play this instrument. In fact, he is the biggest-selling instrumental musician of the modern era and said to be one of the best-selling artists of all time. He has reached global sales of more than 75 million records.