Plan for Holy Week

Where to go this Holy Week? Last year we spent Holy Week in Ilocos and Bulacan particularly 8 Waves in Bulacan. We also thought of going to Bicol. After hours of thinking we decided Bulacan. When we were in Bulacan we decided to go to Ilocos first. By the way our nth time in Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. We just stayed there for the whole day and travelled back to Bulacan. We enjoyed our day in Bulacan and we celebrated my mother’s 75th birthday in 8 Waves.

So this time, I’m not sure where will our family spend Holy week. I hope we will go to Ilocos or Baguio once again even it is our nth time, it’s just nice going back to places like Ilocos and Baguio once every year. Holy week is next week already but we don’t have planned yet. Well, it is normal in our family to decide one day before. Sometimes, those activities haven’t planned happened. Okay, if we will visit a place or places this Holy Week I will share it here. It is nice to bond with your family on this time but we should not forget what Lenten season really mean. Be safe everyone!

Tips on Buying Online

Nowadays many prefer buying online. I also love to shop online and thankful all the transactions were smooth. I heard others has been a victim of scammers. My nieces who are just teens love to shop online as well. Usually they are buying clothes and gadget accessories. Thanks a lot they haven’t encountered scammer. These are just tips on buying online make sure to read everything about the store. Don’t give payment right away. You have to read store reviews and find all possible ways to know the store is legit or not. Anyway, if you are looking for instrument or any related stuff online, great deal here! so be sure to check them out.

Summer 2016 is Here

Summer is already here. For sure some are already planning different adventures this season. So what are your plans? Normally, we visit a certain place during holy week but I don’t think we will do this thing this year. My mother was confined again in the hospital and just discharged the other day. She needs to rest so I don’t think we will go far place this holy week. Many times, we choose Northern Luzon and this is a long drive. Holy week is the time our family travels and I look forward for this every year. But as I said we might not go anywhere because of my mother condition, health of my mother is more important.

Summer is already a topic anywhere. In the mall, I noticed they already display different summer outfits and other summer stuff. Not just the mall but even small stores already selling summer stuff. Even toy store is selling summer stuff like inflatable pool. In television, one of the shows shared places or activities to enjoy this summer. It’s already a talk in the town. Well, I hope summer season would be a memorable one for me and my family despite of my mother’s condition.

Benefits of Traveling

It’s always a wonderful feeling when you travel. Sadly, I don’t practice this at all times. Money is always the dilemma, wink! But if I have lots of money, I will consider going from one place to another.

For me travel makes me feel stress free. You leave the problem in the house or at your work and just stay happy and enjoy the place. Though we have so many problems in life, sometimes we need to forget them for awhile and do some relaxation by means of traveling. If money is really a problem, I think even a simple stroll in the neighborhood with beautiful flowers and clean surrounding for me it can makes us happy.

Another benefit of traveling is meeting people with different cultures. It’s really nice to know other people and know their cultures. Probably, we could make friends with them. Aside from the culture and the people, the foods are always present. We are curious of the taste of the foods in a certain place we visit. Of course we travel because we want to enjoy and witness the beautiful spots of a certain place.

Above all, travel creates memorize for a lifetime. Memorize that can’t buy. How I wish I could do travel twice a year whether here in the Philippines or other countries. It would be an awesome experience. You only live once so make the most of it by going from one place to another. So money please come to me so all these things can happen, lol!.

Benefits of Omega-3

I have heard that omega 3 is important especially in our heart. Actually not only for the heart but it’s good for every cell in our body. This site amazed me for having products that rich with this omega 3. I have tried baking and oil is an essential ingredients. I’m using different kinds of oil but I found out that using omega 3 would be beneficial especially with joints, heart, mood and behavior, women’s health (can help women experiencing pregnancy, painful menstruation and menopause), for healthy skin, diabetics, weight management and Autism & ADHD. Anyway, will read more about this but need to stop for now because i need to fetch my daughter from school.

Gift Ideas for Mothers

How is your day? I’m glad I’m writing on this blog today. It has been months since I last updated this blog. Well, honestly, I don’t have any places to share that I have been in the past days or months. Since the classes started my time is always house and school. And if not daughter and I will just attend the mass and mall after. Its our normal routine since this June. Anyway, tomorrow is my daughter’s first quarterly examination. Three subjects for tomorrow so we were really tired reviewing these three subjects. I’m sad for my daughter because I know she’s tired already after school but we need to study or review in the house to get ready for her examination. I think we were done reviewing after 5-6 hours. After the review my daughter goes to the bad immediately and fell asleep right away. Sorry, Kyla were doing this for your own sake. She asked me  photo mothers_affection_comp_240px_zps04678397.jpgsome rewards after the examination. Well, I should consider that knowing all the efforts she made for her examination tomorrow. I’m thinking I should get reward also, hahah. It’s really tiring today but fulfilling knowing that you know she understands everything. Speaking of reward I found in this website mothers rings and other accessories that a mother would love.

Gift Ideas for Graduation

I have a niece who will be graduating from high school this coming 29th of March. She was with me yesterday and asking for a gift. She said the gift is for graduation and birthday because April is her birthday. Hmm, so what’s the best gift for graduation? I saw Reeds mikimoto selection online and all their jewelries are stunning. I think for a youngster like my niece a piece of jewelry is wonderful present already. Congratulations Nina and good luck in college.

Travel Tips

Last time I shared the places you can visit in the Philippines this summer. This time let me share some travel tips that would make your travel easy and without a hitch.

1. Plan ahead of time – planning your vacation ahead of time is necessary. If you have long preparation, for sure you can find many offers especially online that provides discount rate in your travel destination. You can search first different travel sites and look for huge discount before committing. Find also travel tours that offer hotel, airfare and activities in one package.

2. Pack important things – packing can be exhausting so I suggest bring things that important only. You can write down what you need ahead of time to make sure nothing important things to forget.

3. Save money – although travel needs money we can still travel by not spending too much. Let say you are traveling long; you can save money by bringing foods. You can bring cooler and load it with foods and drinks.

4. Keep Kids Occupied – make sure to bring different activities for them to keep busy. Coloring books, blank papers in case they want to write, crossword puzzles and other activity sheets.

5. Pack a travel insurance plan – it’s important to have travel insurance especially when traveling abroad. Well, I think it’s required. We don’t want anything happen in our vacation but in case, travel insurance is a big help.

Street Parade

The other day, on my way to a shopping store, I saw a parade with students, teachers and faculty members of one particular school. I learned that the school was celebrating their foundation day. To start their celebration, they had this parade in the street. I noticed the parade wasn’t that huge. I was expecting street dancing or students will perform something in the parade. Oh well, maybe it was just a simple parade just to show their school is celebrating foundation. Hmm, I forgot there was a band marching in the parade, that made the parade noticeable. They wore simple band uniforms but still cute.

Facts about Timeshares

Have you heard about timeshares ? According to a site, a timeshare is a property with a particular form of ownership or use rights. These properties are typically resort condominium units, in which multiple parties hold rights to use the property.

So how a timeshare works? You don’t have to pay the full price for a certain property; instead you pay a share of the price. This share allows you to use the property for a certain period of time every year. Your stay depends on how much you have shared.

This infographic shows an estimated 4.4 million US households owned one or more weekly-interval timeshares. I wonder how many numbers added as of today. And surprisingly Mexico holds an amazing 40% of all timeshare resorts worldwide. Wow, I’m not sure the advantages and disadvantages of getting timeshares but with the growing numbers, I guess I should consider it.