Love to have Sennheiser Wireless Mic

Who doesn’t want to have the top selling sennheiser wireless mic at MusiciansFriend? I do love to have one. I’m sure this kind of microphone is much better than the one with wire. Last New Year celebration we did videoke and the microphone that we used has a problem. We can’t hear our voice clearly and the echo was really annoying. How I wish we have this sennheiser wireless mic because I read good reviews of this product. This is comfortable to use and no hassle at all even if you go far but with wire it’s different.

Should Learn How to Play Instrument

Few days ago, I asked guitar stores in our place if they accept instrument tutorials. They do accept but my daughter doesn’t want to. I wanted my daughter to learn ukulele. We have here in the house but she didn’t use it. Well sometimes she uses it but I don’t see interest. She likes to sing but I don’t know why she isn’t using ukulele. Maybe because she is just 9 and her attention is not yet on this staff. I’m still hoping because just like what I said before playing guitar is one of my frustrations so I hope my daughter could play guitar, ukulele or other instruments. Oh by the way, has les paul if you are looking of this brand of guitar visit their site and see the latest promo.

What is Line 6

I’m sure those who are fond of using guitars, amplifiers and related electronic equipment are familiar to line6. The latter is a manufacturer of what I mentioned above. My nephew likes playing guitar. He has different guitars and even bought ukulele but left to my daughter when he went back to Canada. I’m sure he is familiar with this line because of his love to guitar. Speaking of my nephew, I will contact him because I need to ask something about guitar.

The use of Euphonix MC Control

One of my frustrations is singing and playing musical instruments. They say talent is normally got from their parents. So I’m thinking I don’t have talent in these things so it does mean my daughter won’t have any of these talents. I’m seeing her fond of singing and playing instrument so I’m really hoping she will continue her passion even her parents doesn’t have talent in performing. Anyway, I really admire those people who are connected to music, thumbs up for them. Even those DJ’s who are very good in mixing songs; they are one of a kind. I’m wonder if they are using cheap euphonix mc control at guitar center. I read that this tool is very helpful especially if you want to control the sounds. Anyway, not certain about the tool but heard positive reviews.