Yassi Pressman and my Daughter at Baluarte

I just wanted to share this photo of my daughter with Yassi Pressman. yassi pressman photo Yassi Pressman_zpsvjubbrvr.jpgShe is a Filipino-British model, actress, television personality, occasional singer, persistent dancer and VJ for MTV Pinoy. Some of her popular movies were Diary ng Panget, Talk Back and You’re Dead and Girlfriend for Hire. She portrayed the lead role in the latter movie. For me she is kind-hearted because when I approached her to have photo with my daughter she smiled and say yes to me. Aside from that she is also pretty even without make-up but I think she is not that tall. Anyway, so glad to see her in Baluarte when we visited Vigan last Holy Week. By the way are you looking for folk instrument stores. Check this link and you will be directed to the right store. Hmm, I should ask Yassi if she likes folk songs, hahah!

Nuvali @ Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Few weeks ago we visited Nuvali in Sta. Rosa Laguna. It wasn’t a planned. My sister called asking us if we wanted to come with them in Nuvali. I joined them because daughter and I haven’t visited any places this year aside from our place. We left Lucena at around 11 am. We thought at 1-2pm we will be in Nuvali already. Sadly, it didn’t happen because of heavy traffic in Tiaong, Quezon. There was a bridge construction in the area which really brought traffic not for a day but for many days. We were stacked for so long that we decided to change our route. Imagined vehicles going to Manila used all the roads including vehicles going back to Lucena. So we went back and go to the route going to Batangas. After a long drive we finally landed into our destination. And because we arrived late at around 5-6pm we didn’t see the beauty of Nuvali. One thing we wanted to do is the fish feeding activity. Too bad, it’s getting dark so we didn’t enjoy that much but at least we still saw fishes. It would be nice to have pictures with fishes as background. This is my daughter as you could see its dark and haven’t seen fishes in this photo.

Nuvali photo Nuvali_zpsb826890a.jpg

By the way, visitors are allowed to feed the fishes but you should only give fish foods brought from them. Don’t you worry because it doesn’t cause that much. You could avail the fish food for P15 per pack. I’m sure your little kids would enjoy this activity.

Other activities that you should do when you are in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna, these are based on what I searched online. In the list are biking for P60/hour, birds watching – various types of birds that you could enjoy. Picnics just put a blanket in the clean grass and enjoy sightseeing, or simply exchanging stories with your family and loved one. There is also outdoor movie, too bad we didn’t enjoy this thing also. Filipinos love to eat so food tripping wouldn’t be a dilemma. There are other activities to enjoy and the good thing all the activities are great for the whole family. Well, I hope to visit Nuvali once again and enjoy everything in this place.

August-Inn Resort at Siniloan, Laguna

Last April 4, we enjoyed a night-stay in August-Inn Resort. We didn’t plan to visit this resort; actually we aren’t familiar in the place until our stay. The initial plan was to visit my brother-in-law relatives in Laguna. The relatives have swimming pool but when we arrived the pool has no water. It was already night because we visited other place. Instead of going back in Lucena one of the relatives mentioned August-Inn Resort. We decided to visit the place and the night stay experience was okay.

Sorry I don’t have photos yet. My niece hasn’t uploaded the photos but will try to share some of our photos next time. Instead I share some photos of August-Inn Resort that I got from the website below.

According to http://augustinn.blogspot.com/; August-Inn Resort has 20,000 square-meter leisure facilities located along the Manila East Road Extension, Siniloan, Laguna, Philippines, near the foot of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges. Since opening its doors in 2005, the resort has quickly become one of the region’s more familiar happening places having been known for its casual and cozy ambience, variety of amenities, superb maintenance, and affordable prices. Recent celebrations in the resort include wedding receptions, family reunions, birthdays, debuts, company and school outings, team buildings, ballroom dancing, a mini-concert and the campaign sorties of various candidates in concluded local and national elections. Just a 2-hour drive from Metro Manila on well-paved roads will take you to this nature hideaway surrounded by majestic mountains and plains, giving you a 360-degree view of nature while you enjoy its many amenities and services.

August-Inn Resort Amenities

Swimming pool – with two adult pools and one children’s pool. According to what I read the pools are well-maintained pools as cool, clean, spring water fills all three pools and is treated and replaced regularly. Well, I can attest to that.

August Inn resort pool photo swimmingpoolaugustinnresort_zps959dd37d.jpg
August Inn resort pool. photo augustinnresortpool_zps97d5d65a.jpg

Convention Center – for events like weddings, anniversaries, seminars, conferences and other events.

Main and Mini Pavilion – caters for large (300 to about 500 seating capacity and small gatherings 60 – 80 guests set in a cozy native restaurant type atmosphere. The place is ideal for birthdays and small reunions.

Guest House and Villas – we stayed one of the villas, its large because it occupied the whole family. We were 15 (13 adults and 2 kids). The villa has 7 beds that can be shared.

August Inn resort Villa photo villaaugustinresort_zpsf5808829.jpg
August Inn resort inside villa photo insidethevillaaugustinnresort_zps59fc3a54.jpg

Playground – Located beside the children’s pool is a generously-spaced playground with a slide, see-saw, swings and play pipes. This area is provided free of charge for resort guests both young and the young-at-heart.

August Inn resort playground photo playgroundaugustinnresort_zps6f13e475.jpg

Other amenities – badminton courts, billiards, cable ride, videoke, aviary, water falls, windmill, canteen and parking area.

Contact Resort-Inn Resort

Manila East Road Extension
Sitio Butadero, Brgy. Halayhayin
Siniloan, Laguna, Philippines
Landline: +63 (49) 5720150

Cellphone Numbers
Sun : +63 (922) 8486907
Globe : +63 (917) 8007824

Email address
Email: augustinnmail@yahoo.com

Hot Travel Destinations with Great Discount

I received an email from an online store. They offer great discount in almost all hot travel destinations in the country. This includes Boracay, Ilocos, Palawan and Camariner Sur. The deal includes airfare, accommodations, tours and transfers. All their travel deals are easy on the budget because there is an option to pay light with 3, 6 or 12 months installment.
The offer is very tempting and soon summer is here. Summer is the only time we can unwind and I think it’s convenient to book early. Should I book now? I want …but, paying is the big question =).

Aside from the top destinations in the country, this online store also offers international travel with huge discount also. Haist, if only money is not a dilemma, I will definitely book a flight as early as today. At any rate, have you done online booking? How is it? I read a post long time ago regarding her experience in online booking. She said the transaction was smooth but when they already in the place they did not like the room they stayed in. The room didn’t match on what had written in the package but I think it’s not happen all the time.

Time flies, we just celebrated New Year and now love month is nearly coming. Well, 11 months to go before 2014 ends, hope Hongkong tour would happen this year. Online tasks please come to me, don’t be shy hehhe!

Hongkong Disneyland photo 39463_1389673258_7162_zps578a33cc.jpg

Bonding Time @ Mall of Asia

This is the continuation of our Manila day last week. So after our shopping in Divisoria we went to Mall of Asia before going back to Lucena. I think we were there from 7pm till 9.30pm. Here are some of the photos at Mall of Asia. The first and second photos were taken outside the mall. It says I love MOA.
 photo MOA_zps950ac28c.jpg  photo mallofasia_zps551e0133.jpg They are not in Sentosa Singapore. Still in Mall of Asia.
 photo Sentosa_zps3a0171e6.jpg Inside the mall at the back of my daughter is the giant Christmas tree of MOA.
 photo mallofasiachristmastree_zpsb4fe3912.jpg Santa Claus was there when we arrived but we were late on the picture taking activity.

Weekend Shopping @ Divisoria

 photo Christmas_zpsf351d0dc.jpg
Daughter’s photo outside one of the stores in Divisoria

Last Saturday we went to Manila. The latter is 4-5 hours long drive from our place. So even we want to visit this place and shop all the time its hard. Maybe if I have my own car then there’s no excuse of going here once in a while. Last January 2013 when we last shopped here so almost a year after.

Our first destination was Divisoria. Christmas is fast approaching so we went there to find cheap clothes, bags and Christmas ornaments. We already left the house at around 6am. We fetched my brother-in-law in Alabang because he’s working in that place. Then we headed to Divisoria and I think around 11am were already inside Divisoria. Since it was Saturday so I already expected many people but I never thought how huge the people that day. It’s hard to shop if there are many people plus if you have your kid with you.

So before doing our shopping we decided to eat our lunch first. We can’t find a seat for us and all were occupied already. It ends up eating pizza in the corner. Then we started our shopping. I can’t find the things I needed so I only purchased some items.

I felt dizzy already late in the afternoon because of the crowded people, tired of walking, having my daughter with me, her complains, I can’t take the different smell and my feet were aching already.

So here are my tips if you have planned of going to Divisoria don’t let your kid/s come with you. Well, I don’t have someone to take care of my daughter here so I really need to bring her with me. If you have someone to take care of your kid, I suggest not bring them in your shopping. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes especially if you will spend lots of time. Bring extra size bag so all your purchased will be put in one bag and no items will be left behind. Also list down everything you need so you won’t spend much time and bring foods if necessary especially if you have kid with you.

Anyhow, around 5pm we already finished our shopping and we headed to Mall of Asia. I will share some of our photos in this mall next time.

Chocolate Hills Viewing Deck

I was browsing the net and saw this picture of the leaning tower and the viewing deck in Chocolate Hills. I’m sad when I saw the picture and this happened because of the earthquake last October 15.

 photo viewingdeckchocolatehillsruined_zps23531a33.jpg
Photo not mine

This is the photo of my daughter and her cousin during our visit in Chocolate Hills. Sadly, this is also the place above that was destroyed by the said quake.

 photo viewingdeckchocolatehills_zps610d6257.jpg

See this bell; I think this is the only thing that didn’t destroy. My daughter and her cousins had the chance to ring this bell. Everyone is hoping to see the beauty of this place again and when fixing everything here they should use Reid industrial supplies to make sure this won’t happen again.

 photo chocolatehillsviewingdeck_zpscfc7a779.jpg

Loboc River Cruise Experience

It’s good to hear the Loboc River Cruise also known as the floating restaurant started their operation again after the devastated earthquake happened in Bohol. As I have mentioned in my previous post we went to Bohol last 2011. It’s been a long time but I still remember the beauty of this place. Here is my daughter she was 3 that time, picture taking before cruising the river.

 photo 436cdd35-282e-41bd-b284-199438770454_zpsc762eca4.jpg

The said river is one of the top destinations in Bohol, aside from the famous Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers.

The cruise takes about an hour-long and serves with buffet. This buffet includes Filipino foods and different tropical drinks such as fresh coconut. Also on board, entertainment is provided where singers are also on board.

 photo lobocrivercruise_zps0d624296.jpg

Here are other photos I took while cruising the Loboc River. The water of the river is greenish and calm.

 photo LobocRiver_zps69f4d3bf.jpg
 photo LobocCruise_zps3a021478.jpg

The river cruise ends at the Busay waterfalls which is just a low waterfall where the water of the river comes from.

On this section, some floating rafts are located where Boholano people with guitars offer guests some music while experiencing the sound of water from the waterfall.

 photo LobocRiver_zps8c1fbe9f.jpg

 photo 1ccff525-d4e8-4df4-96be-b0b534f3224d_zps4f7f17b2.jpg
Loboc River Cruise is one of a kind experience with delectable foods, entertainment and beautiful scenery nothing to ask for. Look forward to visit and experience this floating restaurant in the near future.

Didn’t enjoy summer

Summer is over here in the Philippines. Next week is the start of school-year 2013-2014. Time flies, I didn’t enjoy the summer because most of the times were just staying at home. The only place we enjoyed last April was Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. Well, money is also one of the dilemmas so next time I should be prepared. Need to save money as of now for next year summer. Hmm, I think I’m being exaggerated, lol. Anyhow, what if 1890 silver dollar do you think I’m too exaggerated saving this one. I think not so will read more about this thing.

Sand Dunes 4×4 Adventure, Ilocos Norte

We had been in Ilocos Norte twice. I think the first one was 3-4 years ago. We didn’t enjoy everything in Ilocos during our first visit. I think we only visited Marcos area and Paoay municipality due to lack of time. Now, that we came back in this beautiful province. We enjoyed our come back visit in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur.

Anyhow, the family first adventure experienced in Ilocos Norte was Sand Dunes Sand Dunes 4x4 Adventure photo SandDunesAdventure_zpsd30ffc8f.jpg 4×4 Adventure. The family didn’t plan to do this breathtaking adventure. We only saw the signage Sand Dunes 4×4 Adventure and Sand boarding while heading to Windmills Seashore.

4x4 Adventure Sand Dunes photo SandDunes4x4Adventure_zps2cc72acf.jpg

The family didn’t think twice and went to the area. After a short conversation to the people managing the place we decided to try this adventure. It was our first time to do such kind of adventure but it was exciting, electrifying, fun at the same time nervous because of the different paths we went through.

There were easy paths, sometimes slow and then went to exciting and deep paths. There’s also an area called roller coaster so it’s really exciting and breathtaking. We all shouted to the fullest every time we were passing in deep paths.

I never thought we have this beautiful place in Ilocos Norte. It’s little Dubai as they called it. You can also witness the beautiful Suba Beach at the back of my daughter and mother in photo below.

view of Sand Dunes photo 4x4AdventureSandDunes_zpsfe886a92.jpg

Sand Dunes Adventure photo SandDunes4x4AdventureIlocos_zps168c4b67.jpg

This is the area for Sand boarding. My daughter didn’t do sand boarding because its really hot that time but she didn’t miss the chance to use this thing used for sand boarding. It was hot afternoon when we went there, I advised you to come early in the morning. Doing this late in the afternoon is not advisable because you won’t see the beauty of this place.

Sand Boarding Adventure photo SandBoardingSandDunes_zps6a0acc21.jpg

Well, the whole experienced was fun. Sand Dunes 4×4 Adventure is one of a kind journey and I will do it again if given a chance.

One thing that I noticed, they are lacking safety thing like seat belt so I hope they will work on this thing and besides it’s for the safety of the passengers. I forgot to ask the name of our 4×4 driver but he was kind and always reminds us to hold tightly every time we are passing in a hard and deep paths.

For your info this place is a protected area that was provided with landscapes creating a spectacular view of original nature. It has been a shooting place of some local and Hollywood movies such as Ang Panday, Mad Max and Born on the Fourth of July.