Cute USB Collection

Today is the start of the 17th Foundation Day of my daughter’s school. The celebration will be celebrated for a week. For preschool, the activities are amazing talents, kite flying, bake sale, splash day and family fun day. This only means that camera will be my companion for some souvenir pictures. Aside from the camera, USB is very important because I can’t transfer the photos here in the laptop. I have one but it’s just banana USB photo bananausb_zpsc394bcd9.jpgsimple and bought it for less. And because it’s a cheap USB I should not surprised if this USB will get break in no time.

I saw usb promotional items in one of the sites I have visited earlier. Their collection of USB is cute with different designs like animal, tire, tennis racket, wristband, panda-shaped, carrot-shaped, sofa-shaped and a lot more. Hmm, I’m thinking of getting one banana-shaped USB, it’s so cute =).

Fairy Hobmother visits me

The famous fairy hobmother travels around the world and I was very pleased because he had stop over on this blog. Yes this is it hahah, finally the fairy hobmother who is known for granting wishes went to this blog. People in blogosphere knew that when fairy hobmother visited your blog, you will get special reward from him. So, now that the generous fairy is here, it only means he will grant my wish or he will give me special gift. I wonder if he will give me one of the top 5 washing machines, why not?

Actually, I already asked one gift from him and he said yes. Do I need to reveal what I had asked from him? Well, maybe next time once I handed it. Anyway, do you have any wish in your mind? Why not comment below because the fairy hobmother is wandering around the blogosphere and who knows your blog is his next stop over. Don’t forget to follow him on twitter (yes, fairy has twitter account too) so start following him.

My Page Rank is back!

I think it was month or two that this blog has a Rank of NA (Not Applicable) its like Google doesn’t recognize nor catch any of my written posts. When I first started sharing about my travel experiences through this blog after just a month it gave me PR1. I was happy that time because DA (Direct Advertiser) loves blog site that has PR (page rank). But my excitement and happiness went away because I got a problem with this blog. I was changing something in my template then after a minute the whole blog became devastated. Almost a month before this blog finally came back, alive and kicking as they’re saying. I thought I will not encounter any problem again but when I checked my Page Rank months ago it became NA from PR1.

Some of my blogger friends suggested getting new domain. So, that’s what I was trying to do couple of days ago. I went to my godaddy account and find a new domain for my travel blog. My money is not enough to pay for a new domain so I just saved it from my account. I guess God has a purpose why I didn’t buy the new domain because PR of this blog is back already. By the way, thanks Ryheanne for letting me know that PR of this blog is back.

God is good and I was thinking maybe God thinks I already have problem linking my Bank account with Paypal. The latter already collected money from me as fees because of returning transactions for 3 times. Well, just quick update my bank account was properly linked to Paypal now.

Well, to cut the story hahah, I am happy because my PR is already back. I hope no serious problems will occur in the near future.

Earning online through blogging

For almost two years blogging has been part of my every day life. I am happy because through blogging I can express myself. I’m a quiet person so it’s not easy for me to tell anyone my feelings. But it’s easy for me to share it through my blog. But of course with limitation, I don’t share everything especially personal things that could harm on my part. Anyway, aside from sharing my emotions, feelings on my blog I also love it because for the past years blogging is the source of my earning online. Yeah, you read it right … I make money through my blogs. I have 5 blogs running it’s hard at first but with proper time management and knowledge you will use to it.

I thought everything is scam online but blogging made me realize that though there are scam sites, still there are sites that are legit and could provide earnings even just staying at home. Well, in more than 2 years I can say blogging helps me a lot in terms of earning online. Though I don’t earn much compared to other bloggers but still thankful for the opportunity to earn in blogosphere. There is really money in blogging like affiliate marketing, text link ads, sponsored review, paid to post, ghost writing and a lot more.Opportunityis endless you just need to be resourceful and patience soon you will enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Easy ways to create a website

I got this blog as a prize from the previous contest I had joined. They gave me one year free domain and hosting. Everything was set before they give it to me. Managing this blog is not hard because as I said everything was set already. Aside from that there are online blogger friends who are willing to help everytime I have problem especially in any of my blogs.

Nowadays, blogging has been part of our lives and helpful in online marketing. I guess reason why many people love to start their own blog or website. But before you enjoy your own website/blog of course you need to set it first. We are lucky because there are numerous tutorials in World Wide Web and just click away you can get information you need. Just hit the search button on “how to create a website and for sure you will get useful answer. Or better check the site like because they provide tutorials on how to make a website in simple easy steps. Aside from that there are videos for easier understanding.

So, don’t afraid of starting your own website/blog. If you are willing to learn and love what you are doing then chances of having your own website will be successful.

Pink Tulip

I thought there’s no way to retrieve my previous posts. But as you can see some of my past posts were recovered through the help of Google cached. So today I successfully posted it here again. Now, my enthusiasm to work on this blog is back. I just changed the template actually the old template was pink tulip also. But I’m not comfortable and I think I have so many things to change. I’m not techie person so it might be difficult for me. So earlier I searched for new template and I found this one, same tulip but different design. Hope you like it =)

Till here … enjoy the rest of weekend.

WordPress themes

I was looking for WordPress themes couple of days ago. Getting new template is not easy. It will consume much of your time. So temporarily, I decided to get this template (thank you ryheanne of It’s not just a blog). I’m looking forward to get another template that is related to my niche “travel”. Before the problem started with my old template I have customized header, I got it as my prize in one of the giveaways I had joined. Maybe I will put it again and by the way some of my old posts were recovered thru google cache so I will be working on that (thank you again ryheanne) for all your help from the bottom of my heart.

Start all over again

As you can see I don’t have any post here. This blog encountered problem resulted to re-installing of this blog. The worse part is I don’t have any back up. This blog runs for a month before encountered problem. Now, this blog is back but I will start all over again. In just a month this blog got PR1 already. But it was lost in just little alteration in the theme code. After changing or adding code in my template it completely messed up my blog and resulted to big problem that I couldn’t solve. So the only choice is to re-install this blog. Well, I couldn’t turn back the time so I just have to accept what happened and start all over again. I will start on hunting new template for this blog, sigh!

I just checked Page rank of this blog and found out that this blog remains its PR1, good news for me.


This is just a quick post. I read posts in Facebook about Pagerank update so I check immediately the ranking of my 5 blogs. And voila … I can’t believe that this blog has PR1 now. I started this blog exactly one month ago. Hmmm, happy monthsary to my traveling with mona heheh and congrats for having PR1, wink! Wow…I guess I should throw a party hahah!