Enjoy the Summer in Greater Manchester: Oldham

Located between the metropolitan city of Manchester and the blissful setting of the Yorkshire Dales, you’d be surprised at how much there is to do in and around Oldham.

Despite this year’s People’s Carnival having already taken place, it is well worth bearing in mind for next year should you be in Oldham in June. A weekend of family fun, including live music, a funfair, stalls and plenty of family entertainment, it’s a tradition that continues to attract locals and tourists alike.

Pack a picnic and head for the countryside surrounding Oldham for the day. Offering some of the best green spaces in the country, from parks to woodland, it’s a stunning area for the outdoors type. Discover the Countryside Centres which offer a wide range of activities for people of all ages. Pop in to Daisy Nook or Tandle Hill and you’ll find a cafe for a well earned brew.

For those who aren’t scared of getting bruised, there’s the indoor paintballing arena – the largest in the north of the UK, set in the basement of a 19thcentury cotton mill.

Oldham has a thriving nightlife, with many bars and clubs found in the city centre. Although reputed to have a binge drinking culture, Oldham still makes a good night out if a night on the tiles is what you’re after.

For the culture vultures, check out events at the Oldham Coliseum Theatre. Some of the finest names in British theatre have graced its’ stage over the years and the Coliseum is still a fantastic venue for an evening out. Offering an eclectic mix of comedy, drama, musicals and the annual panto, there’s a show for everyone.

Whatever you are visiting Oldham for, make a day of it and stay at a hotel in Oldham centre. Explore during the day, finish off with a dose of nightlife and rest up in a comfortable bed before returning home.

Great ideas when visiting Sydney

If you are about to embark on a trip to Sydney any time soon, you will not be disappointed. The city is incredibly tourist friendly with its iconic sites and sparkling charm. The city may not have as much ancient history as its European and Asian counterparts but what it lacks in, it makes up for in ultimate cool. Here are some tips when visiting Sydney –

Go cosmopolitan by walking around the streets in the CBD; the flashy shopping districts and eating centres. Order a flat white at Café Mint or Giulia. Organic, farmers and flea markets are plentiful in Sydney and if you are into your gourmet cuisine, then seeing what Sydney has to offer will certainly please your palette. When deciding to book a private apartment in Sydney you will have the option to cook and experiment on your cooking skills, using the fresh ingredients you pick up at the markets.

Check out the major landmarks. Luna Park, Sydney Opera house and the Sydney harbour bridge are massive man-made structures which are pretty hard to miss. The Opera House is undoubtedly Sydney’s most famous and well recognised icon, it is hard to think of Australia without picturing the white sails and curved architecture that was proudly bestowed on this fantastic landmark.

Check out the natural wonders of Sydney. The Royal Botanical Gardens are the best place to be if you want to be one with nature without venturing too far from the city. It also happens to be a great place for a walk, see some interesting flora & fauna and hear some pretty interesting birds. If you have the chance to venture a little further then take some time out at a beach, whether it be the iconic Bondi beach or elsewhere. The Blue Mountains is also a marvel to see. Sort of what the Grand Canyon was prior to drying out, this massive nature reserve has an amazing landscape that will certainly take your breath away.

This is just a speck of other great things one can do in Sydney. Experience this Australian city for yourself and see why visitors time and time again are in love with Sydney.

Holiday Homes Europe: My Choice

Europe, the place to be when thinking of going on holidays! And for accommodation, the first choice will always be a hotel. Why not? Everything will be taken care of for you. But there’s an alternative, a better one – Holiday Homes Europe.

It might be quite an investment, but if you are a frequent traveler a good holiday homes Europe-style will be a more practical choice. If you are travelling with an entourage, imagine how much you will be spending. That would be quite a fortune.

Worry-free Reservation

Going on holidays doesn’t mean that you have to be going around, moving from one tourist spot to another. It can be just taking a time off from your daily routine. Having holiday homes Europe will assure you that you have a place to stay anytime you feel like giving yourself a break. You don’t need to worry of booking in advance, especially during peak seasons. You are after all going on a holiday and there’s no point in getting stressed to reserve a room.

Home Away from Home

Staying in holidays home Europe would be like bringing a piece of home away from home. You get to sit around basking in the sun without worrying about strangers going to and fro. You get to sit down with your companions in a relaxed environment, minding only yourselves. And when you decide to extend your vacation, your own holiday homes Europe will guarantee a warm place to stay without the fear of being booted out.

Your Own European Place

And now that you can go from one European country to another with ease, having a permanent holiday homesEurope is like having your very own place right in the middle of the continent. No need to worry about reservations wherever you go—you can just go back to your reserved place without any worry.

Cast your Vote for the New7Wonders Cities

After the successful campaign of New7Wonders and New7Wonders of Nature, now the third campaign is finally here – New7Wonders Cities. All we have to do is choose the 7 cities we want to be included in New7Wonders Cities.

How to vote?

  1. Find a nominated city by browsing the letters of the alphabet.
  2. Click on a city name to add it your choice of 7.
  3. Submit your 7 cities.

I chose cities from our country of course.

  • Baguio
  • CebuCity
  • TagaytayCity
  • DavaoCity
  • Bacolod
  • IloiloCity
  • Legazpi City

That’s it. Easy peasy right? They are accepting votes already that will be counted for the next phase starting on March 7, 2012. For more information visit their official website at new7wonders.com

A walk to remember: Unusual holiday walks not to be missed

Guest post written by friend Vicky Dean

Perhaps you are a person who likes to have an active holiday. Alternatively, you may fancy a change from lounging around the poolside when you go away. A walking holiday is a great alternative. Without being too strenuous, it allows you to take in all of the sights and sounds of the local cultures. Walking holidays can suit people of almost all levels of fitness.

There is a staggering amount of choice for people looking for walking holidays, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Why not try something completely different by going on an unusual walking holiday? Below are three destinations that will guarantee you experience a holiday that is both unique and unforgettable:


Bhutan is an extremely interesting place that is situated in Asia, just North of Bangladesh. It is a relatively small and unknown country, and actually only started to let people from other countries in from 1974. As walking holidays go,Bhutanis incomparable to most other places on Earth. Its most alluring features are its strongly conservative sense of tradition and the fact that it has not changed for decades. The scenery and architecture are simply stunning. It is recommended that you hire an experienced tour guide when walking inBhutan.

Kenya Walking Safari

Unknown to most people, you can actually walk in certain Safari parks inKenya. This may come as a surprise, as most of us associate a Safari holiday with travelling around in some sort of 4×4 vehicle. This is an absolutely amazing destination for lovers of walking holidays, particularly if you enjoy observing and encountering wildlife that is not native to any other country. You will get to take in all of the sights and sounds, very much avoiding the majority of tourists. It is recommended that you hire experienced tour guides; and certain tours will be guided by the Masai people.

The Secret Trails of Corsica

Corsicais a relatively small Mediterranean island which is also a French region. It’s a beautiful place with a delightful climate. Most Corsicans believe that they are quite different to the French people, and you are guaranteed a different experience if you embark on one of the walking holidays inCorsica. Their culture is interesting yet traditional. You will be surrounded by the beautifulMediterranean sea. Most of the terrain is quite rugged and therefore some of it is challenging. This may be the cheapest option out of the three as many people have self-guided tours here.

An Enchanting Journey in Orlando

Orlando is a large city located in the Orange County, Florida and this city is largely known for its theme parks. A lot of tourists come here for the theme parks and it is estimated that over 50 million visitors come to this region every year, making it one of the top tourist destination in the world. It is advised that you come to Orlando from September to February as there are fewer tourists during this time and the weather is more favourable for you to go around and see what Orlando city has to offer.

There are two airports that serve Florida and both of them are really busy airports which cater flights from various places in the world like Ireland, Canada, United Kingdom and Brazil. If you do not know where to stay in Florida, there is a full-sized hotel inside the airport itself to make sure that you have a place to sleep for the night. For travelling, you can use the public buses or you can also use cars from car hire Orlando. This car hire service is a great company that is highly regarded as the best car hire service in Orlando. Therefore, you can use the cars here with ease and without fear of being scammed as all their cars are of high quality and properly maintained.

It would be a shame if you come to Orlando but did not visit the Universal Studios. This theme park first opened to the public in the year 1990 and continues to attract more and more customers each year. There are exactly 50 rides in the theme park which is built based on movies and TV shows like The Simpsons, Jaws, The Mummy and Fear Factor. Aside from the rides, Universal Studios also features events throughout the year; with the biggest one held in April and May which is the Grad Bash and Grad Venture. This event is specially made for those graduating from high school or middle school where there will be parties and live performances by popular musicians.

Orlando is a great place to visit because of the Universal Studios theme park where this theme park alone receives ten percent of the total tourists that come to this city. However, always bring a water bottle everywhere as Orlando is also known as a place with high temperature most of the year and do not ever leave any of your friends or families inside the car without turning on the air conditioner.

Orlando Hotels to stay

Many people are dreaming of traveling around the world. I must say I’m one of them so given a chance I will visit Orlando Florida. I heard so many beautiful places to visit in this country. So if my dream would come true I think my first destination would be Disneyland in Orlando Florida. Why? because I have preschooler daughter so for sure she will be very blissful if we visit Disney. No worry about place to stay because there are lots of Orlando Hotels near in Disney. Well, I heard that aside from huge number of hotel in Florida; vacation homes, condo hotels and villas with private pools are also available. So it depends on your preference place to stay.

How I wish that my dream will come true in the near future. Sometimes we need to unwind and for me Orlando Florida is a must to visit. Anyway, I will first like the page of Orlando in Facebook so when time comes I will be very familiar with the things to do in Orlando.

Japan will offer 10,000 Foreigners Free Roundtrip Airfares

Last night i watched Bandila in ABS-CBN and learned that Japan will offer 10,000 Foreigners Free Roundtrip Airfares to visit the country next year in an effort to increase its below par tourism industry. Tourist numbers inJapanfell down after the March 11 earthquake, tsunami and the explosions at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Mt. Fuji Japan

This one is exciting because you can visit Japan for free. The Japan Tourism Agency will make website for the online application. The agency will select the successful entrants and ask them to write a report about their trip on blogs or social networks. Of course Japan is expecting positive reports of the experiences from the travelers.