Disney’s Hollywood Hotel Photos (part 1)

Sorry this is really late post. I will try to post regularly in all my blogs, so I hope laptop will cooperate (acting weird already). Anyway, as I said before we went to Hong Kong last April. It was daughter and I first travel abroad together. We stayed 2 hotels, Panda Hotel and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. Two nights in Panda and stayed a night in Hollywood. The latter hotel was really nice. Almost everything you see signifies Mickey Mouse.

 photo disney hollywood hotel_zpszohyam5x.jpg
Outside view of Disney’s Hollywood Hotel (photo credit)
 photo disney hollywood hotel lounge_zps1cfdrzjp.jpg
Big and cozy lobby (photo credit)
 photo hollywood20hotel20hongkong2011_zpsob745hkl.jpg
Nice mirror .. Hi Mickey

Daughter and her cousin explore the hotel immediately, by the way her cousin’s second time in this hotel.

 photo hollywood hotel hongkong 12_zpsyxaqt8u9.jpg
Nice mickey mouse bench and these two are cute
 photo hollywood hotel hongkong 13_zps7bo7fj32.jpg
Photo Fun – strolling through a lush garden
 photo hollywood hotel hongkong 6_zpsdcjlpfrd.jpg
I hope you see my daughter here, hahah!
 photo hollywood20hotel20hongkong2014_zpskvnpgrj2.jpg
This way to hotel’s pool
 photo disney hollywood hotel swimming pool_zpsn1yqr9vx.jpg
keyboard-themed piano pool (photo credit) …. lack of time so we didn’t have the chance to use it .. I hope there is next time



Disney’s Hollywood Hotel located at Lantau Island, Hong Kong



Daughter and I First Travel Abroad Together (Hong Kong)

I think every child is dreaming of visiting Disneyland. I promised to my daughter that she will visit this place one day. I never thought that it will happen this year. So last April 22, my daughter and I joined my sister’s family to Hong Kong for 4 days. I was happy that my sister let me and my daughter joined them. My niece just turned sweet 18 last April 24 but she didn’t want to have a party. She insisted of going to Hong kong.

Our flight was 7:25 am (April 22) via Cebu Pacific. Cebu Pacific photo Cebu Pacific_zpsj2wrz1fi.jpgBy the way, it was my second time to Hong Kong. My daughter was so excited because it was her first time going abroad but not riding on a plane.

When we were in NAIA I wasn’t feeling good because of the “tanim bala” issues. Fortunately, it didn’t happen to us and enjoy Hong Kong for 4 days. Beside was a photo of my daughter taken inside Cebu Pacific plane, And below was inside Hong Kong International Airport. Their airport was really huge and clean compared to NAIA, sorry but it is true. Anyway, our flight from Manila to Hong Kong took 2 hours. My daughter was sleeping the moment the plane take off and woke up few minutes before we arrive in HK. Will post the things we enjoyed in HK in the coming days.

Hong Kong International Airport photo Hong Kong International Airport_zpsf6mzghoy.jpg


SM Supermalls Shop N Fly to Hong Kong Disneyland

SM Supermalls brings Shop N’ Fly to Hong Kong Disneyland. From February 12 until March 13, 2016, SM will be giving 30 SM shoppers a unique and memorable Disney experience with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and other Disney friends for Hong Kong Disneyland’s 10th anniversary celebration.

To be able to participate you need to shop at any SM Mall. Every P1,000 single-receipt purchase at any SM mall tenant from Feb. 12 to March 13 entitles shoppers to one raffle coupon and a chance to experience Hong Kong Disneyland attractions and its 10th anniversary offerings. You can also get additional entry if you shop at any Disney merchandise worth P500 purchased at an SM mall; ePLUS card members will automatically receive two raffle stubs with every minimum purchase of P1,000. The 30 lucky winners will be drawn in March 2016.

Winners will receive round-trip airfare (economy class), 3D2N hotel accommodations at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and two-day Hong Kong Disneyland park tickets for four.
I have entries already and hope to be one of the lucky 30 winners. Oh well, before anything else I need to find Grant parts, I will be needed to the project, I am working.

Hope to find Piso Fare

My niece will be celebrating her 18 birthday this coming April. Unlike other women she doesn’t like the idea of doing party or debut celebration. She wanted to travel abroad. She’s planning to visit Hongkong again, though she already visited the place. She wanted us to come with her but I still don’t say yes. Financial is always an issue. I have little earnings but I don’t want to use all the money because there are more important things to do. Honestly, I wanted to go not for me but for my daughter. So, i keep on searching for lowest fare. We can join if I could possibly find great deals. Earlier I was browsing one particular airline and delighted to see lowest fare offer not piso fare but still huge discount. I thought this would be the answer to my dilemma, but I don’t know this deal will works. Booking is until January 21 or until seat lasts so I think I can use the promotion. The travel destination is just right for the date we are planning. Oh well, I hope to get this deal because compared to original fare its really a huge huge discount.

Wish to Travel to Hongkong Disneyland Together

My sister is planning to go to Hongkong Disneyland next year. They went there 3 years ago (I think) with her family and this time she invited us to go with them. I have been in Hongkong way back 2006 and my daughter wasn’t born yet. So, I want my daughter to visit Hongkong Disneyland. My daughter really loves all the shows on Disney Junior channel so I’m pretty sure she wanted to see all the characters especially Mickey Mouse and his friends in Disneyland.

I want to go there with my daughter and the rest of my family. Sadly, I don’t have extra money to spend on this vacation. Well, four months to go before summer vacation so I’m praying that I will get many opportunities online so daughter and I would be able to go to Disneyland HK.

Anyhow, one time I heard in the news that we need to get visa now in order to visit Hongkong. Before we don’t really need visa to visit Hongkong and we can stay there for 14 days so I hope the news is not true. If its true this is a sad thing. For me getting visa is a hassle thing to do. Imagine the time you will wait and the money you will spend to have visa then you will just stay in their country in just a short time. So, I hope this is not true.

South Korea

One of the countries that I wanted to visit is South Korea. Ever since I became addicted to Korean drama series, I became a fan of their country also. No doubt their drama series are the best and the different places feature in every show is a must to see.

I know visiting Korean country is not easy because it requires visa especially if you are from the Philippines. I hope one day. Why I wanted to go to this country? I want to experience the different places I have seen in the drama series I already watched. I want to see the palaces in Seoul, museums and simply experience their culture.

south korea photo southkorea_zps760c6a5f.jpeg
I remember Boys over Flowers starring Lee Min Ho; one of the scenes here happened in Jeju Island (I hope my memory is right). The place is really captivating.

Jeju island photo jejuisland_zpsb947dd51.jpeg
Aside from that I want to experience Korea’s weather especially the winter. Their foods like kimchi, it is a traditional fermented dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings and sometimes spicy or sour. I want to experience outdoor market like the one in Busan which has large number of stalls. In Busan, beaches are located in this place and said to be the summer capital of Korea because of their wonderful beaches.

Living the life of a monk, the latter featured in some of the Korean series I watched. I want to experience this thing their lifestyle like getting up early for early morning prayers and eating simply vegetable dishes.

Lastly, soju is always present in Korean dramas, I don’t drink but of course I want to experience this popular liquor of Korea. I think I already mentioned why I love this country. I just wish that one day, I will experience everything I said and see the real beauty of South Korea.

*Google photos

Wonderland Head – It’s a huge head!!

Contributor Hanz J

Ever since I had my car which is like 5 months ago, barely did I get a chance to walk around Calgary downtown. It’s been awhile since the Bow,which is the tallest building in the city was built. In front of this altitudinous building was a sculpture created by the world-renowned artist, Jaume Plensa. Jaume Plensa is a Catalan Spanish artist and sculptor. Some of his works include the Crown Fountain at Millenium Park in Chicago Illinois and Blake in Gateshead, in North East England. For photos of his artwork please visit jaumeplensa.com

Last sunday, I had a chance to see a world class sculpture named “Wonderland . This is a 12-metre sculpture of a girl which was unveiled January 25, 2013. So here I am sharing the amazing.. Wonderland 🙂

wonderland head photo wonderlandhead_zpsd21821d8.jpg

Wonderland photo wonderland_zpsb1a28ea1.jpg

A Traveller’s Guide to Riga

Riga photo Riga_zps01c7a61e.jpg
photos here are not mine

Riga’s Old Town is not the prettiest of the three Baltic capitals (that honour would have to go to Estonia’s Tallinn), but it is arguably the one with the most things to do. It is definitely the liveliest, with a throbbing nightlife scene, but you don’t have to worry about being swamped by stag parties!

If you’re thinking of going to the “Paris of the North”, as in was known in the ‘30s, here are a few tips for you.

Learn About Its Storied History

One of Riga’s most famous attractions, the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia (found at Strelnieku lauums 1) charts the history of the country from its initial Soviet occupation, followed by the Nazi annexation, right through to the Soviets regaining control.

Although it has been criticized for being a little too nationalistic, the museum is a truly fascinating experience. Finding out that the Latvians were initially relieved by the Nazi invasion (believing they’d be “liberated” rather than occupied again) makes the hardships of living under Soviet rule really hit home.

The museum is free to enter (though you can make a donation), and is open daily until 5pm.

Try Some Real Latvian Food, Buffet Style!

First off – leave any and all preconceptions at the door: Latvian food is great! Anything you’ve heard is probably untrue, well, unlessLido atpÅ«tas centrs photo Lidoatp16B0tascentrs_zps4d3f2577.jpg you’ve heard there’s a lot of garlic. Because there’s a lot of garlic.

You want to get yourself down to Lido. This Latvian food establishment has got so popular that it’s become a chain, and they even opened a branch in Estonia in 2009. There are Lido restaurants dotted around Latvia, each offering an incredibly cheap pay-per-item buffet, but for the true experience you want to visit the Lido atpūtas centrs (“recreation centre”).

You won’t have any trouble finding it – it has its own tram stop! There’s no missing it either; it’s massive. With all the Latvian foods you could dream of (and plenty more), you’ll be very full by the time you’re done. There’s live singing and dancing each night, as well as a fairground, a brewery and a go kart track. Don’t hem and haw – book your flights online now!

Drink Some Tea

Although you’re at the opposite end of Europe to ol’ Blighty, that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a beautiful cup of tea. Head over to ApsarA on the Barona side of the Vermanes Gardens for the ultimate in relaxation: a teahouse.

Looking like a traditional Chinese teahouse, ApsarA is a two-floor glass and wood building with lovely views of the park. With hundreds of varieties, there’s tea to suit all tastes. We were missing our home comforts, so we opted for a type of Ceylon (though without milk – baby steps here!), but you can go all out if you’re feeling brave.

Kick off your shoes and head upstairs to the cushioned area if you want to really chill out for a while.

Hong kong Disneyland

Daughter loves to watch cartoon shows. The first cartoon channel that she enjoys ever since was Disney Junior. She loves this show though she finds time to watch other cartoon channel like cartoon network, Nickelodeon and Disney channel. Still she’s going back to her first favorite, Disney Junior. She knows all the shows, characters, and songs of each show here. I’m happy every time she sing-along with the characters and theme songs. Sometimes Disneyland features in this channel and I see how excited she is.

So, I wish my daughter and I will visit and enjoy Hong kong Disneyland in the next few years. I’ve visited this place way back 2006 and that time she’s not yet born. I hope this time we will travel together and able to enjoy the place together. For sure my daughter would be very happy seeing all her favorite characters in Disneyland.

 photo disneylandhongkong_zpsd4f5ce3d.jpg
Google photo

Sigh, I need to earn lots of money. If possible, I want her to experience Disney on her 7th birthday. She’s 5 now. I hope I can save money to use or miracle would come, lol. Hong kong Disneyland wait for us, wink!

10 Free Attractions Available In London

Notably, London is known for its expensive hotels, restaurants and activities, but there is so much more to city than meets the eye and so much more that can be done for free. The capital has a plethora of museums that cost nothing to visit and not forgetting the vast array of markets that will keep you entertained for hours. Below is just a short list of what you can do for free in one of the best cities in the world.


As mentioned previously, London is a glow with education and learning that comes in the form of its world famous museums; not to mention it’s all for free. The British Museum hosts a range of artefacts and exhibits, from the Rosetta Stone to more modern and up-to-date displays that will please anyone’s taste. Another museum that boasts a tonne of history, and this time it’s local, is the Museum of London. Once again, there’s no admission charge and you’re free to take a leisurely wander around and pick up loads of interesting facts.

The British Museum photo TheBritishMuseum_zpsa7127d2a.jpg
Google photo

If it’s sea history you’re after, then why not take a free visit to the National Maritime Museum? Situated in the thriving area of Greenwich, the museum is home to all things sea and boats and is a great place for kids to learn and interact with a subject they might not know that much about. But if sea life and marine artefacts aren’t your thing, then the Natural History Museum should cover everything else for you. From dinosaurs to pickled wildlife, this museum is a must-see when visiting London.


Art is in wide reach throughout London and there’s so much you can see for free. Not only do you have the Tate Modern and Tate Britain, which both offer magnificent works from the 16th Century to today, but there are so many more galleries to visit.

The National Gallery is home to Western European classics, such as Van Gogh, da Vinci and many more, and you can see all these famous artworks for as little as, well, nothing! If it’s faces you’re after, and specifically famous faces, then take a trip to the National Portrait Gallery; you’ll even get to see Andy Worhol’s portrait of the Queen.

Notable Landmarks

To really soak up the culture of London and get to grips with what with city is all about, then a visit to the Houses of Parliament is an absolute must. You can even book a place to watch the Members of Parliament in action, but this is entirely your choice.

We’ve all heard of St. Paul’s Cathedral, but this has an admission price, so if you’re looking for a religious building that doesn’t charge entry, then try St. Paul’s Church. Situated in Covent Garden, the church was the first outing for Punch and Judy. You’ll find that you may learn many interesting facts that will trump over those paying to go to the cathedral.