The Jackson Guitars

Are you familiar with any of the Jackson guitars? Honestly, I’m not. I just accidentally read some information about this guitar brand. So, this guitar exploded during the late 70s and early 80s. The founder of this guitar is Grover Jackson so no doubt the guitar was named after him. Jackson’s guitars and basses have contributed an important chapter to the history of heavy metal. This actually produces a heavy rock-friendly guitar which makes loud and heavy sounds. One instrument they offer is classic jackson electric guitars. I will read more about this guitar; my daughter might ask me again when she sees this kind of guitar. She is fond of asking about instrument staff.

Hot Travel Destinations with Great Discount

I received an email from an online store. They offer great discount in almost all hot travel destinations in the country. This includes Boracay, Ilocos, Palawan and Camariner Sur. The deal includes airfare, accommodations, tours and transfers. All their travel deals are easy on the budget because there is an option to pay light with 3, 6 or 12 months installment.
The offer is very tempting and soon summer is here. Summer is the only time we can unwind and I think it’s convenient to book early. Should I book now? I want …but, paying is the big question =).

Aside from the top destinations in the country, this online store also offers international travel with huge discount also. Haist, if only money is not a dilemma, I will definitely book a flight as early as today. At any rate, have you done online booking? How is it? I read a post long time ago regarding her experience in online booking. She said the transaction was smooth but when they already in the place they did not like the room they stayed in. The room didn’t match on what had written in the package but I think it’s not happen all the time.

Time flies, we just celebrated New Year and now love month is nearly coming. Well, 11 months to go before 2014 ends, hope Hongkong tour would happen this year. Online tasks please come to me, don’t be shy hehhe!

Hongkong Disneyland photo 39463_1389673258_7162_zps578a33cc.jpg

The Cowbell Sounds

Because my daughter likes musical instrument, she’s always asking me the name of an instrument whenever she saw new one. One time when we were in the mall, we passed by in a music store. She wanted to try every instruments but of course I didn’t let her touch all instead only those instruments outside the store. It’s embarrassing if you will try every thing and won’t buy any. There is an instrument that both new to our eyes, it’s like a cowbell at guitar center. The staff let my daughter played it and it’s cute. I think it does belong to the family of percussion. Just strike it with any kind of thing and it will produce sound. Nice feeling, daughter and I learned new musical instrument but hope one day we will have a chance to own one.

cowbell photo cowbell_zps7d53b7d2.jpeg

Places to Visit in Mauban, Quezon

Last Saturday, we went to Mauban, Quezon. The place is my mother’s birth place. We rarely visit her hometown even though Mauban is just an hour away from our place. The reason we went there was to see my cousin’s funeral wake. We didn’t go there for vacation and we just stayed in the house of my cousin’s wake. Sorry, I don’t have my personal photos to share and instead grabbed some of the photos available online for you to see some of the tourist spots in Mauban, Quezon. I’m not sure when I will be going back to my mother’s hometown but I hope the next time is for vacation purposes so I can share my personal thoughts about Mauban, Quezon.

Cagbalete Island (photos 1 and 2), Power Plant (photo 3), Dahoyhoy Falls (photo 4), Calvario Hill (photo 5) and Gat-Uban Sea Wall are just some of the tourist destination in Mauban, Quezon. I hope to explore all these beautiful spots.

cagbalete island photo cagbaleteisland_zpsa2b2e7de.jpg
cagbalete island photo cagbaleteisland1_zps673790bd.jpg
Mauban Power Plant photo MaubanPowerPlant3_zps539fdfde.jpg
Dahoyhoy Falls photo Dahoyhoyfalls_zpse4f064c0.jpg
Calvario Hill photo calvariohill_zps9c2fecba.jpg
Gat-Uban Sea Wall photo Gat-UbanSeaWall_zps1736bd68.jpg
Disclaimer – Photos used aren’t mine. If the owner/s think i should not post all these photos in my blog kindly give me a buzz and i will delete it right away, thanks.

Gift Ideas for Him

I was looking for a perfect gift that I will be given to my nephew this Holiday season. He loves musical instruments specifically guitar. So I’m thinking if hofner bass guitar case at Musicians Friend is fine. I just hope he has this kind of guitar. I’m not certain of the guitar he has now but he has one electric guitar and not sure with the other one. Anyway, if not this guitar case I will think of other gift for my nephew that is related to his hobby.

Simbang Gabi in the Philippines

December 16 is the start of Simbang Gabi. This is the Filipino version of the Misa de Gallo and usually begins on December 16 and ends on December 24. This celebration is held during dawn hours at around four o’clock in the morning.

According to the old belief of the Filipinos, if you completed all nine days of the Simbang Gabi and made a wish it would come true. Until now this belief is acceptable.

At this time also Christmas foods are available in the street right after the mass. Foods like puto bumbong (purple-colored rice pastry with grated coconut and brown sugar) and bibingka (rice cake).

When I was young I used to attend Simbang Gabi because the church was near in our place. Sadly, when we moved in our current house I haven’t attended any Simbang Gabi. We have here in the subdivision I think it is held every night at 7pm but for some reasons I haven’t tried attending the said Simbang Gabi.

Stunning Jewelry Collection

white gold bracelet photo whitegoldbracelet_zps9eeada65.jpg

Do you love jewelry? If you do, I visited a site earlier and they are selling wide collection of stunning jewelries like rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I like their dancing diamonds because it’s really eye-catching. Wonder what is the dancing diamonds? You should go visit the site below. You will be amazed with their collections and if you visit them you won’t miss chance to get discount especially on their 1,000 rings with up to 50-70% off.

The store in salt lake city jewelry has provided Utah with custom jewelry at wholesale prices for over 25 years! Call 801-335-9448 or drop by for the wedding ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings of your dreams!

dancing diamond earrings photo dancingdiamondearrings_zps3e1ecedb.jpg

Bonding Time @ Mall of Asia

This is the continuation of our Manila day last week. So after our shopping in Divisoria we went to Mall of Asia before going back to Lucena. I think we were there from 7pm till 9.30pm. Here are some of the photos at Mall of Asia. The first and second photos were taken outside the mall. It says I love MOA.
 photo MOA_zps950ac28c.jpg  photo mallofasia_zps551e0133.jpg They are not in Sentosa Singapore. Still in Mall of Asia.
 photo Sentosa_zps3a0171e6.jpg Inside the mall at the back of my daughter is the giant Christmas tree of MOA.
 photo mallofasiachristmastree_zpsb4fe3912.jpg Santa Claus was there when we arrived but we were late on the picture taking activity.

Filipino Loves Videoke

Time flies, it’s already December. It only means Holiday season is fast approaching. Here in the Philippines we are celebrating this season as early as September so you can see different Christmas ornaments already and Christmas songs as early as this month. Aside from the yummy Filipino foods that the families are eating together during this time, we also love doing videoke. Whatever your voice it doesn’t matter as long as you are enjoying. I have neighbor here who loves videoke and their sound system is really strong but irritating, I doubt if they are using krk sub because the sound is not enjoyable to hear.

Weekend Shopping @ Divisoria

 photo Christmas_zpsf351d0dc.jpg
Daughter’s photo outside one of the stores in Divisoria

Last Saturday we went to Manila. The latter is 4-5 hours long drive from our place. So even we want to visit this place and shop all the time its hard. Maybe if I have my own car then there’s no excuse of going here once in a while. Last January 2013 when we last shopped here so almost a year after.

Our first destination was Divisoria. Christmas is fast approaching so we went there to find cheap clothes, bags and Christmas ornaments. We already left the house at around 6am. We fetched my brother-in-law in Alabang because he’s working in that place. Then we headed to Divisoria and I think around 11am were already inside Divisoria. Since it was Saturday so I already expected many people but I never thought how huge the people that day. It’s hard to shop if there are many people plus if you have your kid with you.

So before doing our shopping we decided to eat our lunch first. We can’t find a seat for us and all were occupied already. It ends up eating pizza in the corner. Then we started our shopping. I can’t find the things I needed so I only purchased some items.

I felt dizzy already late in the afternoon because of the crowded people, tired of walking, having my daughter with me, her complains, I can’t take the different smell and my feet were aching already.

So here are my tips if you have planned of going to Divisoria don’t let your kid/s come with you. Well, I don’t have someone to take care of my daughter here so I really need to bring her with me. If you have someone to take care of your kid, I suggest not bring them in your shopping. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes especially if you will spend lots of time. Bring extra size bag so all your purchased will be put in one bag and no items will be left behind. Also list down everything you need so you won’t spend much time and bring foods if necessary especially if you have kid with you.

Anyhow, around 5pm we already finished our shopping and we headed to Mall of Asia. I will share some of our photos in this mall next time.