Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon

Earlier I was searching for a cave near at my place. I haven’t tried going into a cave, so for some adventure this summer I want to experience inside a cave and I think experiencing this thing is cool, fun and exciting. I didn’t know that there is beach like Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon. I’m residing in Lucena and Pagbilao, Quezon is our neighboring town.

Kwebang lampas photo kwebanglampas1_zps21287609.jpg

According to my research, Kwebang Lampas is one of the best attractions in Pagbilao, Quezon. The place derived its name from a rock formation which forms part of a cove. The continuous action of the waves had sculpted the rock into a lovely and unique cave. If you are interested in caves and geological formations, or enthusiastic of white sand beaches, the beach and its Kwebang Lampas is a good place to see.

One of the travelers mentioned that this place is really beautiful and it’s like a virgin island. You can see the fishes because of the transparency of water. Oh well, I should visit Kwebang Lampas and the fact its near to us, there is no reason of not going in the place. If this happens, I will definitely give more information about the place.

kwebang lampas photo kwebanglampas_zps3b3e0ed8.jpg
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DZMM Teleradyo

I like watching teleradyo especially DZMM. This is broadcast same time over television and radio. It features DZMM’s radio programmes as well as live video feed of the radio booth itself. It means viewers can hear and see the people currently in the studio speaking on air. Many of the programs are about news and current events. My favorite every time I’m watching DZMM is Usapang de Campanilla. The show is airing Mondays – Fridays at 9pm. They give free legal advices with well-known attorneys. Anyway, every time I’m watching DZMM, I always see the host or the anchor using a tool. This tool makes sound. I can’t explain properly but whenever the host wants to put a sound while talking or after, the host will just press or move the tool back and forth. I’m not sure if this is the midi pad controllers at guitar center that I saw in an online site. It looks like but I’m not sure. If this is the tool, I think it’s cool. You can make or produce any sound out of this pad controller.

Travel Tips

Last time I shared the places you can visit in the Philippines this summer. This time let me share some travel tips that would make your travel easy and without a hitch.

1. Plan ahead of time – planning your vacation ahead of time is necessary. If you have long preparation, for sure you can find many offers especially online that provides discount rate in your travel destination. You can search first different travel sites and look for huge discount before committing. Find also travel tours that offer hotel, airfare and activities in one package.

2. Pack important things – packing can be exhausting so I suggest bring things that important only. You can write down what you need ahead of time to make sure nothing important things to forget.

3. Save money – although travel needs money we can still travel by not spending too much. Let say you are traveling long; you can save money by bringing foods. You can bring cooler and load it with foods and drinks.

4. Keep Kids Occupied – make sure to bring different activities for them to keep busy. Coloring books, blank papers in case they want to write, crossword puzzles and other activity sheets.

5. Pack a travel insurance plan – it’s important to have travel insurance especially when traveling abroad. Well, I think it’s required. We don’t want anything happen in our vacation but in case, travel insurance is a big help.

Street Parade

The other day, on my way to a shopping store, I saw a parade with students, teachers and faculty members of one particular school. I learned that the school was celebrating their foundation day. To start their celebration, they had this parade in the street. I noticed the parade wasn’t that huge. I was expecting street dancing or students will perform something in the parade. Oh well, maybe it was just a simple parade just to show their school is celebrating foundation. Hmm, I forgot there was a band marching in the parade, that made the parade noticeable. They wore simple band uniforms but still cute.

Best Places to Visit in the Philippines this Summer

Time flies, it’s already the end of February and tomorrow is the start of another month. Perhaps you are already planning your summer vacation as early as today. If you would ask me, our family usually don’t plan summer vacation it’s just come unexpectedly. Just like last year we went to Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte and we didn’t plan it ahead of time. I remember my sister called in the morning and she said we will go to Batangas. Later in the afternoon, she called again to say Batangas tours will be changed to Ilocos Sur. So for this year I look forward to any unexpected places we would be visiting, I hope I have budget when that time comes.

I was searching on the best places to visit in the Philippines this summer and here are the places I got according to She mentioned 10 beautiful places but i only got 8 from the list. I was thankful because I have been visited some of these places but still look forward to enjoy them again in the near future.
mayon volcano photo mayonvolcano_zps41107f72.jpeg 1- Mayon Volcano – it is located in the province of Albay, part of Luzon island. It was said that this volcano is the most active volcano in the Philippines having erupted 49times in the past 400 years. Things you can do here are climbing, camping, hiking and photography. When my father was still with us, I remember him wanted to visit Albay but it didn’t push through.

chocolate hills photo chocolatehills_zpsf0223655.jpg2. Chocolate Hills – We have been in Cebu and Bohol last 2011. I was thankful because I have the chance to visit Chocolate Hills before the earthquake happened last year. Oh well, I’m sure the city government is doing all the possible ways to return the beauty of Bohol especially the tourist destinations.

puerto princesa underground river photo puertoprincesaundergroundriver_zps3708efda.jpg3. Puerto Princesa Underground River – The beautiful underground river and said to be the most beautiful subterranean river in the world. We should be proud of. I haven’t been in Palawan and this place is on my travel list. I have seen this Underground River in different TV shows and admiring the beauty of the place. I’m not surprised why it was included in the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

boracay photo boracay_zpsc25f984c.jpeg 4. Boracay Island – it is located in Aklan, Western Visayas. It is the most famous island in the Philippines and known for its white sand. I have been in Boracay way back 2006 and it’s really a nice place to stay this summer. With so many activities to enjoy and still counting. I hope to visit Boracay again in the near future.

Vigan photo vigan_zps5ed1229b.jpeg5. Vigan City Located at the northern part of the Philippines, listed in the UNESCO world heritage list since 1999 for its unique Spanish colonial history in Asia and the very well-preserved Spanish monumental buildings which where built in the 18th century.
I visited Vigan 3 times and the previous was last summer. I will never get tired visiting this place because there are many good places to visit and if you want to experience the Spanish heritage; this is the right place.

El Nido Palawan photo elnidopalawan_zpsaa04137d.jpeg6. El Nido Palawan – who wouldn’t love to visit this place? Been seeing the place in the net and television and of course i’m not satisfied just looking at them. I want to see with my own eyes the beautiful place of El Nido. A perfect place for island hopping snorkeling and diving. El Nido is composed of 45 islands and islets, each with its own unique features.

Burnham park photo burnhampark_zpsa96c2666.jpeg7. Burnham Park Located at the heart of Baguio City, it was named after the American architect Daniel Hudson Burnham who laid the plans for the city. You can enjoy boating, bicycle, skating, sports and gaming areas. I’m thankful because I have been in Baguio for many times and have enjoyed this park.

All photos are not mine!

Facts about Timeshares

Have you heard about timeshares ? According to a site, a timeshare is a property with a particular form of ownership or use rights. These properties are typically resort condominium units, in which multiple parties hold rights to use the property.

So how a timeshare works? You don’t have to pay the full price for a certain property; instead you pay a share of the price. This share allows you to use the property for a certain period of time every year. Your stay depends on how much you have shared.

This infographic shows an estimated 4.4 million US households owned one or more weekly-interval timeshares. I wonder how many numbers added as of today. And surprisingly Mexico holds an amazing 40% of all timeshare resorts worldwide. Wow, I’m not sure the advantages and disadvantages of getting timeshares but with the growing numbers, I guess I should consider it.

Cute USB Collection

Today is the start of the 17th Foundation Day of my daughter’s school. The celebration will be celebrated for a week. For preschool, the activities are amazing talents, kite flying, bake sale, splash day and family fun day. This only means that camera will be my companion for some souvenir pictures. Aside from the camera, USB is very important because I can’t transfer the photos here in the laptop. I have one but it’s just banana USB photo bananausb_zpsc394bcd9.jpgsimple and bought it for less. And because it’s a cheap USB I should not surprised if this USB will get break in no time.

I saw usb promotional items in one of the sites I have visited earlier. Their collection of USB is cute with different designs like animal, tire, tennis racket, wristband, panda-shaped, carrot-shaped, sofa-shaped and a lot more. Hmm, I’m thinking of getting one banana-shaped USB, it’s so cute =).

Stunning Vistas Beach Resort, El Nido Palawan

Summer is fast approaching. Do you have any plans this season? For sure beaches, swimming pools, resorts and water activities are included in your summer getaway. Last year we went to Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte and enjoyed the beach of Pagudpud. Now, we don’t have a plan yet but I hope we would go somewhere because this is the only time we enjoy vacation even for a short time.

While browsing I saw several travel packages with huge discount. Travel packages include not only in the Philippines but outside the country. I haven’t been in Palawan so this place is one that I look forward to visit.

If I would visit Palawan, I might consider Stunning Vistas Beach Resort as the place to stay. It is a 1-minute walk to Bacuit Bay. Some of the features of Stunning Vistas beach resort are resto-bar serves vegetarian, Mexican, Italian and Asian dishes. With 24-hours front desk, free Wi-Fi in all areas. All rooms are equipped with a satellite TV, desk and seating area, balcony/terrace with sea view. Private bathroom included a hot and cold shower and free toiletries. Towels and linen are provided.

Bacuit Bay photo bacuitbay_zpsdeb8645c.jpg

If you are looking for water sport activities, the place is famous for island hopping, diving, swimming, snorkeling and windsurfing.
Tennis courts are also available. Airport shuttle services can be arranged at a surcharge.

The Island Hopping Tour will bring you to El Nido’s famous spots with stops at:
• Secret Lagoon – located in Miniloc Island and hidden in plain sight by cliffs; a truly wonderful surprise of Nature
• Small Lagoon – has crystal clear, shallow water where you can float around and relax
• Big Lagoon – larger than Small Lagoon, its waters are of a deep emerald color surrounded by towering cliffs
• Shimizu Island with buffet lunch – has teeming schools of fish around the island on which you can enjoy your buffet lunch
• 7 Commandos Beach – has soft, powdery sand you can enjoy walking on

Hotel Stay + Tour – Php 3,199
Offer includes: Per person rate, 3D/2N Standard Room accommodations at Stunning Vistas Beach Resort, with daily breakfast, Island Hopping Tour with lunch, with tour guide, boat fee, entrance fee, life vest, insurance, shed rental fee, and tour permits.

Stunning Vistas Beach Resort photo stunningvistaselnido_zpsdf831884.jpg

Validity Period: February 15, 2014 to August 1, 2014
Booking Period: January 15, 2014 to June 30, 2014
Block-out Dates: April 11 to 21, 2014
15 days prior reservations is required
Travel dates must be 5 days before expiration of validity period
Minimum of 4 persons travelling together.
Package rate is per person per voucher.
Required 2 vouchers for this package
The package is non-refundable for any inclusion items not used or taken.
For more info visit cashcashpinoy site.
Disclaimer – Photos are not mine

The Effect of a Fender Amplifier to a Certain Instrument

If you are fond of playing guitar specifically electric guitar Fender Amps are best companion of this guitar. Using amplifier like this produces good sound. The sound of a guitar alone is already soothing to hear but if you connect it in an amplifier there is a possibility that the sound is much better. If you decided to get one, there are different kinds and designs of a fender amplifier to choose from so I suggest reading reviews online first before buying.

fender amps photo fenderamps_zps7b969be7.jpg

Panagbenga Festival 2014 Activities

I have been in Baguio City 3-4 times already. I can’t remember the last time I was there. I think my daughter was still months old and now she’s already 6, so it was really long time ago. For 4 times I have been there, I didn’t experience watching their festival. We always visit Baguio during summer. I hope we could go there again and watch Panagbenga festival. I want to experience Panagbenga Festival (flower festival). This is a month-long yearly flower festival in the summer capital of the Philippines. The festival includes floats decorated with colorful flowers directly harvested in their place. The celebration also includes street dancing, presented by dancers dressed in flower-inspired costumes. I want to see those beautiful flowers and experience the cold weather. Every time we were in Baguio the weather is not that cold because its already summer though at night you can feel the cold breeze.

Anyhow, it’s impossible for me to watch them live because February is still school days so no chance for us to enjoy the festival. And just like before we will watch the festival on television or online. For those who will travel in Baguio for Panagbenga Festival here is the list of schedule with themed Inspiring the Community for a Greener Tomorrow.

Panagbenga 2014 – Calendar of Traditional Events

February 01 Opening Ceremonies
Grand Opening Parade – Drum and
Lyre Band Competition

February 01 Baguio Blooms – Landscaping
– March 02 Competition and Exposition

February 14 Philippines Military Academy
-15 Alumni Homecoming

February 16 Handog ng Panagbenga sa
Pamilya Baguio
Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom

February 22 Street Dancing Parade

February 23 Grand Flower Float Parade

February 24 Session Road in Bloom
– March 02

March 01 Pony Boys’ Day

March 02 Closing Ceremonies and Grand
Fireworks Display