Nuvali @ Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Few weeks ago we visited Nuvali in Sta. Rosa Laguna. It wasn’t a planned. My sister called asking us if we wanted to come with them in Nuvali. I joined them because daughter and I haven’t visited any places this year aside from our place. We left Lucena at around 11 am. We thought at 1-2pm we will be in Nuvali already. Sadly, it didn’t happen because of heavy traffic in Tiaong, Quezon. There was a bridge construction in the area which really brought traffic not for a day but for many days. We were stacked for so long that we decided to change our route. Imagined vehicles going to Manila used all the roads including vehicles going back to Lucena. So we went back and go to the route going to Batangas. After a long drive we finally landed into our destination. And because we arrived late at around 5-6pm we didn’t see the beauty of Nuvali. One thing we wanted to do is the fish feeding activity. Too bad, it’s getting dark so we didn’t enjoy that much but at least we still saw fishes. It would be nice to have pictures with fishes as background. This is my daughter as you could see its dark and haven’t seen fishes in this photo.

Nuvali photo Nuvali_zpsb826890a.jpg

By the way, visitors are allowed to feed the fishes but you should only give fish foods brought from them. Don’t you worry because it doesn’t cause that much. You could avail the fish food for P15 per pack. I’m sure your little kids would enjoy this activity.

Other activities that you should do when you are in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna, these are based on what I searched online. In the list are biking for P60/hour, birds watching – various types of birds that you could enjoy. Picnics just put a blanket in the clean grass and enjoy sightseeing, or simply exchanging stories with your family and loved one. There is also outdoor movie, too bad we didn’t enjoy this thing also. Filipinos love to eat so food tripping wouldn’t be a dilemma. There are other activities to enjoy and the good thing all the activities are great for the whole family. Well, I hope to visit Nuvali once again and enjoy everything in this place.

Would Consider Getting Speaker

I’m enjoying watching Korean drama using tablet. Just recently I found a way to download the drama first and transfer it on my USB. I got the USB for free from the TV i bought years ago. The USB can be inserted on television and thankful because all the episodes are working fine. I’m happy already watching them through tablet but watching Korean drama on television is much better. Of course the screen is wide on television. I don’t need headset because I can hear the volume very well. Sometimes you can’t hear in tablet much because the built-in speaker isn’t good. On my TV, I don’t need speaker or anything but I know using this thing would emphasis the volume. Well, if I really need speaker would love to get one. Good thing musician’s friend 20% off is available online.

Star Scout First Activity

My daughter is now part of Star Scout. Last month they had Fun walk and some of the private and public schools in our place joined the activity. It was started from the mall and ended in Perez Park, Lucena  photo mapofthephilippines_zps72699d14.jpgCity. Here, the Quezon Provincial Capitol also located. I thought after the walk, the activity was over already. When we were in the park the organized of the Girl Scout of the Philippines in Lucena welcomed all the children. It’s the first activity since the classes started this June. As part of welcoming the Girl Scout and star scout members they also invited magician and clown to make the activity more enjoyable. My daughter enjoyed the magician show most. After that the organizer mentioned that there was on-going museum viewing in the capitol. Before going home we visited the museum. In the museum they featured photos of the old leaders of Quezon Province. Stuffed that were really old, costumes of the leaders had worn and many more. Taking photos are not allowed, I wonder why? Though they said photos are not allowed, I asked my daughter to make a pose in the map of the Philippines. Our country has 7,107 islands and honestly, I’m already in my mid 30’s and haven’t visited ¼ of these islands. If money isn’t a problem would really love to travel and witness the beauty of our country.

Guitar Tablature Online

If you’re new in playing guitar, I think knowing how to read a guitar tab is important. Well, I’m not an expert on this thing. I don’t even play a simple guitar but watching musicians I learned that this is a must to play guitar very well.

In gutier center they have thousand collection of guitar tab. If you are looking for this stuff better check the site and for sure you will find what you’re looking with their huge collection. I will share this to my nephew because his passionate of guitar. he might find guitar tablature on this site.

Benefits of Traveling

It’s always a wonderful feeling when you travel. Sadly, I don’t practice this at all times. Money is always the dilemma, wink! But if I have lots of money, I will consider going from one place to another.

For me travel makes me feel stress free. You leave the problem in the house or at your work and just stay happy and enjoy the place. Though we have so many problems in life, sometimes we need to forget them for awhile and do some relaxation by means of traveling. If money is really a problem, I think even a simple stroll in the neighborhood with beautiful flowers and clean surrounding for me it can makes us happy.

Another benefit of traveling is meeting people with different cultures. It’s really nice to know other people and know their cultures. Probably, we could make friends with them. Aside from the culture and the people, the foods are always present. We are curious of the taste of the foods in a certain place we visit. Of course we travel because we want to enjoy and witness the beautiful spots of a certain place.

Above all, travel creates memorize for a lifetime. Memorize that can’t buy. How I wish I could do travel twice a year whether here in the Philippines or other countries. It would be an awesome experience. You only live once so make the most of it by going from one place to another. So money please come to me so all these things can happen, lol!.

Benefits of Omega-3

I have heard that omega 3 is important especially in our heart. Actually not only for the heart but it’s good for every cell in our body. This site amazed me for having products that rich with this omega 3. I have tried baking and oil is an essential ingredients. I’m using different kinds of oil but I found out that using omega 3 would be beneficial especially with joints, heart, mood and behavior, women’s health (can help women experiencing pregnancy, painful menstruation and menopause), for healthy skin, diabetics, weight management and Autism & ADHD. Anyway, will read more about this but need to stop for now because i need to fetch my daughter from school.

Daughter @ Villa Escudero

I’m back to blogging. I’ve been idled for months but now I’m definitely back from the thing i used to do for 5 years already. Honestly, this laptop haven’t used for a long time also and just contented checking emails and other online stuff using cell phone. All my blogs were affected because of my laziness lately. Anyway, I was checking my photo files and saw photos of my daughter with her cousins last summer. The photos were taken last April when my daughter’s cousins visited us all the way from Canada. See, these photos were taken 4 months ago and today is the only chance to share. So please laziness stay away from me haha. I want to go back to my regular blogging routine.

Back to the photos, I got jealous with my daughter because she went to Villa Escudero already (just kidding). I’m happy with my daughter though I wasn’t with here, but still she enjoyed the place with my sister’s family. My daughter sometimes doesn’t want to go without me but this time she did it so I’m happy with my girl. And i can see her happiness in all the photos here.

According to their official site – Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort was founded in the 1880s by Don Placido Escudero and his wife Dona Claudia Marasigan. Originally planted to sugarcane, the crop was converted to coconut by their son Don Arsenio Escudero in the early 1900s. A pioneering agro-industrialist, he built the country’s first working hydroelectric plant to supply his desiccated coconut factory and Villa Escudero, where he and his wife Dona Rosario Adap built in 1929.

Their children opened the estate to the public in 1981. From its humble beginnings, the resort has become a prime tourist destination for locals, overseas Filipinos and a wide array of foreign visitors to the country. It has a worldwide reputation as a showcase for the Philippines’ rich cultural heritage, offering a beguiling glimpse of its history, cuisine, dress, customs and natural beauty a mere two hours away from Manila.

Here are some of my daughter and cousins photos.

 photo villaescuderoparadise_zps540bed02.jpg
 photo villaescuderofalls_zpsb023b07d.jpg
 photo villaescuderoboating_zps6252061f.jpg
Bamboo Rafts
 photo villaescudero_zps02c02743.jpg
WaterFalls Restaurants
 photo villaescudero111_zps7ea725dc.jpg
 photo playgroundvillaescudero_zpse7b93e7b.jpg
 photo slidevillaescudero_zpscdf846f0.jpg
 photo villaescudero_zpsb230f312.jpg

Hot to Get Here – Take the South superhighway and exit at 50A (Lucena, Legaspi, Batangas exit). Turn left at the Sto. Tomas junction. Head straight down, by-passing the town of Alaminos and San Pablo City proper. Slow down upon seeing Quezon arch and turn left immediately after.

Gift Ideas for Mothers

How is your day? I’m glad I’m writing on this blog today. It has been months since I last updated this blog. Well, honestly, I don’t have any places to share that I have been in the past days or months. Since the classes started my time is always house and school. And if not daughter and I will just attend the mass and mall after. Its our normal routine since this June. Anyway, tomorrow is my daughter’s first quarterly examination. Three subjects for tomorrow so we were really tired reviewing these three subjects. I’m sad for my daughter because I know she’s tired already after school but we need to study or review in the house to get ready for her examination. I think we were done reviewing after 5-6 hours. After the review my daughter goes to the bad immediately and fell asleep right away. Sorry, Kyla were doing this for your own sake. She asked me  photo mothers_affection_comp_240px_zps04678397.jpgsome rewards after the examination. Well, I should consider that knowing all the efforts she made for her examination tomorrow. I’m thinking I should get reward also, hahah. It’s really tiring today but fulfilling knowing that you know she understands everything. Speaking of reward I found in this website mothers rings and other accessories that a mother would love.

August-Inn Resort at Siniloan, Laguna

Last April 4, we enjoyed a night-stay in August-Inn Resort. We didn’t plan to visit this resort; actually we aren’t familiar in the place until our stay. The initial plan was to visit my brother-in-law relatives in Laguna. The relatives have swimming pool but when we arrived the pool has no water. It was already night because we visited other place. Instead of going back in Lucena one of the relatives mentioned August-Inn Resort. We decided to visit the place and the night stay experience was okay.

Sorry I don’t have photos yet. My niece hasn’t uploaded the photos but will try to share some of our photos next time. Instead I share some photos of August-Inn Resort that I got from the website below.

According to; August-Inn Resort has 20,000 square-meter leisure facilities located along the Manila East Road Extension, Siniloan, Laguna, Philippines, near the foot of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges. Since opening its doors in 2005, the resort has quickly become one of the region’s more familiar happening places having been known for its casual and cozy ambience, variety of amenities, superb maintenance, and affordable prices. Recent celebrations in the resort include wedding receptions, family reunions, birthdays, debuts, company and school outings, team buildings, ballroom dancing, a mini-concert and the campaign sorties of various candidates in concluded local and national elections. Just a 2-hour drive from Metro Manila on well-paved roads will take you to this nature hideaway surrounded by majestic mountains and plains, giving you a 360-degree view of nature while you enjoy its many amenities and services.

August-Inn Resort Amenities

Swimming pool – with two adult pools and one children’s pool. According to what I read the pools are well-maintained pools as cool, clean, spring water fills all three pools and is treated and replaced regularly. Well, I can attest to that.

August Inn resort pool photo swimmingpoolaugustinnresort_zps959dd37d.jpg
August Inn resort pool. photo augustinnresortpool_zps97d5d65a.jpg

Convention Center – for events like weddings, anniversaries, seminars, conferences and other events.

Main and Mini Pavilion – caters for large (300 to about 500 seating capacity and small gatherings 60 – 80 guests set in a cozy native restaurant type atmosphere. The place is ideal for birthdays and small reunions.

Guest House and Villas – we stayed one of the villas, its large because it occupied the whole family. We were 15 (13 adults and 2 kids). The villa has 7 beds that can be shared.

August Inn resort Villa photo villaaugustinresort_zpsf5808829.jpg
August Inn resort inside villa photo insidethevillaaugustinnresort_zps59fc3a54.jpg

Playground – Located beside the children’s pool is a generously-spaced playground with a slide, see-saw, swings and play pipes. This area is provided free of charge for resort guests both young and the young-at-heart.

August Inn resort playground photo playgroundaugustinnresort_zps6f13e475.jpg

Other amenities – badminton courts, billiards, cable ride, videoke, aviary, water falls, windmill, canteen and parking area.

Contact Resort-Inn Resort

Manila East Road Extension
Sitio Butadero, Brgy. Halayhayin
Siniloan, Laguna, Philippines
Landline: +63 (49) 5720150

Cellphone Numbers
Sun : +63 (922) 8486907
Globe : +63 (917) 8007824

Email address

Gift Ideas for Graduation

I have a niece who will be graduating from high school this coming 29th of March. She was with me yesterday and asking for a gift. She said the gift is for graduation and birthday because April is her birthday. Hmm, so what’s the best gift for graduation? I saw Reeds mikimoto selection online and all their jewelries are stunning. I think for a youngster like my niece a piece of jewelry is wonderful present already. Congratulations Nina and good luck in college.