Summer 2016 is Here

Summer is already here. For sure some are already planning different adventures this season. So what are your plans? Normally, we visit a certain place during holy week but I don’t think we will do this thing this year. My mother was confined again in the hospital and just discharged the other day. She needs to rest so I don’t think we will go far place this holy week. Many times, we choose Northern Luzon and this is a long drive. Holy week is the time our family travels and I look forward for this every year. But as I said we might not go anywhere because of my mother condition, health of my mother is more important.

Summer is already a topic anywhere. In the mall, I noticed they already display different summer outfits and other summer stuff. Not just the mall but even small stores already selling summer stuff. Even toy store is selling summer stuff like inflatable pool. In television, one of the shows shared places or activities to enjoy this summer. It’s already a talk in the town. Well, I hope summer season would be a memorable one for me and my family despite of my mother’s condition.

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Hope to find Piso Fare

My niece will be celebrating her 18 birthday this coming April. Unlike other women she doesn’t like the idea of doing party or debut celebration. She wanted to travel abroad. She’s planning to visit Hongkong again, though she already visited the place. She wanted us to come with her but I still don’t say yes. Financial is always an issue. I have little earnings but I don’t want to use all the money because there are more important things to do. Honestly, I wanted to go not for me but for my daughter. So, i keep on searching for lowest fare. We can join if I could possibly find great deals. Earlier I was browsing one particular airline and delighted to see lowest fare offer not piso fare but still huge discount. I thought this would be the answer to my dilemma, but I don’t know this deal will works. Booking is until January 21 or until seat lasts so I think I can use the promotion. The travel destination is just right for the date we are planning. Oh well, I hope to get this deal because compared to original fare its really a huge huge discount.

Pickguard for your Guitar

Do you have fender instruments? Did you know that you can change the look of your instrument easily by changing the pickguard. The latter is also known as scratchplate. This is a piece of plastic or other material that is placed on the body of a guitar, mandolin and other similar plucked string instrument. If you have this pickguard this will serve us protection for your instrument from being scratched. If you want to get the best scratchplate why not consider fender jaguar pickguard, you can choose from different materials and colors that best suit to your likings.

Panagbenga 2016 Schedule of Activities

Time flies, it’s already 2016. I hope this brand new year will bring luck to everyone. As for myself I hope my 2016 will be a blast and do the things I didn’t accomplish last year. I hope to travel even in the nearby places. Actually, I only travel during summer vacation and common destination was Ilocos and Baguio City. This time, I want to go to other places that are not in the northern area. Well, during vacation my daughter and I only join the rest of the family and they decide where to go. So we will see in the coming months.

Anyway, I was watching news earlier and saw Baguio City. This morning the temperature there was 13 degrees. I really wanted to experience that cold weather. I think I visited Baguio City for 5x times but never experienced cold weather because we always visit Baguio in the summer season. And most of the time the temperature was 23 degrees something like that. Speaking of Baguio, they are known for the month-long Panagbenga Festival happening during month of February. Same with the cold weather, I also wanted to witness this festival but since it happens during February, it is impossible to witness this celebration with my own eyes.

For those who are interested to witness Panagbenga 2016, here are the schedules of this event.

The Panagbenga 2016 Schedule of Traditional Events

February 1, 2016
Grand Opening Parade: Drum and Lyre Competition- Elementary Division Panagbenga Park-Session Road-Magsaysay Avenue-Harrison Road-Melvin jones Football Grounds
February 1, 2016 Concert Atrium, SM City Baguio
February 1 – March 6, 2016 Baguio Blooms Exhibition and Exposition Lake Drive, Burnham Park
February 8, 2016 Chinese Spring Festival City-Wide
February 14, 2016 Handog ng Panagbenga Sa Pamilya Baguio
– Let a thousand Flowers Bloom
-Panagbenga 2016 Kite-Flying Challenge
-Panagbenga Variety Show
– Fireworks Display
Melvin Jones Grandstand and Football Grounds
February 19-21, 2016 PMA Grand Alumni Homecoming PMA, Loakan Road
February 15-17, 2016 School Based Landscaping Competition (Judging) City Schools
February 19, 2016 Floral Arrangement Competition (Judging) BCNHS
TBA* Barangay Clean and Green Landscaping Competition (Judging) All Barangays
February 27, 2016
Grand Street Dancing Parade Panagbenga Park-Session Road-Magsaysay Avenue-Harrison Road – Athletic Bowl
February 28, 2016
Grand Float Parade DILG – Session Road – Harrison Road – Athletic Bowl
February 27-28, 2016 Sponsor’s And Exhibitors Day Athletic Bowl
February 29 – March 6, 2016 Session Road In Bloom Session Road
March 5, 2016 Pony Boys Day Wright Park
March 6, 2016 Panagbenga Closing Ceremonies and Grand Fireworks Display

The Corrs, Where Are They?

I haven’t heard from the siblings “The Corrs” for a long time. They were one of my favorite bands during 90s. I have compilation of their albums and still playing their songs. I don’t know when was the last time I heard from them so I’m missing the group already. They are really talented and it’s not usual that siblings are in one group. I envy their talent in music. Caroline was amazing because not all the times I’m seeing girls playing drums. This girl really has talent in this instrument and the way she hits the drum amazing. I don’t know if she can play or have tried log drum. If yes, she’s really gifted. Oh well, I need to search for them online and see if they are still active.

Mary Mediatrix of All Grace Parish

Sorry not updating this blog from time to time. Having old laptop and not functioning well is really embarrassing so I couldn’t update all my blogs. Anyway, this picture wasn’t new. This was taken last August when we went to Lipa City. We didn’t explore the place of Lipa. But had a chance to visit the church of Mary Mediatrix of All Grace Parish. After we gave our thanks and prayers to God, we visited the next church. I think it was the main cathedral but I didn’t see it. I didn’t go down from the car because of the heavy rains. After we visited two churches, we went to SM Lipa to eat lunch. We just stroll in the mall for a short time and we headed back to Lucena City. I think its 2-3 hours back home.

 photo Mary Mediatrix of All Grace Parish_zpsy65vayjh.jpg
SM City Lipa photo SM City Lipa_zpsfsdcfmzi.jpg


Are you familiar with dulcimer? I’m not really but this one looks exciting. I have watched different videos playing dulcimer on youtube and it looks fun to use. It’s like how you play guitar but the look is different. I find the sound pleasant to ears. Hope to see and hold this instrument and have a chance to play it because it looks fantastic. If you are familiar or you might owned this instrument, I think you should dress it with dulcimer case. Not only this instrument but other instruments you have. Having a case is advisable because it adds protection to any musical instrument especially dulcimer. It would be easy to carry your instrument and long life if has a case.

Capture screen and keep the best of conversations for life

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