Enjoy the Summer in Greater Manchester: Oldham

Located between the metropolitan city of Manchester and the blissful setting of the Yorkshire Dales, you’d be surprised at how much there is to do in and around Oldham.

Despite this year’s People’s Carnival having already taken place, it is well worth bearing in mind for next year should you be in Oldham in June. A weekend of family fun, including live music, a funfair, stalls and plenty of family entertainment, it’s a tradition that continues to attract locals and tourists alike.

Pack a picnic and head for the countryside surrounding Oldham for the day. Offering some of the best green spaces in the country, from parks to woodland, it’s a stunning area for the outdoors type. Discover the Countryside Centres which offer a wide range of activities for people of all ages. Pop in to Daisy Nook or Tandle Hill and you’ll find a cafe for a well earned brew.

For those who aren’t scared of getting bruised, there’s the indoor paintballing arena – the largest in the north of the UK, set in the basement of a 19thcentury cotton mill.

Oldham has a thriving nightlife, with many bars and clubs found in the city centre. Although reputed to have a binge drinking culture, Oldham still makes a good night out if a night on the tiles is what you’re after.

For the culture vultures, check out events at the Oldham Coliseum Theatre. Some of the finest names in British theatre have graced its’ stage over the years and the Coliseum is still a fantastic venue for an evening out. Offering an eclectic mix of comedy, drama, musicals and the annual panto, there’s a show for everyone.

Whatever you are visiting Oldham for, make a day of it and stay at a hotel in Oldham centre. Explore during the day, finish off with a dose of nightlife and rest up in a comfortable bed before returning home.

My Page Rank is back!

I think it was month or two that this blog has a Rank of NA (Not Applicable) its like Google doesn’t recognize nor catch any of my written posts. When I first started sharing about my travel experiences through this blog after just a month it gave me PR1. I was happy that time because DA (Direct Advertiser) loves blog site that has PR (page rank). But my excitement and happiness went away because I got a problem with this blog. I was changing something in my template then after a minute the whole blog became devastated. Almost a month before this blog finally came back, alive and kicking as they’re saying. I thought I will not encounter any problem again but when I checked my Page Rank months ago it became NA from PR1.

Some of my blogger friends suggested getting new domain. So, that’s what I was trying to do couple of days ago. I went to my godaddy account and find a new domain for my travel blog. My money is not enough to pay for a new domain so I just saved it from my account. I guess God has a purpose why I didn’t buy the new domain because PR of this blog is back already. By the way, thanks Ryheanne for letting me know that PR of this blog is back.

God is good and I was thinking maybe God thinks I already have problem linking my Bank account with Paypal. The latter already collected money from me as fees because of returning transactions for 3 times. Well, just quick update my bank account was properly linked to Paypal now.

Well, to cut the story hahah, I am happy because my PR is already back. I hope no serious problems will occur in the near future.

CAB prohibits no rebook, no refund policies on Promo Fares

Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) is an agency of the government authorized to control the economic aspect of air transportation. Last night I watched Bandila on ABS-CBN and mentioned CAB wants ban on “no rebook, no refund policies” on promo fares. Cabs resolution no 28 and 29 prohibit local airlines to overbook and to pursue their refund, no rebooking policy, respectively. However, low-cost airlines like Cebu Pacific and Sea air show disagreeable and will even file a motion. Well, this is expected already because it is business, but for us passengers this is good news.

So unlike before promo fares bought is forfeited if not use on the travel date. Now, because of this new policy we can still use our purchased tickets, re book or even refund it if there is an emergency and we can’t attend to our travel because of some commitments.

The said resolution will take place this coming June 15, so I hope nothing problems occur so we passengers will truly enjoy our travel experience.

Diamond Resort and Hotel

I enrolled my daughter in swimming lesson last summer. I chose Diamond Resort and Hotel as the venue for her swimming lesson because it’s not far from our place.

I thought she will love the idea of enrolling her in swimming lesson but I was wrong. She loves water but she doesn’t like instructors to guide her in swimming, she just love to play in water and don’t want other people to bother her . So I just backed out maybe this is not yet the time for her to attend swimming lesson.

Anyway, Diamond Resort and Hotel is well supported by famous celebrities and well-known personalities. It has romantic ambience with a total of 4,000 square meters situated at the prime area of Lucena City. It is positioned near SM City Lucena about 100 meters and across San Isidro Church.

Enjoy your stay in Diamond Resort and Hotel, short or longer stay is possible. Different rooms are available from suite, deluxe, superior and standard. They served luscious Filipino, Asian and international cuisines for their guest enjoyment. It has 2 pools; shallow children’s pool and wading pool. Stay in their lobby with your family and friends for a quiet day. They are giving discounts for those who are Diamond E-club member.

Diamond Hotel and Resort is located in Maharlika Highway, Ibabang Dupay Lucena City, 100 meters away from SM City Lucena.

Cheap Coron, Palawan Package

I first saw Coron, Palawan when it was featured in Kris TV since then I began to love the place. I am thinking I just saw it on television what more if I will experience the place. I saw an advertisement in Facebook regarding promos of Boracay. So I clicked the link and directed me to this site metrodeal.com. In the site Coron, Palawan promos caught my attention “Experience Coron: 3D2N Getaway with Airfare, Transfers and Island Tours for Php 6,599 instead of Php 14,000 per Person – Save 53%.

Excerpt from the site:

  • 3 Days 2 Nights atLuisBayor similar
  • Round Trip airfare (Manila-Busuanga-Manila)
  • Two-way airport transfers
  • Inclusive of daily breakfast and picnic lunch
  • Coron and Malacapuya Tour includes Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Siete Pecados and Calachuchi Island
  • Inclusive of all permits and entrance fees and tour coordinator.
  • Voucher validity from May 31 until December 15, 2012
  • 1 voucher per person, 4 vouchers required per booking
  • Booking should be made 14 days prior the desired date
  • Subject to airline and hotel availability
  • Price is inclusive of VAT

How I wish to go in Coron and experience the beautiful places they have however rainy season is officially started. But for those who really wanted to enjoy Coron Palawan I think this is already a good deal. You can visit the site i mentioned above to know more about this promo or other promos they have.

Pasayahan sa Lucena 2012

Just like the other places in the Philippines, Lucena is also celebrating fiesta happens every month of May. In case you want to visit Lucena we are celebrating Pasayahan sa Lucena 2012. This is a week celebration started last May 20. The grand parade will be held this coming Monday, May 28. Please check (photo below) the schedule of activities for this year’s Pasayahan sa Lucena. (photo not mine) If interested please click the photo for larger view.


Great ideas when visiting Sydney

If you are about to embark on a trip to Sydney any time soon, you will not be disappointed. The city is incredibly tourist friendly with its iconic sites and sparkling charm. The city may not have as much ancient history as its European and Asian counterparts but what it lacks in, it makes up for in ultimate cool. Here are some tips when visiting Sydney –

Go cosmopolitan by walking around the streets in the CBD; the flashy shopping districts and eating centres. Order a flat white at Café Mint or Giulia. Organic, farmers and flea markets are plentiful in Sydney and if you are into your gourmet cuisine, then seeing what Sydney has to offer will certainly please your palette. When deciding to book a private apartment in Sydney you will have the option to cook and experiment on your cooking skills, using the fresh ingredients you pick up at the markets.

Check out the major landmarks. Luna Park, Sydney Opera house and the Sydney harbour bridge are massive man-made structures which are pretty hard to miss. The Opera House is undoubtedly Sydney’s most famous and well recognised icon, it is hard to think of Australia without picturing the white sails and curved architecture that was proudly bestowed on this fantastic landmark.

Check out the natural wonders of Sydney. The Royal Botanical Gardens are the best place to be if you want to be one with nature without venturing too far from the city. It also happens to be a great place for a walk, see some interesting flora & fauna and hear some pretty interesting birds. If you have the chance to venture a little further then take some time out at a beach, whether it be the iconic Bondi beach or elsewhere. The Blue Mountains is also a marvel to see. Sort of what the Grand Canyon was prior to drying out, this massive nature reserve has an amazing landscape that will certainly take your breath away.

This is just a speck of other great things one can do in Sydney. Experience this Australian city for yourself and see why visitors time and time again are in love with Sydney.

Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon

Today, May 15 Lucban celebrates Lucban San Isidro Pahiyas Festival or simply called Pahiyas Festival. It is a colorful festival honoring the patron saint of farmers San Isidro Labrador.

Yearly, several houses have kiping decorations. Kiping is a brightly-colored, leaf-shaped wafer made of rice paste and used as decoration (wikipedia). Actually, it’s like a competition because the most beautiful house with kiping decorations will receive huge prize. The festival is not only popular in the places nearby but foreigners from different parts of the world are visiting Pahiyas festival yearly.

I wish to witness this year’s Pahiyas festival but it’s really hard if you have a kid with you. It’s really hot and I am telling you there are many people and tourist from different places come to witness Pahiyas festival. 2010 when I last witnessed Pahiyas Festival. I was with my classmates in Caregiving that time. Here are some of the photos during Pahiyas Festival 2010.

Lucban, Quezon blessed with falls and different resorts

There are different resorts in Lucban, Quezon that you can visit and enjoy. Mainly, because it is located near in Mount Banahaw so they are blessed to have number of falls and blooming resorts business.

Going back to Lucena from our trip to Liliw, Laguna I’ve seen these people who are enjoying in the river. The place is located in Lucban, Quezon but sorry I can’t provide the actual place. I just took the photo while we are passing by the place. I learned that you need to pay for only 10 pesos to enjoy the place. The blue and pink small houses are actually the cottages. My brother said the water here is so cold and sometimes you can’t stay in the water for longer hours if you can’t beat the coldness of the water. I guess the water comes from Mount Banahaw.

I realized the true meaning of happiness upon looking to these people. To other people visiting other places and paying for expensive accommodation will find their true happiness. For me, I just appreciated the true happiness is not the cost of accommodation so whether expensive or not the important is how you enjoy the place and the experience.

Saint John the Baptist Parish in Liliw, Laguna

Th church of Lilio also known as Saint John the Baptist Parish is located in Liliw, Laguna. The front wall of the church is made of red bricks. The church was founded in the year 1605, so I think more than 400 years already. In the year 1880 strong earthquake badly damaged the church and partially burned by a fire in 1898.

I took the photo during our second visit to Liliw, Laguna. I don’t have the chance to visit the church throughout our first visit because of lack of time. So when we visited again Liliw for the second time I’ll make sure that I will visit the church.